How One Couple Paid A $7,842 Debt And Bought A Home

hey everyone okay it's time to reinvent yourself for the new year and that could mean a lot of things for you and I'm guessing you are pushing to meet lots of new goals for this year because if you are active duty in the military or veteran I know hitting goals are important to you now I'm excited because I get to take you on your journey to homeownership and every time I share a topic I'm hopefully compounding on the reasons why you should reinvent yourself by considering homeownership hey Jeff Garmin here and what I'm about to share with you is information that most active duty military and vets will never know when they start their home purchase journey now as always after this video I want you to download my guide what you need to know to qualify for a VA home loan it will give you the six basic things you need to be eligible to use your va loan all right I'm gonna put another one of my clients on the spot so you understand what this particular benefit can do for you if you understand how to take advantage of it now a few years ago I got a call from a young family now he was a petty officer first class in the Navy or e6 and his wife stayed home and took care of their two-year-old little boy now they were renting and finally decided they wanted to buy a home problem was they had some debt they were worried about and we're afraid they would not be able to qualify for the loan and they were right they had about seventy eight hundred dollars in debt and five thousand of it was a car they still had a few years left on and that car payment put them out of range to afford the house guess what the VA no money down loan allows for something called seller concessions and simply explain it just means that you can ask the seller of the home you want to buy for up to four percent of the price of the house to pay off your debt now that folks is huge now the seller needs to agree to it and the realtor you're using these to know what they're doing and be willing to negotiate this and amazingly enough many Realtors have no clue about this luckily my team and I work with many Realtors across the country that do understand this now finishing my story lucky for the payoffs are first class I was helping the seller of the house they bought did just that she gave him and his family $8,000 from the purchase price of the house to pay off the car and the two credit cards they had they moved in with no debt and a lower house payment than the rent they were paying yet another reason why the VA loan is a huge benefit for you folks serving or those who have served on top of that through our military heroes USA program you get special discounts on your loan fees and a great interest rate again somewhere around this video you're gonna see a link or button to my free VA home buying guide be sure to download it if you haven't our and when you think you're ready to get started you can apply it military heroes by clicking on see if I'm eligible or you can call me anytime and speak with me or someone on my team and we'll answer all your questions and get you going and hey if you already bought a home then like and share this information with someone who you think might benefit thank you for your service and have a great day

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