History of Nobel Prize | Full Nomination Process Explained | Important Facts for SSC, IBPS & RRB

Press the Bell Icon to Never Miss a Video from Testbook.com Hello Friends and Welcome to this Video! The Noble Prize Awards have been announced and soon will be distributed! So in this video we will learn about the History of Noble Prize Awards and some Key Facts which you ought to know But before the video starts here is a question! Do you know who is the Youngest Noble Award winner? If you know the answer to this Question, do let us know through the Comments Section You will get the answer to the question in this video itself Alfred Nobel gathered a lot of property in his lifetime Most of which was a product of his 353 Inventions The most famous of his inventions is Dynamite. On 27th November 1895, signed his Last Will. In which he donated his property to the Subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Physiology/Medicine, Literature and Peace These are now called the Nobel Awards. The Nobel Awards are an International recognition administered by The Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden. All the Awards are distributed in Stockholm, Sweden itself, except The Nobel Prize for Peace is the only award which is distributed from Oslo, Norway. In 1968, Sveriges Riksbank which is the Central Bank of Sweden In the Memory of Alfred Nobel, introduced a Sveriges Riksbank Prize for Economic Sciences. Every Nobel Prize comes with a Medal, a Personal Diploma and 9 Million Swedish Krona Cash Prize. Every Diploma is an amazing example of an art invented by the Swedish and Norwegian Artists. The Gold Medal is embedded with the picture of Alfred Nobel on one side and the picture of the Nobel Foundation on the Other Side. Every year, members of Academies, University Professors, Scientists, Winners of the last Nobel Awards and other such people are asked to recommend the nominees for the present year’s Nobel Award. After receiving all the nominations the Nobel Committee gives its four prize awarding Institutions the responsibility to choose the winner The Nomination Process starts every year in the month of September. Between 1901 and 2017, a total of 896 Individuals and 27 Institutions have been awarded this . Some selected individuals have received the award more than once. which means that 892 unique individuals and 27 Institutions have received the Nobel Award till date. Rabindranath Tagore was the first Indian and the also the first Asian to be awarded with the Nobel Prize. A total of 49 times the Nobel Prize and the was awarded to Women. Malala Yousafzai is the youngest person to have received the Nobel Prize. Till date, two winners have refused to receive the Award The First one was Jean Paul Sartre, who was given the award in literature. second, was Le Duc Tho, who was given the award for Peace. The International Committee of Red Cross Foundation was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize three times. Linus Pauling is the only person who first received a Nobel for his work in Chemistry and then for Peace. The Curie Family is called the most Successful Nobel family because five of it’s Members have received the Nobel Prize Mary Curie was twice awarded the Prize while, her husband, her daughters and her daughter’s Husbands are also nobel prize laureates. So this was some detailed Information on the History and Key Facts of the Nobel Awards. Let us know about your thoughts on this video through the Comments Section Wait for our upcoming videos where we will let you know the detailed list of winners of the Nobel Awards 2018 Subscribe to Testbook’s Youtube Channel and Don’t Forget to Click the Bell Icon! Thank you for Watching this Video and All the Best!

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