How to Believe Something You Don’t Currently Believe (The Secret)

this video is gonna show you how to
believe something you don’t currently believe I’m gonna share with you ways of
punching through this barrier so that you’re able to create your life in a
much more powerful way welcome back to another video my name is Erin and I hope
people expand their consciousness now in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you
how to believe something that you do not currently believe now the key to this is
understanding the power of focus it’s understanding the power of the idea that
our beliefs are literally creating our reality that whatever we believe to be
true is always being mirrored back to us and that that’s the way the mirror of
life works it’s all of your reflection of what we believe to be true now the
thing is is some of the beliefs that we have our unconscious we’re not aware of
what we do believe but you see this is where the power is when you bring what
you are unaware of into the awareness so you bring the unconscious into the
conscience guess what you take your power back because then from that point
of view you can either let go of the beliefs that don’t serve you or you can
choose the new beliefs that actually do serve you so what I’m going to be
talking about today is gonna have a couple different variations a couple
different ways of going down this path and how when you do that you start to
create a whole new life for yourself because then it starts to get a more
authentic expression of who you are most of the way we view ourselves happen from
something that happened in our childhood now sometimes this is kind of hard to
understand because then it’s like well how am I supposed to know every little
thing that happened in my childhood but the way the brain works is that you can
ask yourself certain questions and that as you ask yourself certain questions
your brain will start to look for the answers and sometimes that means it will
bring things that were priorly in the unconscious into the conscious
and the key is the questions that you are asking yourself so let me give you
some examples maybe when you were a kid your parents told you that you are best
to be seen and not heard because you’re a child so
then in that moment maybe you got in trouble for saying something at the
dinner table or I had a family event and they said hey you’re not supposed to be
talking remember children are meant to be seen and not hurt and you go oh okay
so you start to associate pain with expressing yourself and then you believe
that you aren’t worthy to actually express yourself or that people really
don’t want to hear what you have to say so then as you go through life
experience you might be in a job and then the opportunity comes up for you to
speak up about some idea that you have but you’re like wait subconsciously
you’re like I am meant to be seen and not heard
even though now you’re an adult but you see that pattern wasn’t still at such an
early age that you may start to lock yourself in because of that belief that
you have so you may say well how am I supposed to believe that I can express
myself when I don’t currently believe it well this is what we talk about in this
video you see that’s where the power is it’s in the awareness of what that
memory was and starting to ask yourself that question what do I believe to be
true about myself where did this memory come from what is the emotion I feel
when I do certain things so the key to this is just becoming aware of what that
belief currently is and understand that any belief you have is just a momentum
of thought in a certain direction this is like the classical Abraham Hicks type
understanding what we do is we have some type of thought and we say okay we
continue to think that because most of our thoughts are on autopilot over 90
percent of what we think day in and day out is thought the day before so what we
can begin to do is become aware of what that autopilot mind is and then what we
do is as we become aware of whether momentum is we could say huh do I want
to keep this momentum going and what we can do is we can either shift the focus
so anytime you’re in a meeting for example and you find that you want to
say something but you don’t know if you should what you can then do is like okay
right now I’m focusing on how I shouldn’t speak up because of the pain
that will come with it well instead what if I focused on the pleasure that could
come from it on knowing that as i express myself I’m going to maybe get an
idea out there that I get recognized for I’m gonna put an
idea out there that helps the company or that helps me grow you start to change
the focus whatever you focus on you feel and a lot of what we believe to be true
is because we have certain feelings that are locked into place now another part
of changing and believing something you don’t currently believe simply has to do
with finding other people that have overcome the same type of adversity so
for example something that wasn’t believed to be true
a long time ago was running a four-minute mile this wasn’t true it
wasn’t something that was in the collective consciousness then what
happened is somebody stepped up and said I’m gonna do this they ran a four-minute
mile the guy’s name is robert has seen or I
forget his name but his name was Robert something it was the first one to ever
run a four-minute mile well guess what happened after that
he set the way that people can run a four-minute mile and within a couple of
years dozens and dozens of people have run a four-minute mile and now thousands
of people have run a four-minute mile and many of them and some of them have
even been in high school so it changes the way that we view it and when we see
other people that have done it we start to realize I can do it too so how can
you apply this well maybe like I don’t believe I remember I’ve assured this
story once or twice before but I remember that I was I was working out
and I just simply thought that I couldn’t do some spigot so help push
pulls is this thing at the gym when I’m pulling this weight and at the end of it
is there’s a rope and then there’s weight at the end of it and it was
really heavy was challenging what you do is you pull it and then you push it back
and you run it back as fast as you can I was doing that and then me and my buddy
were working out and then a one of the trainer guys walked over he was like 180
200 pounds just sat on top of it and then I was like my friend is like going
pull it so you could pull it I was like no I can’t do that it was just a block
in my head for some reason I just thought hey I can’t do that but he goes
why do you say you can’t do that he’s like you don’t know you haven’t tried it
yet I was like okay so I was like oh and I started to do it I just simply knew
that I’ve seen him do it before I’ve seen other people pull people before but
I just assumed that I couldn’t do it but as I shift my focus I then started to
focus on it and I started to realize that I could do it and it was
I was a real sore the next day but I remember I was eight it was like almost
ingenious very slowly I was pulling it but if nonetheless I did it and it
really proved myself that these blocks are in our mind of what we can and can’t
do but when we start to redefine it that’s when we start to experience more
of what we want so find other people so maybe you’re like okay I I believe this
is my certain background an income from much and I want to have my own art
gallery right well what you could do is find other people that have started
their own art gallery or that are marketed themselves online in a certain
way and find out their stories because many times you’ll find that people have
also come from nothing in the same type of industry or a very similar situation
and sometimes even much more limited resources than what you have and then
when you see other people do it you’re like oh yeah
I could do that too if I simply apply myself and I start to do it and I start
to take action with it so see other people find other people that have done
it that will begin to reframe your belief this is why sometimes reading
books of biographies of people that have been successful can really help because
when you see other people do it you think why not myself
it changes the perspective now another thing you could do to believe something
that you don’t currently believe is to take baby steps I remember there was
this video on the Instagram or YouTube and if you guys haven’t followed me on
Instagram make sure you do I’m going to be doing more live Q&A s where you guys
can answer and ask questions and I’ll answer them so if you want your
questions answered follow me I’ll go and put the link below and I was on
Instagram and I remember seeing this montage of like this lady that in her
mind she just did not think she could jump onto this platform in this platform
was like kind of tall but it wasn’t that tall it was maybe it was something
probably any of us could do but in her mind she didn’t think she could do it so
it shows her trying and trying to not like it just keeps stopping herself like
she’s getting ready to jump she just keeps stopping herself so what they do
is they give her these these little planks that are like barely off the
ground like this much and then this much and then this much and she just jumps
she just spends like 15 times jumping on this little platform it’s like an inch
off the ground okay I can do that then 2 or 3 inches and then she does that like
10 times and then she does the next one and then it’s a little bit higher and
then event she gets up to the one she was doing but
it took her little baby steps because she had to reframe it in her own mind
that she could do it so sometimes just getting the motions in in general starts
the the met the body memory the muscle memory in a way for you to do it now you
could do this not just bodily wise and physically but you can do this mentally
as well maybe it’s getting a certain account and pushing yourself and you
work a sales job or maybe what you could do is you could start doing it from
different angles or appealing to a certain type of people and kind of
stepping outside your own comfort zone so start off small and then build from
there so a lot of this has to do with that understanding of how you can apply
it powerfully in your life of changing your focus a lot of this also has to do
with your state of being how do you feel because when you feel more expanded you
tend to have more potential you tend to see things more opportunities than
blocks and when you start with that kind of perspective you have much more
ability to believe something because your state of being is increased so pay
attention to how you feel as well but realize that at a fundamental level your
beliefs are literally creating your reality I think that understanding what
you believe to be true is much more powerful than even through the law of
attraction because when you become aware of what you believe you then change the
outer mirror reflection sometimes you may say I want to attract that into my
life maybe it’s a certain job a certain income a certain type of person into
your life but you believe you’re not worthy or you believe that you’re only
capable of making a certain amount for a year and this job is much more than that
so you have to be aware of what that is and you have to say why is this in place
many times what we believe to be true it’s just simply comfortable it’s
comfortable to believe certain things because it keeps you from having to step
outside your comfort zone and to take more action so become aware of what that
is really the power of this whole video is understanding the awareness of what
you believe to be true about yourself and when you get to the core of what you
believe to be true you start to take your power back because then you’re not
like a leaf in the wind you’re not just molding to your
environment you’re more so in
for things to happen so this is something that you can begin to really
powerfully apply now if you want to understand how to reprogram your
subconscious beliefs I’ve created a free meditation the subconscious mind
meditation that’s just really powerful for completely reprogramming your mind
most of our life is ran by your subconscious mind so this is something
you can listen to as you go to bed I recommend that you listen to it for 28
days at least really get the best benefits out of it is something that’s
absolutely free I’m gonna go and put it in the top of the description box below
and I think it’ll help you to really embody more of who you are and what your
potential is so remember the whole part of this process is understanding that
whatever you focus on grows the thoughts you think are just momentum of thoughts
in a certain direction that when you become aware you start to ask yourself
the question what would I have to believe to be true for this to be
happening you start to take your power back you start to bring the unconscious
into the conscience that then what you can do is start to model other people
that have had success and at least model their psychology maybe you do it in your
own way your authentic to yourself but you find that you restructure your
beliefs when you realize that other people have done it with less than what
you have it starts to making a lot easier for you to connect to it then
from there you can start to give yourself little baby steps in that
direction like that little plank analogy that I was giving and then as you do
that you’ll see that you can do so much more than you priorly thought and all
you have to do is start to focus in a new direction so would that be upset I
hope you guys enjoyed this video feel free to like this video if you guys
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than that as always eat you much alone

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