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House Releases Transcripts Of Testimony From Timothy Morrison And Jennifer Williams | MSNBC

House Releases Transcripts Of Testimony From Timothy Morrison And Jennifer Williams | MSNBC

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  1. I would love to see him stand next to Trump because Trump always wants to look taller than he is, just like his hands they made his hands look bigger on media outlets because he doesn't like small hands.

  2. Seems that the Democratic Socialist party members argument is that the President is not doing business as usual. He must be impeached in order to protect the Socialist agenda.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I bet they did . HAHAHAHAHAH Schitt cant even release his own transcript because he lied in his opening remarks. There MUST be something the DOJ can do to rectify this situation. This travesty of justice has continued for far too long. If democrats have their way it will NEVER end because it's an extension of the Mueller report. Democrats are attempting frame Trump out of office. With less than a year till the election because they know they're about to get wiped out.

  4. They keep saying Trump was trying to influence the election. The Democrats are trying to influence the election right now. Openly

  5. Humanity in a nutshell here in the comments. Something that needs to be paid attention to, but "Oooo, tall person". Did we cross into the Invader Zim universe at some point?

  6. What's the Impeachment Holdup?
    Is Putin Drone Controlling House Democrats with Russian Facebook Ads?
    When will Democrat Oathbreakers do their Impeachment Duty?
    Pelosi said they have "A Mountain of Evidence,

  7. Operators/assistants, (should be ask, and reply as yes/no. As if not dual set/seated call, {not a direct witness}). These WTO, meetings clearly over 14 days. 🙁 Hope someone jotting timeframe.!. Yuke, more updates. 😉 Hey, at least the (fallout appointments are working). 🙂

  8. Crazy fascist media are trying really hard to make this a Watergate/oj Simpson production.
    Folks…they have nothing.
    Meanwhile Trump got medical transparency!
    It's done!
    We can now shop and compare.
    Hospitals need to show the bedpan will cost you 20 bucks before you go in.
    Walgreens and others are not going to like this either. They can't charge 500% mark up on a drug where the same drug at Genscripts is marked up only at 10%!
    Doctors are in a frenzy because now they actually have to be the top doc in town!
    Some will begin to make house calls!

  9. Will Someone Please Answer me this:

    In preparing for her confirmation hearing, Ambassador Yovanovitch testified that she was supplied with a book of potential questions she might face in her confirmation process along with suggested answers. Some of those questions dealt with Hunter Biden's employment at Barisma. The book was prepared by the Obama – Biden State Department, and directed her to answer those particular questions related to Hunter Biden by directing the questioner to the Vice President's office. Let the Vice President address those questions. Reasonable, right?

    But just last week Joe Biden was on video saying that while he was Vice President he DID NOT KNOW that Hunter was a member of Barisma's Board of Directors. (You can see the actual video here:)

    Does anyone believe that Joe DIDN'T know, given that his office was tagged to answer those questions arising in the Ambassador's confirmation hearing? So why would Joe lie? Especially if everything was on the "UP AND UP" as many have claimed? Makes you wonder why would Joe lie about it? What is worth lying about if there was no corruption? Right?

    Most reasonable people think that lying about such a material fact certainly raises suspicion!
    I know I do. If there is nothing to hide, then why lie about it?

    But if there WAS corruption, or even the appearance of corruption involving Joe and Hunter Biden and US Taxpayer monies, then the President SHOULD have asked for an investigation. Absolutely yes he should! I would suggest he was OBLIGATED to ask for an investigation if there was even the appearance of corruption! Clear it up one way or the other.

    It was MY TAXPAYER MONEY and YOUR TAXPAYER MONEY that had been sent to Ukraine!! And I don't want my tax money being siphoned off into the pockets of family members of powerful politicians. Politicians like Biden, Pelosi and Kerry who all had son's working for Ukranian companies. That is what I call money laundering and THAT is a REAL crime.

  10. Two new transcripts released and they best they could find in them is Jennifer's speculation about Trump's motivation for the call.

    Democrats should get into the restaurant business. All they can produce are nothing burgers.

  11. All this to cover up the fact that the Biden’s were making millions off of crooked dealings with a crooked Ukraine government. But no one talks about that. This all started during the Obama administration but no one cares about that.


  13. 3 years of ‘’we got him now’!!! lol FAKE NEWS for Clowns 🤡 President sets Foreign Policy, not some unelected bureaucrat. Hearsay is NOT an impeachable offense and President hasn’t committed any High Crimes or Misdemeanors. Thanks to the FAKE NEWS and lying democrats, I’ll happily vote for Trump in 2020. First Republican vote in my life.

  14. Lol poor fakenews CNN and MSNBC along with corrupt establishment Democrats. They've thrown 15 supposed scandals at Trump and not one gas stuck. Sore losers. Cheers from Toronto

  15. Morrison’s transcript contradicts Vindman testimony. Schiff excluded exculpatory comments from his “key excerpts” memo. This will come out next week when Morrison testifies in open hearing.

  16. I used to be in love with a midget…like no joke…I was nuts over this chic😂😂😂(since everyone has tall jokes today).

  17. Russian Collusion Klan facists

  18. So this is transcripts of people that were on the phone call of their thoughts of the phone call to the phone call that everyone has the transcripts of. (Slow clap)ya no one cares anymore.

  19. Using "National Security" to classify non classified information to cover your own malfeasance is against Federal law, whether in the FBI or CIA or NSA or any other agency, from exculpatory evidence ignored while getting a warrant "investigating" a Presidential Candidate with foreign national, like the last administration. The IG report will RIP this out into an actual investigation of the malfeasance and criminal conduct retroactively by the previous administration, DNC will regret opening this fabrication generating war, when the real investigation starts in the Senate, where legal rules are applied, unlike the unConstitutional circus led by Schiff.

  20. The House releases actual transcripts, the White house releases edited summaries and calls them "transcripts". America is fed up with trump's LIES. LOCK HIM UP.



  23. When are we going to get some actual evidence? I’ve watched every minute of the impeachment hearings and the dems and CNN are starting to look even more bogus then they did before

  24. Ha! tRump and his administration are such losers! Impeach, convict, arrest, lock-him-up and terminate the lying, brutal dictator worshiping traitor tRump!

  25. Wow if you guys would have done this to Hillary shed be in jail. Your on this guy like white on rice and after several attempts cant seem to find a crime. Hate Trump much? Look youd be alot better if you would just report the news and not tell the people what you want them to think and keep your opinions off the air. And yes that guy is huge

  26. . But Obama / Biden are above rhe law. So what exactly is the LQW then?
    So what’s the crime
    Russia conspiracy FAILED . Obstruction of justice of NO crime. FAILED Then attack Kavanaugh with sexual abuse FAILED they couldn’t prove. Then emollient clause . FAILED. NOW Ukraine call FAILING . If voters any voters are intelligent. They can use it to make their own decision. What are DENOCRATS up to?

  27. The Russian asset (Trump), has to be held responsible! Trump is the only president we know who got elected with the help of Russia!

  28. As if there hadn't already been a mountain of impeachable material building up since the Stormy/Cohen period, now we have the Ukraine matter that presents a veritable open and shut case of bribery and extortion to add to all the other abuse of power incidents that, put together, would be enough to convict more Presidents than our country has ever had, giving Trump his only true superlative since his swearing in as President , but one you're unlikely to hear him bragging about.

  29. Schiff Gets To Lie To The People Every Day Because He Is Not Under Oath…He Should Be Put There So The People Can Know The Real Truth.

  30. For all America the only people that see anything wrong here are people that do not matter. You members of Americas Fifth Column. Starting with CNN and working down to MSNBC and the DNC Times. And people in maybe 6 States that are not needed in November 2020. State by State polling shows that the DNC and their willing accomplices in the Media are Helping President Trump. I will be surprised if this ever passes in the House and we already know that the Senate will never vote to remove. Have fun and I have the popcorn ready for the Continuing adventures of the Shift Show

  31. Trump will be impeached by the House. Senate will have a trial. Putin’s bots are in this comments section with horrible English

  32. Don't like Trump and didn't vote for him…but at this point, if he cured Cancer and stopped Global wouldn't matter. That's how insane we've all become…people are blinded now by their hatred for this guy. It's irrational and nobody cares. Because we are 100% right and you are 100% wrong…every single day.

  33. I can imagine Mike in the VP office squeezing his his nipples did he just ask him to ask Ukraine to start & investigation into Biden or he's withholding aide 😂🤣

  34. Things MSNBC neglected to mention in this piece. All of this is in the transcripts:

    Morrison was on the call between Trump and Zelensky. He heard everything.

    During the closed door testimony, Dems: “You were on the call. Do you remember whether the name Burisma came up on the call?”
    Morrison: “No, I don’t believe it did,” he said.
    Dems: “Do you remember whether anyone suggested edits adding the word Burisma to the [memorandum of conversation]?”
    Morrison: "I do not."
    Morrison: "I had concerns about Lieutenant Colonel Vindman’s judgment. Among the discussions I had with Dr. Hill in the transition [period] was our team, my team, its strengths and its weaknesses. And Fiona and others had raised concerns about Alex’s judgment"
    Morrison: "I had concerns that he did not exercise appropriate judgment as to whom he would say what."
    When asked about rumors that Vindman might be leaking information to the press, Morrison said "It was brought to my attention that some had—some of my personnel had concerns that he did [have access to things he was not supposed to see]."

  35. Trump's Administration is an Apocalypse of Nincompoops for our Institutions and our Constitution to deal with. Thank you, Adam Schiff and all the steadfast civil servants who have upheld what America stands for at its best.

  36. What do Russian, North Korean, Chinese, and majority American media have in common? They serve on behalf of a political party to propagate their ideas and messages including smearing their political opposition.

  37. How can you drain the swamp if you don't clear out the Federal Reserve first it is the source of this scum and villainy. This Trumpster fire is a distraction from the real evil that's why the media on both sides cover nothing but Trump

  38. Area Horseface Jennifer Williams Not Surprisingly Has Opinions On Absolutely Everything; Will Testify To That. Nobody Who's Serious Truly Cares.

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