How to Deal with Suicidal Thoughts #BellLetsTalk

Everyone has some idea of what their ideal life looks like. Whether it means affording to travel freely, coming home to a loving family, or having all the cats and dogs in the world. But things are getting harder by the second. It can be nearly impossible just getting out of bed in the morning. Why is it so much easier giving in to negativity than it is to get out of it? Depression doesn’t just weigh down our shoulders. It lies, often telling us that we’re not in control of our lives, but we are. Whatever you’re going through, know it’s not always going to be like this. Here are eight tips for dealing with suicidal thoughts: 1) Don’t spend the night alone. When you’re suicidal, it will be tempting to isolate yourself. Do you lock yourself in your room, shut the blinds and hide underneath your covers? The thing about depression is that the darkness will welcome you, but this only makes you susceptible to believe your negative thoughts. Watch out for your safety, and don’t spend the night alone. Call up your family, friends or lover. Tell them how you’re feeling. If possible, sleeping over at their place is even better. Having company around can do wonders for you because it means keeping those bad thoughts at bay, or allowing the new environment to boost your mood. 2) Cut off all ties with toxic people. Research shows that keeping toxic people in your life isn’t just stressful, it can actually kill you. One study showed that subjects in negative relationships had a higher risk of developing cardiac problems. If someone is abusing you, physically or emotionally, please call the police for help. Your life might drastically change if your family members or partner are the toxic ones, but realize that they’re putting you in more pain than they are supporting you. 3) Make a list of your accomplishments. Hey you, yeah you, look at how far you’ve come! Failure can seem like a big slap in the face, but we often obsess over perfection instead of focusing on what we’ve achieved. There’s a difference: striving for perfection doesn’t allow you to be human. Embrace your flaws, failures and downfalls as much as you appreciate all the milestones you’ve reached. Listen closely to what isn’t working, turn those into lessons, and grow resilient. 4) Practice positive mantras. These are otherwise known as coping statements. Ending your life will seem like the only option to end your misery, but nothing lasts forever. Practice saying some of these: “I will get through this.” “This is my depression talking, not me.” “I don’t really want to die, I just want the pain to end.” Stick these to your mirror, fridge and carry them wherever you go. Let them be friendly reminders to be kind to yourself. You got this! 5) Find a therapist. Most people shrug this idea off because they might not be able to afford it. But there are options, especially if you’re a student. An open mind is what will ultimately get you help. Call your insurance company for any insights they might have. It never hurts to ask your family doctor too. Networks exists for a reason, and the more professional advice you receive, the faster you can find and work with a professional. 6) If it’s urgent, please call the police. This won’t necessarily stop your suicidal thoughts but they will stop you from going through with the act. From here on out, they can take you to the ER where you’ll be safe. We hope you never have to resort to this, but want to remind you that help is only one call away. 7) Find out what’s hurting you and make changes to it. Do you feel stuck at your dead-end job? Tired of the city you’re living in? Or not sure about what you’re studying in school? It’s ok to address that you’re feeling unhappy, but don’t succumb to helplessness. It may take time to find what works for you, but this is why practicing patience is so pivotal. Big projects seem intimidating, but break them up into smaller tasks to make them more approachable. Remember, as you wait for your miracle, never stop working on yourself in the mean time. 8) Whatever you do, please don’t lose hope! I know it’s easier said than done, but committing suicide will end everything, including the amazing days ahead that you won’t be alive for. People usually realize too late, while they’re in the middle of the act, that every problem they ever faced could have been fixed. So please reconsider your health. You deserve so much more! What do you do to keep going or stay inspired? We want you to know that you’re not alone and we’re sending our best wishes your way. For more helpful content, be sure to also subscribe to our channel. Thank you, as always, for watching! Hey guys it’s Yumi, one of the partners of Psych2Go. Today I’m here to talk to you guys about Bell Let’s Talk, a mental health initiative that aims to raise awareness. Every year Bell, is dedicated to moving mental health board in Canada. Bell Let’s Talk promotes awareness and action with a strategy built on four key pillars: fighting the stigma, improving access to care, supporting world-class research, and leading by example and workplace mental health. Psych2Go, being based in Canada, we can’t help but want to participate along. As Ellen Degeneres puts it: “What the world needs more of is kindness and better mental health.” What Psych2Go wants to do is to encourage everyone to be a part of this movement by commenting below about the time when you first opened up and struggled with mental health. We will pick five commenters and they will receive one of our digital magazines. Don’t forget to hashtag Bell Let’s Talk and hashtag Psych2Go. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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  1. We want to say thank you to everyone who made this video possible. Your generous support made it possible. This is such an important topic and we hope that it can help many others. Please share with someone who needs this. Please.

  2. What can i do if the same person who keeps me from killing myself is the same one who makes me think about ir in a regular basis? Im having profesional help but neither of us knows what to do and i don't feel like i have more time left till i end it all, im not playing the victim, i don't want to hurt anyone but im tired and it's been years since i really felt anything more than empty for more than a few hours, i'm just done with myself, i can't stand me anymore, i haré what i become, and i hate who i'm gonna be knowing i have no clue how to make it change, i need help, Maybe i need redemption from myself, Maybe i need to forgive but i can't figure it out why, i need to keep alive yo prevent anyone from feeling the way i do, but it's hard because, knowing i'm a loved one guy who brings joy and laugh to Friends and people around, i can't get why i'm so sad all the time, it don't Match, i wish i could have an answer, if is anyone out there that felt the way i do and have succesfully past trough it, please help me, i don't want anyone to suffer, i don't want to die

  3. im not doing anything to keep going. not anymore. i fucking tired ok? i lost hope.
    everything good i have. EVERY SINGLE THING is gone now. and when hearing my ex love someone else?
    its the fucking end. i really just want it all to end, cuss seen her with another dude? i would only make myself suffer when i die.
    im tired of life, and the only thing holding me back is fear from the fear.
    it feels like im wating for her to tell me she have someone new just to have a reason.
    the only true friend i ever had dont know i still want her, and think i moved on. and im not going to tell him that.
    im just going to tell him he was the only one that was there for me, and forever will be.

  4. My friend has suicidal thoughts. I'm trying to help him. I can do as much as I can to make himself feel comfortable. But I do not trust me when he says "I'm fine.". We live apart from eachother because I moved. I do not know what he's doing. But I hope I never get the phone call or Msg saying "Goodbye."

  5. With number 6, I actually have done this before. I was at school at the time, and I had been getting picked on and harassed for being genderfluid. There was a rumour going around at the time, the rumour was, "[birthname] is cis, she only uses the boys' bathroom she's a slut and wants to hook up with other guys." People kept bugging me about this and one day in the middle of class, I broke down and started crying. I ran out of the classroom and out of the school, and stood in front of a busy road. I was going to try to kill myself. I wanted the pain to end, but for some reason, a little part of me wanted to keep going, so I pulled my phone from my pocket and called the lifeline number for my country. I waited by the outside of my school crying and shaking until an ambulance came and took me to the ER. I was put on suicide watch and had to stay in hospital for a week.
    I'm so glad I made the decision to call someone who could help

  6. To the stranger reading this comment,

    I’ve never been good at giving advice, nor will I attempt to do so right now. So, instead, I offer you a simple smiley face and a heart, hoping that it may help in some way.

    I love you, buddy. You’re worth a million times more than you think. 🙂 <3

  7. Hope is a very strong and powerful force but even those who are the most positive still can give in the darkness which is why I have the gun ready and set to my head because I don’t trust anyone but I can trust my death will at least encourage someone to help people who are almost or about to give in to the darkness This is why I have put my trust in to everyone who likes the video and replies to this comment. But See you guys. I leave the rest. To You

  8. Really what keeps me from going through with it is how much I'd hurt those who care about me. My family would be devastated and too many of my friends have already lost a parent (we're still in our twenties). I don't tell anyone about the thoughts that are haunting me, because I'm afraid they'll see me and immediately think of the heavy things that are bothering me when really, I want to just have fun when I'm around them. Especially my parents would blame themselves for not seeing I have been struggling. I don't want to do that to them. So I keep up a happy front around them so they they at least can enjoy their lives.

  9. Do you hide in your room, close the blinds, and hide under the covers?

    Me doing all three watching this: hah good one

  10. 3:15 I'm not sure why, but that part just made me cry. Like, the way the person looked just reminded me of myself.. in a way.

  11. The only thing keeping me alive is fear I once almost ended it but I couldn’t bring myself to do it once I did break and was no longer in control of my actions but the thing that saved me was me falling asleep if I did not fall asleep I wouldn’t be here typing this comment….that is how bad my mental state is and yet I refuse to get help…I don’t know why…

  12. I've gone through some councilling. But it didn't help. I try my best at school. But I feel intimidated by students and teachers. It was hard when I went through to talk. It was like guitlyness and darkness has taken over me. Negativity gets me down a lot. I suffer from anxiety and depression it's rlly hard to communicate. But now I have watched this video. I should act more positively

  13. My parents are the main cause of all these thoughts. They wonder why I’m always in my room and I tell them it’s to get away from them and my dad tells me to stop acting like everyone’s out to get me. I don’t know what to do. Schools starting soon so at least I’ll get away but I have one friend and she’s two grades above me so I never get to see her. I’m so alone and there’s just no point anymore. I have nothing to live for…

  14. The only real reason I stay is because I care about my friends and family and I know it’ll just be worse if I actually do it

  15. I'm thirteen . I've been a survivor for four years and I wish could get out of this .I wish I can get rid of the people who cause my mental health issues. my brother hates me and wants me dead . I wish I can get rid of the hole he built inside of me

  16. Should I fucking oblige a person to spend the night with me hun.. I'm really fckin antisocial and awkward and fuvk me

  17. I still have suicidal thoughts after my depression or schizophrenia at age 16. I’ve been having tough times dealing with break ups, school projects, family problems, and myself. I look at myself as a failure. People tell me to forget about my ex but I didn’t listen to those who were against my decision in getting him back; some supports me for getting my ex and tried to focus on myself, like doing some drawings and watching some funny youtube videos

  18. problems
    1.My parents usually fight and I cry under my covers close my door
    2.My trusting issue I just dont believe in anyone after an incedint when I was younger
    How i fix this
    i look at my window and tell myself stories, try to talk to someone or something like a plushy and cry into it.
    the sad thing that i wish i never done was my life on the line for something i could have fixed long ago.

  19. It’s just so hard tho, every single day I have constant thoughts of just ending my life. I have a wonderful girlfriend and my family but I’m just so tired of the pain that comes in short waves

  20. Funny how they always expect us to have people around and friends. Because I and probably other's dont have anyone which IS why we're depressed in the first place.

  21. Y qué pasa si tengo depresión, soy la persona tóxica y además no tengo a nadie a quien contarle lo que me pasa? Xd

  22. I want to kill myself…
    What keeps me going is the thought of others being sad about me dying… And so I feel worse… It's an endless cycle…

    And… When I told my mom that I thought I have depression my mom thought I was "just upset"

  23. How do I write of my accomplishments, when I don’t even have any? The only thing I’m good at, is pissing others off and screwing up everything I touch. They say visit a therapist, sleep over at another person’s house, get rid of toxic people and call 911 if it’s absolutely necessary, but I can’t do any of those. I am just a 12-year old child, and my parents won’t allow any of those. They say I’m just seeking attention and trying to be different. My parents are the toxic ones, and I can’t get rid of them.
    I love them dearly, but they don’t understand me as they were always happy-go-lucky people and were extroverts with good looks and intelligence.
    I’m the opposite, I’m always pessimistic and depressed, and I’m hideous and dumb.

  24. I have literally no one to speak with, my country has very bad health services, 10 yrs of awful life experiences hurt me too much to bare with the pain, the police only works with crime, I can't change environmental factors and life circumstances… I can tell what those 152 thumbs down are going through tho, useless video.

  25. Wilson Katawi and to anyone else Jesus loves you no matter what. You are saved by everything Jesus has done, no work of yourself. Your family has it wrong. That is the true gospel. It is his free gift of grace by faith. That is how much he loves you. He is with us and one day we will be free from the pain and suffering in this world and live with him forever. I'm so sorry for what all of you are going through. You're not alone. I wish I could say something to take your pain away. You are here for a reason created with a purpose. You are beautiful because there will never be another you. No one can take your place. Don't give up. You are loved and needed in this world.

  26. It hurts so badly. It feels like an aching in my core and it never ends, lying awake in the darkness and never wanting the sun to come up. Not wanting to have to wake up again. I'm in pain and it feels as if I'm the only one.

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