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How to Improve Self Disclosure : Avoid Self Disclosure to Non-Intimate People

How to Improve Self Disclosure : Avoid Self Disclosure to Non-Intimate People

Now, when we’re talking about self disclosure
we’re talking about revealing things to people. Maybe secrets maybe personal things, maybe
skeletons in our closet. Something that you want to do is you want to resist the temptation
to disclose really intimate things early in relationships or to non intimate people in
your life or acquaintances. And a lot of people make this mistake. A lot of people, you know,
maybe go to work and tell their boss about their sex life. o.k., that?s a recipe for
disaster. Only reveal things to people that you feel safe with and only reveal certain
information to certain people. As well as, be cautious about the early stages of relationships.
If you, you know, I met a girl one time and the day that I met her she said to me “Hi,
I’m Marty. I was sexually abused by my father.” O.K. that is way to early in any relationship
to reveal that kind of information. So pick the stage and pick the person before you decide
to reveal the information.

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  1. Why not? I think I sometimes tell a lot of "personal" things to friends and sometimes people whom I've recently met. I understand that it's not considered good to reveal too much too early about yourself, but I don't understand WHY.
    That example that was given, about the girl who was sexually abused by her father, was a horribly extreme example — something a bit more relatable would likely be more helpful to the viewer to assess what might be deemed inappropriate.

  2. @jgizzy Well think abt it from ur recievers end- the persons who ur talking to, their perceptions of YOU. You may be giving unintended vibes that youre self-obsessed, clingy, and tat u dont have enuf self respect or restraint to not reveal truly intimate details of your life. Pple can freak out if u treat them like theyre ur therapist. Nobody shud be an open book- being easy 2 figure out. takes the mystery out of any1s character and its a sure recipe to make pple respect you alot less.

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