House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing –  Ambassador Gordon Sondland Testimony

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  1. "I want nothing from Ukraine. No quid pro quo" This coverup and backtracking obfustication by the Liar in Chief only after being outed and busted with the texts and emails being put out there, violating the Trump Crime Syndicate goomba speak and code of silence.

  2. All spies uncovered within the intelligence community, Go forth Mr President Trump and your Angels of Peace God Bless The Knights of Peace.

  3. What this shows is that there is way, way too much bureaucracy on the Hill and in the White House so everybody is getting confused about who has ownership of these decisions and discussions and policies and then you've got a bumbling gobbo like Trump rolling around magnifying the confusion with his incoherent nonsense and double messages to different people along with his insistence that Rudy be the point man, what a car crash. If nothing else Trump needs to get out of the way because the level of bewilderment he generates for those around him is incredible.

  4. How many times does this Sondland guy have to say the words "presumed" before people will understand it's meaning? #walkaway

  5. Authoritative governments don’t want bureaucrats that act independently. They want yes-men who follow the will of the executive without question.

  6. So far…The republicans have not provided any serious contrarian defense for the actions of the Prez. Very weak counsel and Nunes is useless.

  7. Goldman is a BEAST!!! The other guy seems like he cheated on the bar. And why does that lady look like she’s going to the club when this is over 🤣

  8. But we're back to the key facts or did you hear the president demand an investigation into the bidens.and did you hear the president's state that if they didn't investigate the fighting there wouldn't be any aid those are the key facts that matter what mr. Giuliani said the president wanted is immaterial. It's hearsay. Mr. Giuliani is definitely not going to testify because it would violate attorney-client privilege. And you're hearing Mr Giuliani say the president wants is hearsay.every minute I listen to these hearings I realize that something shady was going on but that there is no actual evidence the point to nothing you can prove.

  9. Yes that's an accurate recitation of the questions you just asked him and he just answered and you repeated it twice. You weaselly f***

  10. Do you notice the Democrats never ask any of the pertinent questions. the only question he needs to ask this guy right now instead of dancing around the subject trying to put words in his mouth is did you hear the president say any of it the meeting the a the phone call or the aid was conditioned on a public announcement that the investigations would w happen. there's a reason they haven't asked a single witness any one of the pertinent questions. it's because they know their answer is no. it's a common litigation practice. you don't ask a question you don't know the answer to and conversely you only ask the questions that are going to result in the answers you want.

    Republicans on the other hand do not fear the answers to the most important questions and that is the first thing the Republican lawyer asks each witness.

  11. Scott look at that weaselly lawyer Manny won't let it go he just keeps trying to get him to admit or imply the President Trump either gave him the impression or didn't actually try to dissuade him from it even though I'm pretty sure he's on record testifying at some point the President Trump said no quid pro quo

  12. ASAP TRUMP X ASAP SONDLAND worked to help release Pretty Flacko a.k.a ASAP ROCKY "FACTS"…Thank C-Span for open comments!

  13. Jesus GIF are you now testifying as to what one of your witnesses said or meant when they said about you simply quote them if you want to reference their testimony but don't apply motivations or their thought processes to your own obvious testimony

  14. Why is C SPAN not covering the URanium 1 trials going on at the same time as this waste of tax payer dollars to bring the best gaslighters of the hillary/biden/obama cover up of stealing uranium ?

  15. First: Americans always make the mistake that EUROPEANS are NOT Americans. The Ukraine is the most UNWANTED neighbor in Europe; EAST AND WEST Europe. One of the few referendums here: Ukraine to join EU. 80% of 475 mln EU citizens VOTED NO (WAY). Nobody want to visit Ukraine not even for FREE!

  16. Why make all the statements to the press with a helicopter running in the background? Funny that he had to yell so loudly. Wonder if he has to plan last minute trips via helicopter just so he can go out and yell at the press. It will be nice in the future, when actual press conferences will be planned out (inside) with the press given opportunities to interact and not be shouted at.

  17. After hearing lots of tentimosies in this case, I can only conclude that it’s true what most people in other countries say about americans – that they are kind of stupid. Only a bunch of stupid people could still support one as trump as their president.

  18. And then THERE WERE TAPES.

  19. I am trying to be as reasonable as possible about these hearings, but how is it that the frigging demos can't get thru their heads that the prid-pro-quo that 'everyone knew about' was the exchange of white house meeting for Ze's public statement of investigation. No one so far has stated that Trump said/quoted that the aid was a part of it…until as Sondland 'presumed', and most likely is correct that the 2 + 2 = 4 around Sept. 1 that it was. But they keep trying to get Sondland to admit it even with the Taylor/Morrison statements. And the frigging Republicans with the 'drug' statement, no one in their right might interpreted that as actual drugs, bone heads. All of these testimonies could have been accomplished in half the time if these knuckleheads, from both sides of the isle, stopped repeating the same questions and using the forum to make statements, damn this is frustrating.

  20. Yes Chris Stewart all citizens of U.S is stupid. So long them vote you and others rep in this hearing's to representing the law and the constitution

  21. I think Sondland was helping the Republicans. He threw his testimony into being just his assumptions when he said it was his presumption and then he said Trump told him he wanted nothing from Ukraine. Sondland is like a double agent witness. Who did he really help?

  22. That's their defense on the wrong he did is Trump thinks Ukraine is out to get him Nunes is a loser like Jordan.
    Republicans just make all crazy conspiracy theory… Pointing out plays with words and saying there was no drug deal. They're so dumb they don't understand metaphors and don't know the law but run out country

  23. "An investigation and subsequent discovering and ending corruption in a company of that magnitude would benefit Ukraine as a whole. If, in turn that investigation leads to uncovering corruption with an American citizen and his VPOTUS father, that benefits the American people."
    – The answer Maloney should have been searching for

  24. "Presumed" "assumption" "thought"….sorry but last I checked assumptions etc are NOT permitted in court …. So in other words "YALL STILL HAVE
    N O T H I N G!!!!" where is the evidence!!!

  25. say to all – trump got help from israel, he ordered to natan out 2 congress women in order to who hate arab and love israel support trump. trump asked and get putin's help and it is exist video how trump ask putin's help, now withenesses said that trump say to zenkensky you help me i give weapon you.trump said that i want totrure you stronger than water, ie stronger hitler. parij gestapo torture with water.

    , if one arab or Mexican kil, trump said that they all terorist,if white killed 100 , trump say nothing against white. trump fired military minister because trump want killer, in order to amers and afhans max killing each other.

    now trump build trap with bait, trump need time for creation dictatorship.

    putinoids are strongist in usa, during impeachment, trump get 120 mln$, most bussimen usa are putinoids, their in 2 times more than supported obama, and they cheat 40 mln voters. big part of bussimens make money on teror china, trumpists love idea of putin created slaves exploitation, and putin's bussismen very rich. putin killing opposition, who against twist election, in provinces and arrest in moscow .and trump want multiply putinoids and putin twist election in usa but you dont know , so trump out cia is necessary to create film- trump and hitler methods usurpation powers.

    respublicana 100% liars, because they against impeachment in spite of 3 witnesses who hear trumps talk with zelensky ,trump said if zelensly not make lie report against baiden's son, he trump not give him weapons.

    baiden say -my son not made bad, and i work against ukr curruption . i understand that baiden's son was secret agent against corruption , he was ear and eyes for biden.

    trump twisted shorthand report . washigton post calculated that trump lie 10 000 times.

    smolentov was dangerous for rus spy trump, so trump out him. habad occupy israel, rus, usa , ukranya , moldova , georya, ready occupy itally, putin's agent shleder, shtaimaer .

    rabbi zalman fouder of habad book tanya order – kill all exept part jews ifnot harm, from which rosenberg created fashism. and you will be live similar rus. habad made false messiah – sneerson rebe lubavich who eat childrence and kremlin eat children from kemerovo- said leader opposition navalniy, conel shendakov, kremlin's women from fsb. democracy is not forever , hitler, eltsin destroy democracy, now trump try see my files.

    180 biggest company and all leaders of jews know it. muller proved that trump spy help rus spy, but muller not detect contract putin – trump. agent habad made such criteration only for trump, and trump put only own people, so cia fbi not help against rus spy.

    soon you will be slaves of habad – trump kushner, ivanka , putin an natan zelensky from fashist sect with book tahya with order – kill all exept part jews . putin occupy usa by tump spy and now all gov spy trump make mafia similar kremlin. in paradise lead – google – shiarafidit

  26. 5:47:00

    Republicans: The media is a left-wing propaganda machine
    Also Republicans: Look at this Washington Post article! It must be flawless and useful as evidence!

  27. Mr. Stewart, what's not fair to the American people are these long winded statements that you and your colleges are providing when this process is about discovery and testimony, you sir are trying the patience of the people.

  28. Anyone else annoyed by the way Nunes doesn't seem to be taking this seriously? Like I get that he's not happy about it but at least he could do it through facts rather than comments about the democrats wanting views and being bored. I just feel that he's going to end up hurting himself if this goes further (not that I care what happens to him but I thought someone on his staff or in the republican party would tell him to chill)

  29. Was just me and Shifty just read some pretty damn good to me I'm we all just go home it's been in the f**** money on stupid s*** trying to impeach the president on nothing

  30. Rascal nation come a long way. You now got tribal chiefs all suited to swear allegiance to the pipe. lol Just so they can take out another president. I suppose being impeached is better than being shot in the head. Some history

  31. Do…Americans think that your domestic stuff only impacts you…? Cos this idiot could start a war just cos he donated $1M to the inauguration fund…?

  32. @ one hour in: hotels and "charitable enterprises" … more of that "hotels" business and "charitable enterprises" …

  33. 2020. 2 17 sondland states (the corruped prosecutor) What evidenced backs up his testomoney of a corrupted prosecutor?????

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