How the US failed to rebuild Afghanistan

this is the most important road in Afghanistan it runs from the capital Kabul to the second biggest city con dar it was the cornerstone of the u.s. strategy to rebuild Afghanistan after the invasion in 2001 it cost over 200 million dollars to build and hundreds of lives were lost defending it despite all of that the Kabul to Kandahar highway today is broken a 2016 auto report found that the road was beyond repair and needed to be rebuilt and if it becomes impassable the central government will collapse to understand how a road this significant and this costly can be falling apart you have to ask where did the u.s. go wrong in Afghanistan just weeks after 9/11 the u.s. invaded Afghanistan where Al Qaeda had planned the attacks they were sheltered by the Taliban who controlled the Afghan government at the time both groups were driven out of Kabul in a matter of months so the u.s. strategy soon shifted from combat to stabilizing and rebuilding the country but Afghanistan's a difficult place to control and rebuild its mountainous and mostly rural the population is fractured among several ethnic groups and local communities often operated autonomously to make matters worse there were only 50 kilometers of paved road in 2002 which meant most of these communities were isolated the u.s. decided to change that by rebuilding the Ring Road that was partially built by the Soviet Union in the 60s but had been destroyed by decades of war starting with the Kabul to Kandahar section the US and several other countries pledged 1.5 billion dollars to the Ring Road it would run in a 3,200 kilometer loop connecting Afghanistan's four biggest cities essentially tying these communities together and it was showing promise trade circulated through more places and medical services reach more people it gave the new government in Kabul more legitimacy around the country the Ring Road also allowed the US and NATO military to send troops and supplies around the country faster so they could keep the Taliban in check for the roads and Afghanistan the Taliban begin in other words roads promote enterprise Enterprise provides hope hope is what defeats this ideology of darkness but the u.s. didn't finish the job in 2003 the u.s. invaded Iraq and Afghanistan became second priority funding reconstruction resources and experienced leadership including generals and diplomats were all diverted to the war in Iraq the Ring Road was far from complete yet reconstruction funding was cut by 1.2 billion dollars a few years later the US preoccupation with Iraq gave the Taliban and open to return and they seized it when you look at the Taliban activity in the region from 2004 through 2009 you can see it escalate draw the Ring Road and you can see where those activities are concentrated instead of ambushes laid roadside bombs took hostages killed US soldiers and road construction crews a 2008 the Taliban had taken back significant territory especially in the south and east along the Kabul to Kandahar highway Afghanistan was in a full-blown insurgency Afghanistan is not lost but for several years it has moved backwards there's no imminent threat of the government being overthrown but the Taliban has gained momentum in short the status quo is not sustainable in 2009 President Barack Obama decided to recommit to the war in Afghanistan he sent thousands of troops in what was called the surge the US and NATO made some progress in the south but it quickly became clear that the Taliban would not be easily defeated the more troops deployed to Afghanistan the more the Taliban launched attacks with the military struggling to clear territory it became nearly impossible to rebuild roads as the Taliban continued to attack road crews the degraded security environment has made this the most dangerous project her company has attempted since we have suffered 21 killed 51 wounded and four missing this forced construction companies to hire security which caused budgets to skyrocket like this road from cost to pack Tia which cost almost five million dollars per mile mostly because of security but 18 months later the time was up President Obama announced that he'd start bringing troops back after this initial reduction our troops will continue coming home at a steady pace his Afghan security forces move into the lead our mission will change from combat to support as the u.s. troops withdrew they left behind oversight of infrastructure projects including roads in 2012 USAID cut funding for road construction and even after the US and partnering countries spent three billion dollars on it the Ring Road was never completed Road building and maintenance became the responsibility of the Afghan government which was crippled by corruption experts estimate that billions of dollars have been lost to corruption in Afghanistan in 2015 with only about 11,000 US troops in country mostly in the major cities the Taliban swept back through Afghanistan in 2017 they controlled almost half the country that's more territory than they've had since 2001 and that includes large sections of the Ring Road and that's one of the reasons why the road is in dire shape according to a 2016 inspection 20% of the roads are destroyed and 80% continued to deteriorate the US has no plans to give rebuilding Afghanistan a third chance and 2017 president Trump committed more troops but made it very clear we are not nation-building again we are killing terrorists as the Ring Road continues to deteriorate it's no longer a symbol of the u.s. efforts to rebuild Afghanistan instead it serves as a reminder of the job that was never finished

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  1. Lol clinton, Obama or Trump are all killers, they invade countries and let them kill each others… they can promote military weapons and sell all over the world! The USA has to start building its own country starting from education cuz most of Americans are getting dumb and stupid (im not talking abt silicon valley) anyway we are living the decade of gouvernment disappearance to let place to the AI.

  2. Supper powers failed in Afghanistan British, Russia , and best power us army waoo
    Afghanistan is a dumping area of powers.

  3. Real Life Lore did a video explaining why the Middle East we know today is riddled with radical ideological groups and corruption. Of course it was because of European/western interference but it’s really (this is extremely summarized so don’t be picky) because after WW1 when the Ottoman Empire collapsed, the French and British didn’t divide up the land based on ethnic groups, but just essentially drew lines and attempted to colonize the new areas. So when you force a bunch of different ethnic groups who may or may not like each other into one specific country, friction builds until there’s conflict. Combine that with foreign nations trying to get natural resources from the areas while not compensating the citizens in a remotely moral way, you get terrorism in your country (ie 9/11). By interfering with people and not letting them decide their own future, you plant the seeds of hatred. I don’t blame Islam, I blame Wahhabism supported by Saudi Arabia. I don’t blame rebel groups for causing conflicts against dictators which happen to catch civilians in the middle, I blame the people responsible for allowing dictators to continue making money.

    When a country bombs a place thinking there’s terrorists there and sure they kill the enemy but happen to kill some innocent people, what happens? The family and friends of the innocent person killed hate the country who killed them. By attacking terrorists militaristically, we brew more hate to inspire more people to join that group. We need to target the reason why people choose to take up arms instead of taking up arms ourselves.

    Shortages of food can force people to use a gun to get more food from others. So how do you fix it, go in and kill them? No, you help either supply more food or help them grow food, thus reducing the chance people will kill others for food.

    Now yes, I know sometimes groups can be 100% ideologically driven, but if you can improve the situation enough around that group where people never feel the need to join, or expose them to new information and education, then again there’s less of a chance that radical group will grow.

  4. America tried to rebuild. They don’t want to do the work to help establish themselves. There’s a lot of even Vice docs that show trying to build their Army. They were doing heroin and drinking tea. They couldn’t do jumping jacks in coordination.🙃

  5. USA should never invade Afghanistan. USA is the biggest war mongor in the world. USA started close to 30 wars against small and weak countries ever since WW2. USA bought millions and millions of refugees and deaths to these countries. There are 123 countries all over the world agree to the International Court to sue USA as a war criminal state

  6. It was never meant to be rebuilt, it's used as a drug factory & illegal arms black market for their terrorist lap dogs. Remember it was the Saudis that "did" 9/11 but somehow Iraq and Afghanistan got the shorter end of the stick. Those veterans who got deployed and witness war crimes done to civilians are asked to let it go or face serious consequences.

  7. Why is America interfering in Afghanistan ? First invade and then try to rebuild ? Your soldiers are dying for that country , while their young men are deserting their army and come to America as refugees and drink coffe there . Instead of spending money to rebuild Afghanistan , you should have used that money to rebuild America ! Or can everybody in America go to the fysician , study want they want , and have a decent wage ? Erwin , Belgium .

  8. In the same time frame of invading a country with a large amount of opium we in the US have a opioid epidemic. Hard to believe that a country would do that to their people but how does a country maintain its power with less support from its citizens??

  9. Appears that the contractor to build the road got pretty rich of a half as project that he didn't delivered. Us people need a refund or finish the F-ing rd

  10. It’s funny how the same positives you can use for the US occupation of Afghanistan you can use to defend the former British occupation of India

  11. Hahahahahahah Bullshit
    Trump says we are in Afghanistan for killing terrorists not rebuilding, you should first hear to your lier president before you make video on Afghanistan…

  12. Create US colonies of settlement in Afghanistan, resettle the Americans in Afghanistan and defend them, the only way to defeat Afghanistan

  13. That was a clever way of funding the taliban. Revolutionary idea of indirect funding by the USA. Just wow. Made it easier for violence to spread quicker with more intensity.

  14. pakistan destroyed ussr with help of america,oakistan destroyed america with the help of america in afghanistan.#ISIPakistan

  15. 😂😬😬USA GOVERNMENT😂😬😂



  16. Never should've divided focus and fought on two fronts especially when one of them wasn't necessary. Resources and manpower were spread thin.

  17. Who will win?
    An army with billion $ funding and the most advanced military in the world
    A bunch of desert Beddus ?

  18. Americans invaded in Afghanistan to take minerals like Lithium and they looted diamond and other treasure in Iraq.. and CIA is doing business of Cocaine all around the world which is being grown in Afghanistan..and earning billions of dollars from this business..

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