How to schedule pre-recorded videos as live streams

Have you ever wanted to look at live
streaming pre-recorded content over to Facebook Live or to YouTube Live? Well
that’s what I’m going to show you how to do today with a new platform called Live
Reach. My name is Krishna De and you’ll find me online at and I cover a lot of video marketing tools and technologies but I also have a weekly
live stream all about live streaming tools, technologies and case studies; so I
was really excited to have the opportunity to take a look at this new
platform. I’ve already given it access to my Facebook account on my YouTube
account and when you do so you’ll be able to choose, for example on Facebook,
which Groups you want to have it access, if you want to have an access your Pages
and again specific Pages that you want to be able to publish to. What I’ve done
in terms of actually setting this up, I’m working on desktop on a PC. This
software is all of also available for Macs. So it doesn’t work in your browser
as I’ve covered in other tools in terms of which you can find on
which allow you to schedule pre-recorded content. That could be
pre-recorded live video or it could be just recorded video that you’ve got. In
this case I’m actually going to do a test over to Facebook and so what I’ve
got here is there’s a video title here that originally comes in in terms of
your title as the title of the video that you’ve got on your hard drive that
you upload. So I’ve actually just changed that title. I can now select the Page
that I want it to go to, so I’ve got several Pages and with this drop down area I can connect the specific Page. I also can add a thumbnail which is really
important for Facebook to be able to have an engaging cover image that
actually will tell people what the event is about. In here I’ve actually been able
to play the video to make sure it plays okay and I’ve just got it screen-shoted
here in terms of at one particular point. I can set the quality so I’ve set this
in 720p so I’ve got a high definition recording already and so what I want to
do is stream it at 720 over to Facebook Live. Over on the right-hand side it
then gives me options. Now here it says Public set to everyone.
That’s a default in terms of on my Page anyway because obviously you can’t
have too much custom planning of your sharing options on your
Page. That could of course be different if you’re on a Profile. So on
your Profile you can say (if I was testing it) only show to me or I could say
friends or friends of friends. I can now schedule it so I can have it sent out
immediately now or I can schedule it in the future. So that’s really handy if I
actually want to set it at another time. And then I can put a little post description in here, which I have done. So always when you’re sharing a live stream on Facebook put a description in there. You then have
a little “Terms of Service” message. This is important because Facebook do want you to be very explicit if you’re not streaming live content live. So if you
create this sharing pre-recorded live video or recorded video you actually
need to make sure people know. So this is really good that the developers
have added this in. So here I can put my “Terms of Service” message and I can
decide what language it wants to be in. I can also say whether or not this was
previously recorded. So here I can say “previously recorded”. “recorded live on”,
“recorded on”, or “aired on” or “aired recently”. So I’m actually just going to leave this
as “previously recorded” and then I can make a decision about where that
information needs to be positioned in terms of a message, so before or after
the description of my stream. So I want to leave it into after. And that’s all I need to do in terms of setting up this live stream to go out. It’s pre-recorded content. I’ve been clear about that being said. What I can do
now is this click on the schedule. Let’s take a quick look at what it looks like
on YouTube. In terms of for the YouTube set up, again my video has already been
uploaded. I’ve changed the title of it here. I can set where what resolution I
want the video to be in. I can also then set up in terms of
who do I want that content to be seen by. I can also set the scheduled
time and I can post a description. I hope you found that helpful quick
overview in terms of how to set up pre-recorded video content which could
have been a live video or it could have been recorded video as a live stream to
Facebook and to YouTube. I hope that was a helpful overview in terms of how to
prepare your videos for restreaming in terms of its pre-recorded live stream or
live streaming it in terms of it being content that you’ve already recorded
over on to Facebook and to YouTube. If you do have any questions about this,
please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at
Do make sure however you check out the Facebook and YouTube terms or any terms of platforms that you’re
streaming to to make sure that your content complies with their requirements.

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  1. Hi Krishna,

    Just want to make sure casue I have been looking for this for months.

    You can pre-schedule LIVE broadcasts on Youtube and Facebook with pre-recorded videos.

    Can you pre-schedule many at a time

    Ex. Monday at 8, Tuesday at 10, Friday at noon. Or do you have to wait that one is done in order to shedule the next?

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