House Intel Member: Deposition Proves Trump ‘Doesn’t Care’ About Ukraine | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. Bots and trolls getting busy in the comments; insisting on proving how desperate and stupid they are.
    Thank you for your service, it will not be forgotten! 🇺🇸

  2. Hahahaha David Holmes “Over-heard.” No of these “key” witnesses actually have any evidence, only second hand heresay. Such a joke and sham…

  3. Why should caring about Ukraine matter? Does anyone care that MSNBC does not care about America? Trump is America’s president not Ukraine’s. The only reason we are in Ukraine is to make Kerry’s, Pelosi,s and Biden children rich. Foreign aid is a scam to back channel U.S. tax dollars into pockets of corrupt politicians.

  4. Huh. I thought it proved that someone said someone told him that someone who overheard a phonecall said Trump doesn't really care about Ukraine.

    …or that's my clear understanding, anyway.

  5. He was overheard asking for time — “particularly with missile defense” — until he is in a better position politically to resolve such issues.

    “I understand your message about space,” replied Medvedev, who will hand over the presidency to Putin in May.

    “This is my last election … After my election I have more flexibility,” he said, expressing confidence that he would win a second term.

    “I will transmit this information to Vladimir,” said Medvedev, Putin’s protégé and long considered number two in Moscow’s power structure.

    The exchange, parts of it inaudible, was monitored by a White House pool of television journalists as well as Russian reporters listening live from their press center.

  6. This is such a distraction from the problems of the masses. Such an in-depth analysis and remedy should in process concerning the majority and their needs*: clean air instead of seeding with metal particulates, etc. making living unhealthy. Clean water, and land, and crops. More public attention is being given on ideas instead of the impending food shortages from low very low harvest counts due to Midwest flooding, etc. Contaminated water is a serious ongoing crisis due to fracking, seeding of skies with materials that eventually fall down into the waterways, farmlands, etc. Mass produced livestock counts consistently poisoned with steroids for greater animal mass, requiring antibiotics due to lowered immunological response in the livestock counts. Not only disease resistant; but drug resistant challenges ongoing. Allowable levels of blood and pus in public Milk products supplies is not acceptable. Or is it?? The masses need wages matching the "cost of living"; in order to have access to medications, clothing, transportation that is affordable. Isaiah 55:1,2 contains agreeable principles for life. "Without money, without price"… "Federal Subsidies" = taxpayers money. It is used by Corporate powers to make, grow their products, long before they reach store shelves. ALREADY PAID FOR BY THE PUBLIC. So why is the public going to the stores and *paying twice??*paying for the what they need and want a 2nd time, and with taxes?? A Simple system of "matching" size of family: to the need for food, clothing, meds, transportation, utilities, shelter costs…to hours of work or volunteer service could have been established a long long time ago. *Handheld Electronic mobile file brought with the consumer to √whatever store/electric car station, etc. Showing hours of work, or volunteering, it would contain a very very fair balanced equivalency for whatever consumer need. Just to the store and pick up what one needs SINCE IT HAS BEEN PAID FOR ALREADY ie. Federal Subsidies = taxes already paid for the products BEFORE they arrived at the stores !!! Something to think about instead of the "Mr. Trump show 24/7 365" days.


  8. fox news says one thing CNN says another, whats really going on is they are occupying the sheep population so they dont get busted with their frequent flyer miles to Epstein island of adventures. They must have figured they burned out the terrorist threat idea, another school shooting probably not a good idea anymore for them. Hello if we have a impeachment hearing just before a election this will keep the sheep populations minds off the Epstein scam. They have no worries if they get busted im sure they will find another jail cell with a broke camera and a lazy turnkey.

  9. Lawrence O'Donnell made numerous trips with Epstein to Pedophile Island, according to a third-hand account of an overheard phone call. I remember it vividly.

  10. Trump may not have initiated the divide in our country but he's put the axe in its forehead.
    He has never been a president for everyone, calling non supporting Americans "enemy" even before inauguration. He's no leader.
    Trump is about himself, he always has been. He's the most corrupt President in history. Thank your (selective) patriotic American State Dept/ foreign service employees
    for bringing this shameful behavior to light.

  11. LMAO really, this clown is testifying on a phone call he wasn't on but heard it because the call was loud. What an as-clown. Does Sondland back his testimony up???? Hmmmm MSNBC????? Your a hack organization that deserves to be on the rag paper rack with the other dumbas- rags talking about how President Trump is an alien from Mars sent here to take over the world.

  12. They don't want 2016 election to be revealed Democrats try to fix it that's what is impeachment all about President Trump is going to look into the 2016 election so that people on the left go to jail

  13. If Trump doesn't care about Ukraine then why did he give them javelin missles and the foreign aid? Why did the three people who testified last week say that, under Trump, Ukraine is a lot safer….is this also because he doesn't care about Ukraine?

  14. Anyone who thinks these people are lying is stupid, just simply stupid. They are under oath, under penalty of perjury. How has lying to Congress worked out for Roger Stone? I believe he is now a convicted criminal, judge by his peers. Lying in this situation, making up a story in this situation, you'd have to be stupid beyond comprehension. A person with nothing to hide has nothing to fear from the truth. People who have testified under oath behind close door will repeat their testimony in public, in full view of the world. Why on earth would they LIE?

  15. Quantum theory with every action there is an opposite reaction the president of United States will win election no problem and probably take New York or California with it

  16. They are trying to impeach the man and change the charge every week.He must of had that phone on speaker in the middle of a restaurant talking to the President. Honestly can you hear a conversation between 2 people on a cell phone sitting 3 feet away? No you cant. That transcript means nothing it is a dude telling a story. What a Jacka**

  17. What is incredible is that the Dems want to use heresy testimony to impeachment the president. He overheard a phone call? And just to underline that it was the president the cell phone was held away from the guy’s ear? How convenient! Of course to the best of his recollection saves him from a perjury charge. But any little nuance to get Trump turns into a mountain of evidence.

  18. Thank you Mr. O'Donnell for always having the highest journalistic integrity and best guests and commentary. Thank you for loving our Country, Constitution and the American people!!! God Bless 🇺🇸!

  19. Again, all I heard was Trump cleaning out the swamp. Never have I seen sooo many democrats running scared. Nothing you can do swamp monsters. Trump is coming for you and all the lies a all the sneaky things you do can't stop him because he has real Americans backing him up!

  20. I can't wait to see the cowards Jordan, Nunes, Meadows & The Rat Ratcliff who never served in a combat zone attack a wounded decorated Soldier!!! The new republicans, we love veterans while they help us get elected, but hate them when they get wounded or stand up for the truth.

  21. Sick of this garbage. You media are so twisted. Are you even paying attention. This is why I don't watch MSM, nothing but lies.

  22. Staged by Sondland, no one would have left their phone open like that for anyone to here what they were saying except to have witness to back up what was going on except to cover his butt.

  23. Whether Ukraine announced the investigations or not, Either way– Trump wins since he is on Putin's side not America's side. Trump stated ON TAPE to Zelensky that he wanted Zelensky to make a deal with Russia. Trump didn't care about holding up our $391 Million to help Ukraine fight Russia's invasion. If Ukraine did announce the investigations, Trump and Putin would likely win the election again! If Ukraine didn't announce the investigations, Trump and Putin still win since Ukraine doesn't get the money to fight Putin! Who is to say Trump would have released the money even if they announced the investigations? The only reason Trump finally released the money is because he got caught!!! The deadline for releasing the money was almost up and Zelensky was scheduled to announce the investigations on CNN in two days. The interview was abruptly called off when the money was released! If that wasn't pressure– I don't know what was!

  24. This MSNBC and all the fake news media are not doing anything good for America. Instead, they want to destroy our beautiful country.
    Another hoax and malicious reports this is a Coup against our duly American President elected, what a disgrace. Shame on you!

  25. The only reason Trump is desperate to remain president is that it makes him money and protects him from his lawless acts.

  26. It's been amateur night ever since Trump got in. Everyone he hired, including Perry, had not one clue as to what it is they were doing. Perry claimed to not even know what his cabinet position required him to perform. The other two amigos, especially Sundland, will claim ignorance. Shame on Volker, a supposed professional, for playing along with this scheme to undermine the American policy.

  27. California is to blame for voting in Devin Nunes over Democrat, Andrew Janz, what a disaster that outcome after all.

  28. Everything's shows that Trump was wrong with a lot of things he has done and do but no matter what people will side with him and say something different. And this Obama thing why? believe me if he did wrong they would have been all over him they where looking i'm sure.

  29. "phone calls listened to by the russians"…umm hate to break the bad news but trump works for putin so he was not hearing anything he didn't already know

  30. The substance-abusing slacker son of the VP gets a do-nothing job with an oil company. We do need an investigation into the Bushes and Harken Energy.

  31. People don't lose focus on the fact that all these witnesses are doing is reporting on what they saw and heard that made them think that this isn't right and reported it through the proper channels, that covered up their concerns. These witnesses don't get to make judgement on whether the president action was right or wrong Congress do that. All they are doing is reporting on what they saw and heard that they thought wasn't right and letting congress decide if his action was right or wrong. To attack them for voicing their concerns is just shameful. All these republicans could simply thank these witnesses for their service and concern then prove that the president's action was OK, but they can because they know his actions was wrong, so that's why they only can attack the witnesses and not the facts of what they are say.

  32. Trump bootlickers won't care until he solidifies so much power that he won't have to care what they think even when they turn against him.

  33. The lives of people and the safety of a country are not "BIG" things to Trump – he's proved that at our boarders, with Ukraine, Syria and Turkey.

    As Ms. Pelosi stated . . . . "All Roads from Trump lead to Putin" – Trump knows exactly what he's doing, and why he must do it – Trump is beholden to Putin.

    Voting BLUE across the board in 2020!

  34. This is the dems last ditch effort to keep Trump from being reelected next year. They, as well as us intelligent people, know that it's going to be a LANDSLIDE so are throwing anything/everything they can at the wall to see what sticks and then run with it. TRUMP 2020🤣😆😉👍

  35. The Wall Street Journals has obtained secret White House emails showing Trump’s Ukraine call was orchestrated to launch the investigation into the Bidens. The new revelation comes as Congress prepares to hold new public testimonies from key witnesses, and while Trump and Republicans struggle to defend mounting bribery evidence. Former Ambassador Nancy Soderberg, John Flannery and Timothy Edgar join MSNBC’s Ari Melber. Aired on 11/18/19.

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  36. This is who Trump always was. He never gave a “*#@*,”. About the USA, about his supporters, about our allies. In his soul there is a large, empty pocket. I am glad this is becoming more overt now.

  37. I'm a simple person that had been 40 years on this country an fallow the local politic an entire nation priority road to White House. I 'm old right now but never saw things like it , very mobsters a lot citizens did a u turn and patriotism as fanatical on this administration for seniors american they have to stopped this corruption , what about wicked people don't forget them .

  38. Amb. Yovanovitch opening statement remarks at hearing (Nov 15, 2019}: 
    "the Trump administration strenghtend our policy by appoving the provision to Ukraine of anti-tank missiles known as Javelins"  
    (fyi -Obama gave them blankets during the time of most killing)

  39. Vindman prepared "talking points" for the President to talk to Ukranian President..But Trump was "irregular" for not following the "talking points" of the swamp  LOL

  40. The only hope America has is that only forty per cent of the population support Trump. The rest of us have learned to,hate his guts with the kind of burning, obsessive hatred we used to feel for Bin Laden.

  41. I am ready for congress to proceed with the impeachment, that way the House can question Joe and Hunter Biden directly and bring the whistleblower in for questioning. That should be a little more fair than Schiff shutting down all inquiry. What a loser. Yovanovitch needs to be questioned again in detail. I get the feeling she is lying big time and may have committed treason. Only an in depth inquiry can find out for sure. Two way street.

  42. Which Republican senators went to Russia in 2018 and before? We are seeing that Republican government officials are working for personal enrichment, not to improve or govern the country. Please run stories again that highlight senators who went to Russia. Why did they go? We can only assume they are compromised by Putin, and acting in Putin's interests.

  43. Everything leads to Putin. Trump knows communications are run by Russia over there so – I say that was a phone call FOR Mr Putin from Trump.

  44. Trump will be on his knees begging for help to have a second term, only the earthworms and the slugs will give Trump an ear cause they don't have any Ha Ha Ha Ha see ya in Court, It's like getting Dracula to enter a Church ain't gonna happen !

  45. I wonder how the Ukrainians feel about the "show" going on in the USA during which their country's dignity and reputation is being impugned and being referred to as a very "corrupt" country. Americans think their president was joking when he suggested that Americans should just take the oils in other countries they happen to be in. Anyone who does not understand by now that the Trump debacle in Ukraine is to get a large portion of their oil and gas lives in fantasy land.

  46. The revolution here, when fighting the British, had much help from France. We are fortunate the French people wanted to help us bc Democracy benefits us all. Djt is wrong to care only about his own re-election and not about a vulnerable country under siege by Putin.

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