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in Germany the country's Environment Minister has called for radical action to tackle climate change speaking at international climate talks here in Berlin she backed calls were attacks on carbon emissions the proposal puts her at odds with Chancellor on lemarchal who dresses that conference later today the carbon tax is one of the possibilities under discussion for countries to meet commitments made in the landmark Paris climate Accord the Petersburg climate dialogue serve as a preparation for the next UN climate conference that's planned for December let's talk about this more now with DW political correspondent Rupert Vita vald good morning Rupert the Petersburg dialogues they've been around for 10 years now but this time around the climate that they're happening in is very different from the first one 10 years ago absolutely this meeting here in Berlin shows what obstacles have to be overcome for this real United Nations Climate Change Conference at the end of the year the idea of this petersburg book dialog is but once was to to set the frame for for the for the bigger conferences of the United Nations to prepare them and to form a Coalition of the Willing but now this Coalition of the Willing has been more or less fallen apart as we see the United States have left the Paris climate quote Brazil as thinking of leaving it and several other countries are thinking about if they are leaving why should we still take part and even Germany is not reaching its own goals so many obstacles have to overcome have to be overcome and there's much to be done at this meeting here in Berlin so that the meeting at the end of the year in Santiago de Chile is really prepared okay not only is Germany not meeting its own stated goals but there there's no agreement emerging right now as to where the country goes from here absolutely Germany promised once to cut 40 percent of its carbon dioxide emissions by next year this is something that won't be reached this is already clear and several other goals are very high I are highly in question right now and there are several politicians for instance the environmental Minister saying we have to do more but Angela Merkel's government up till now has said we can't do very much more because then we would endanger our economy for instance the car making industry one of the biggest sectors but nothing has been reached so far okay then this puts the Environment Minister at odds as we've been saying with with amla Marco who was referred to once upon a time is the climate change Chancellor but her actual record on that issue has left a lot of people disappointed in 14 years as German Chancellor Angela Merkel has giving a New Year speech each year but only mentioned climate change in eight of them nonetheless in 2007 the media began calling her the climate Chancellor and shortly thereafter she took advantage of a photo-op in Greenland in front of melting glaciers being here today and seeing the urgency that confronts us will give me strength to work together with the environment to get something done Minister Gonzaga Judith Itsuki of industrial Merkel has declared internationally that global warming is a crucial topic under her chairmanship government leaders of the eight biggest industrial countries agreed to a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050 but in Germany things move very slowly the goal of reducing emissions by 40 percent in the following year was not met by a long shot Merkel was too timid in approaching the transportation and car industries instead her government decided to continue using coal and stop the expansion of renewable energy nonetheless her image remained that of the climate Chancellor despite the meager results in her 2019 New Year speech she included aerial images of hurricanes and draughts for the first time I know that on the one hand you have this unbelievable beauty on the other hand you see how vulnerable the basic necessities of life are so dealing with climate change is absolutely vital but young people are losing faith in Merkel those who take part in the Friday for future demonstrations every week were only two or three years old when Merkel was declared climate Chancellor the co2 emissions in Germany have hardly been reduced since then for these kids the Merkel fairytale has a sad ending okay and the issues that the core of that will be addressed during the Chancellor's speech later today Rupert it comes at a time when the her coalition government is looking for some kind of a way to move forward some kind of agreement among us all as members absolute we already heard about the proposal from the environmental Minister who says we need to support of the French proposal to cut down all emissions by 2050 to zero which is something Angela Merkel always said this is not going to happen the environmental Minister wants to introduce some sort of a carbon tax here in Germany something angler Michael always said this is not going to happen especially as there's the label tax on it but even angler Michael knows that climate change is gonna cost something for the people and she already said there is going to be a price tag but we don't know which already so something is gonna come up and we're all very eager to know what she's going to propose today okay and everyone's gonna be looking at that possible price tag as well Rupert thanks very much for that

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  1. Someone wants ALL the CO2. Someone has invented something that uses CO2 and He or They will buy it all. I believe he is a German.
    Suck all CO2 out of the atmosphere we will surely all die. Planrs need CO2. Plants give off O2 which we need to live.
    Brazil has deforested the planets O2 supply causing an oversupply of CO2.
    Plant more trees quickly and we will survive. Take all CO2 and we all die fools.

  2. force her to take another photo op on the same spot, this time with the missing glacier in the back

  3. Even Queen Angie cant fight the f…cking energie lobby by her own.
    Nor the car lobby either.
    Its money that rules the world not politics.

  4. Germany is meant to be the flagship and leader on these issues, instead they are one of the first countries to give in. What does anyone expect from smaller countries then?

  5. Germany a lot better than trumptard saying climate change is a hoax even though half of USA weather is freakin weird.

  6. Simply put, climate ‘Science’ is not science proper. It is modeling and forcast, it is assumption. Science requires falsifiability and a 2 degree celcius change in temperature 100 years from now would give a n of 1. :/ So
    It is very disturbing to see this new religious furvor take over where people who do not understand science are making radical nostradamian claims (There will be fires, famine, plauge!) without any real predictive power. These climate fanatics are removing the legitimate need we have to conserve resources, recycle, prevent pollution etc, and they are turning a selfless movement of environmentalism into a profit machine. How much money will china be making from those solar panels? how many species will they destroy while strip mining sub saharan Africa to produce metals for wind turbines, lithium batteries, etc.
    Wake up!! The environment needs protecting, we need regulation but these people are not scientists, they are doomsday preachers with large collection plates.

  7. Superficial, meaningless and perfectly shallow: Exactly how a Teutonic people should conduct themselves on a planet with a dying biosphere . . . Well done all round.

    The harsh truth is that any strategy that does not involve 100% veganism will not save humankind, nor any other non-human earthling.

  8. Germany is so awful Europe leader, that i have big headache to even think about. Totally ignorant and reckless looks like bigfest fraud bank deutchebank took over everything.

  9. Well your country is owner of bayern monsanto , And vile wolkswagen also one of the most poluted countries. Due to pig meat farms. The fog reach Great britain.

  10. Talked to the Korean head of a huge LG plant in Clarksville, Tn. set to produce every single product in the LG line. All of which were formally produced in Korea. He said it was Trump who caused it. The tariffs were too high so they moved here and in time will employ 200,000.
    THAT is what this country has needed. Real NON-politically biased decisions for this country. The Mexican Border wall is another subject. The heroin supply crossing the border is huge and we only catch around 1% of all, majority of which crosses the Mexico border. Its not just a wall for illegal aliens but HEROIN and other drug trafficking.
    This entire ARGUMENT from Reps and Dems, the Media, etc…. Is like having a Doctor discover and diagnose your illness which will eventually kill you. But you won't take the prescription.

  11. global warming (aka climate change) is for the rich
    rich getting richer and poor getting poorer

  12. The mankind should renounce to does use the oill resource anymore , if we won't to be extinct in huge huricanes or huge flooding, we did have poluted the earth with all this carbon emision from all world cars and all world industry .I have seen the chinese scientists together with the indian scientists have been develop a new technology ,and they have almost finish them advanced project.They try to build a star reactor of earth .If they will have succes to make posible the fussion from hidrogen atoms in helium atoms ,and convert it in photons the pure star energy ,then they will have acces to clean unlimited energy.I hope they will share them advanced technology with other countrys , then may be the mankind could have a chance to make repair all this climate change, sfm writte !

  13. Sheer Retardation….. Germany closed down many of its Nuclear power Stations and built Coal fired power stations in the 2000's… then when fukushima happened (because of tsunami)…. Merkel decided to go full troppo and close the ramining power stations…. Nuclear power is the cleanest power and the best for base load. Super Mega retarded…. all of them….

  14. A country/nation that primary and most important economic backbone are the car manufacturers like VW and Mercedes is going to support a policy that stands in clear contrast to this? If you're still buying in all those promises made by a Government that ultimate goal is to protect its key industry than you're more naive than new born baby.

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