How To Get Around A Paywall. Read News Articles Free (Working 2019)

don't you just hate when this happens well let's get around it as time goes on more and more websites are putting up a paywall that prevents you from being able to read those articles I'm gonna show you exactly how to get around math you came here for the truth so let me unveil that for you so this is an example of a paywall you're looking at The Wall Street Journal and they'll give you a little piece of the article then it says basically pay some money and you can read the rest of it well instead of that there are many ways to be able to get around previously what we had to do was incognito mode or private mode this used to work and maybe in some cases it will quite frankly this is the way you do it it's a very simple couple clicks that will get you there so showing you in Google Chrome showing you in Safari either one of those it's just a couple buttons and you can actually be able to view the article however those websites started to get wise to this and they figured out a way to block people if this isn't working for you there are always other ways this is a couple examples at the top Wall Street Journal what they're telling you to do is to prepend this bunch of text in there if it's Forbes you can use the website archive dot s and they go through a couple more points but why not have something that works basically every single time for all websites well I'll show you that right now outline com is the absolute best I have seen the only downside to this website it's also a Chrome extension is that this doesn't give you the perfect experience you had previously so for example if there are charts for pictures it's gonna get rid of that now that's actually the whole point of this particular website but the way you can use it is to get around the paywall this just gives you the text only and that's great if you want to read the article that's perfect but if you want the actual charts then it becomes a different story but this is what you need to do you get the exact URL you paste it here you click that green button and it will within a couple of seconds give you the entire go there that's it that's all you got to do I'm gonna end the video there if you found it informative please give me a thumbs up by giving me a thumbs up you're supporting this channel if you want to see some other videos definitely click that subscribe button lots more to come and I'll see you on the next one

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  1. I personally use to get around a paywall. In my opinion, news should be free. They should have multiple levels of subscription. Their normal content should be free and they should offer premium content for those interested.

  2. Trying to read the economics page I used to prefer I only got articles from 2017 so they have some kind of protection against outline

  3. charge u out the ass for internet,then charge you again for the website then block u if you use adblock

  4. These websites get so cheap. they make u watch their advertising bs and then want to stick u with a paywall? greedy

  5. What do you think about a global war as the final solution to save the markets?

    Im not into finances, but do you think that our rulers might chose to go to war with maybe russia, to save the economy?

  6. The internet in its current form is headed for the dumpster. Censorship is choking creativity out of this once great idea factory. The light gets dimmer by the day and will soon be out. Maybe another internet will be built that will be “Open Source” for everyone to use.

  7. just tried it. Works! Bingo! Thank u v much. Coming from a journalist, I perhaps should be concerned….

  8. Also an easy but little more technical way to view these paywalled articles is temporarily turn off java script. Viola.

  9. Good tip. I’m not paying the misandrist New York Times a dime, but they do have some good articles.

  10. What's better than advice on investments that you have to spend money on first? Advice on how to get free stuff! Useful video mate!

  11. Just tried it for a seekingalpha article and it worked perfectly. All the charts are there as well!!, it's like the original article. Amazing value bro!

  12. Perfect! I'll pass this link onto a friend of mine that refuses to give wall-street journal a dime! lol

  13. Would business applications on trustless distrubuted ledgers, non-gameable consensus, voting and similar cryptotechnologies be interesting topics to diverge to and have interesting business applications which prove sollutions instead of the problems we have in the traditional financial world? Or would that risk your credibility or revenue stream from YouTube?

  14. The news wouldn’t have a scintilla if honesty if it was free. In economics it’s an underlying principle that ‘you get what you pay for’ … not always true… but trends in that manner. Cheap shoes, cheap clothes, cheap food, cheap entertainment don’t tend to be as good as paying for quality. Pravada is not the NYT. Since it’s not a perfect world you should be pleased by the effects of the freedom to purchase quality or cheapness. Every coin has 2 sides… you seem to forget that truism every other video.

  15. This Was An Awesome Tip ! Hate Supporting Washington Urinal And New York Compost And All The Other " Operation Mockingbird " Media Outlets !

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