How To Emotionally Connect With Someone

– What does love mean to you? – So. I like to think of myself as an emotional slut. – I want to be emotionally penetrated, before anything else. Physically connecting
with someone is great. However, I need the foundation
of a human connection before anything else. By emotional slut, I mean I am pro casual, emotional intimacy. A lot of times, it’s almost discouraged to be open and vulnerable with people. Especially in more casual encounters. There’s this fear that, if you’re soft and open, and vulnerable and loving, that that’s met with rejection. Vulnerability, to me, is what turns me on. To me, I wanna hear someone talk about all of the experiences that make them the person they are. The things that make them happy, sad, the things that trigger them. Just all of the things that make them who they are. You can find those intense, emotional connections with people in every moment. So you don’t have to think of a future. The fear of future shouldn’t stop you from completely letting go, and opening up, and being loving with people. I want to find those really intense, emotional, intimate connections with everyone. My truest essence is probably my ability to be childlike, connecting to my inner child. A lot of times we only
get those experiences with people that we’re dating. And we’re dating for a long time. And, even still, some people don’t completely open up and let go. I want to find those experiences with my friends, with my lovers, whether they’re casual or long term. I think that, on a certain level, everyone craves that emotional intimacy. I think that’s really
what everyone is after. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I think we should all emotionally connect more than just physically. Because physically is fun, but when it comes to emotional intimacy, I think everyone should be an emotional slut. – Ding.

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  1. So relatable I can’t have a physical connection without an emotional one first which makes dating tough and sometimes awkward but hey they’re missing out in the end! Coulda had some damned good times if you were patient and open 🤣

  2. Vulnerability also turns me on. Sharing experiences is an important way to connect. But it’s quite ridiculous that he calls himself an emotional slut for trying to be friendly with someone.

  3. "I want to be emotionally penetrated before anything else"…

    Few seconds later…

    Drowned himself in the bathtub

  4. I watched this video two times to better understand what do he means with emotional slut after reading some comments. For what I understood the matter is to feel and to feel as more as possible trough a story, the experiences that made feel the person he meets the person who is now. Even if it's a friend, a lover, a partner the most important thing is to tell him a story trough your own feelings, he wants to be empathic and find someone emphatic to share emotions with. I wrote it in a complicated way, but I would ask if someone understood the same as me. By the way I think if the sense is that to be emphatic, well, I totally agree. Emotions value more than anything else for me, unfortunately – it's a bless and a damnation at the same time. Glad that for him all kind of emotions are something to treat as a treasure, I would be like that too.

  5. I totally get this. I want to be with someone who isn’t afraid to cry and be honest with their feelings. Really build that emotional bond that you’d have with a soulmate.
    I’m not comfortable getting physical with someone unless we have that emotional connection first. Lovely video !

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