How Trauma Will Cause Steven’s Corruption

Pearl: “I guess it’ll take more than a kiss to
heal Damage from the Diamonds.” Steven: “I should be able to do this.”
Pearl: “It’s all right, Steven. Remember, she’s not cracked, she’s Corrupted. And that’s something
different.” Garnet: “It’s sort of like… if MC Bear Bear didn’t tear the fabric of his arm,
but the fabric of his mind.” So as the title suggests, this video is
going to be covering the Steven Universe Future corruption fan theory, that seems
to be the next Rose is Pink Diamond theory, in terms of how divisive of the
fandom is on it. Some people believe wholeheartedly that
this theory has all but been confirmed, and others believe that it’s beyond the
realm of possibility. Personally, I’m more within the camp that this theory holds
more ground than it has holes in it. But today my job is to present to you at the
evidence that proves our dear friend Wormy Boy, is in fact Steven Universe
himself. It’s important to mention that I know I’m not the first one who has made
a video on this theory, and I’m probably also not the first to bring up some of
these talking points. However, I wanted to present my take on this theory, now that
we’re reaching the finale. First we’re going to start off by talking about
Corruption in general. What is it? How does it happen? And, can it be
self-inflicted? I’m sure most of you need no introduction to the concept of
Corruption, but it is a central part of this theory, and needs to be understood
in order for me to prove my point. So first and foremost, Corruption is mental
damage received from trauma that manifests as physical damage. Gems who
are afflicted by Corruption lose their sapience, and revert to a feral state.
Their physical forms lose their humanoid look, and become animal-like. It’s
important to note that this damage is separate from that of cracking or
shattering a Gem, which are two different forms of Gem injuries that cause
different symptoms. While cracking and shattering also effects a gems physical
form, it seems as though their mental state stays mostly intact. Back when
Amethyst cracked her Gem in “An Indirect Kiss”, her form glitched and prevented her
from functioning properly. However, as we can see, she’s still clearly sapient and
there mentally. The cracking of her Gem seemed to only be reflected in her
physical form, rather than mental. The same thing can be seen in the episode
“Bubbled”, where Eyeball’s Gem is cracked. While she glitches out, it’s clear that
she’s fully aware of her surroundings as well as the situation. Even like the Gems
that compose The Cluster, they maintain some level of singular sapience. Sure, they
eventually learn to work together as one singular being, but each Gem Shard is
still somewhat aware of their individual situation. This can be seen in the
episode “Gem Drill”, where Steven talks individually to some Gem Shards. Of
course because they’re shattered, there’s some limitations to what they
can think, but they haven’t lost their self-awareness for the most part. With
Corruption, this isn’t at all the case. While their physical forms reflect that
they’ve been Corrupted, it isn’t their bodies that are malfunctioning. In this
case, it is very much so their minds. Their bodies, while no longer humanoid, are
not glitching or rapidly changing forms. They’re solidly projected, and Corrupted
Gems themselves are even considered to be dangerous, and fully capable of
defending themselves. So in this case, it’s the mind that’s malfunctioning
instead of the body. And this distinction is important, though right now is
seemingly unrelated. We’ll get to that in a moment, but I have some other things to
cover first. Now as of current, there’s only two confirmed ways that you can
become Corrupted. If you were hit with the light from The Damage of the
Diamonds back during the Gem War, or if you were fused with an already Corrupted
Gem. It’s implied that Corruption functions like a virus, overtaking and
Corrupting the “files” of a Gem’s mind. This is what causes them to stop working
properly, and is why Garnet refers to it as a “tear in the mind”. This is why it
would make sense that the Damage of the Diamonds affected all Gem’s that it
touched, but failed to afflict Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Rose and Bismuth. It
failed to affect Garnet, Pearl and Rose because of Rose’s shield. It failed to
affect Amethyst, because she was being protected by the ground that she was
being incubated in. And it failed to affect Bismuth, because she was poofed
and protected by her bubble. They didn’t come into contact with the
virus, and so they managed to avoid becoming infected. And going off of this
same logic, this is why Jasper was able to contract and become Corrupted herself.
She fused with a Corrupted Gem, allowing her own gem stone to become susceptible
to the virus. When you become a fusion, you’re no longer individuals. Your fusion
becomes one person: A representation of your relationship with whomever you’re
fused with. Because they momentarily shared each other’s thoughts and
feelings, Jasper was exposed to the memory they had of Corruption. And
therefore, was exposed to that same light and sound that the Gem who she was
fusing with had experienced thousands of years ago. That memory couldn’t be unseen,
and was therefore passed along to Jasper, who ended up being Corrupted as well. In
her anger, Jasper self-inflicted trauma upon herself,
that ended with her becoming Corrupted. Had she not been so angry and let her
rage consume her, she never would have become Corrupted. Anger which, should be
giving you Deja Vu at this point. Now, while these are the known ways a Gem can
become Corrupted, that’s not to say that there aren’t other ways that we just
haven’t seen yet. Even if we wanted to follow strictly by Canon rules, and say
that a Diamond needed to cause it, we already have some evidence that there is
more than just those two ways to become a Corrupt Gem. In the Steven Universe:
Future episode “Volleyball”, it’s revealed that the crack on Pink Pearl, or
Volleyball’s face, was caused by Pink Diamond. While this clearly wasn’t a
calculated attack from Pink Diamond towards her Pearl like the Damage of the
Diamonds was, it still has a similar effect. Pink Diamond threw a temper
tantrum and accidentally screamed and hurt Volleyball, traumatizing her. While
at the Pearl Repair Center, the AI in charge of repairing the damaged Pearl’s
even remarks that Volleyball’s gemstone is physically fine, it’s her psyche
that’s damaged and is manifesting in a physical injury. While Volleyball still
maintains her humanoid form, there is still a physical abnormality on her face.
This abnormality doesn’t inhibit how she functions, and she still doesn’t glitch
or malfunction like cracked Gems do. Her damage is confirmed to be psychological,
hinting at it being more akin to Corruption. Like Corruption, mental
illness is a sickness. Her trauma from being hurt by somebody who she was close
with is manifesting as a physical ailment, but isn’t inhibiting her Gem’s
physical function, like a crack or being shattered would. This implies that what
Pink Pearl is suffering from is a form of Corruption, though it isn’t as
outwardly obvious as the other Gems who are suffering from it. You also need to
keep in mind that the Damage of the Diamonds was caused by three Diamonds,
and not just one. Which is why from a lore aspect, putting all symbolism aside,
her injuries may not seem overtly similar. Or, we could also infer that the
type of trauma that they have could manifest in different ways. Pink Pearl
has a crack on her face, making it look like she was hit, because her trauma was
related to her being hurt by someone who she cared about. Gem’s Corrupted in the
Gem War may have turned into monsters, because their trauma was related to
Earth, organic life and war. Hence their monstrous
forms that can fight and easily intimidate. Corruption can just be a name
put to trauma or psychological damage, and isn’t just one defining instance
that always looks the same. This could explain the difference between
Volleyball and an Earth Corrupted Gem. Now, this raises the question: Steven is
a Diamond, so is he susceptible to Corruption, and could he Corrupt himself?
Yes and no. Yes in that the Diamonds aren’t immune to becoming Corrupted, and no in
that he’s causing it to himself. You need to keep in mind that Steven had a very
traumatic childhood. From a very young age, he was thrust into an ongoing War
that was the consequence of his Mother’s actions. He was forced to deal with
problems that someone his age shouldn’t have to deal with, and found out things
about his family members that were emotionally scarring. And on top of all
of that, he was constantly compared to his Mother by people who he cared about,
and felt like he could never measure up to her. He watched Jasper become
Corrupted, threw someone who tried to murder him into the vacuum of space, was
put on trial for his Mother’s War crimes, and then had his gem torn from his
stomach, and was left for dead. This kid has been
through a lot, and was dealing with it pretty well up until recently. Now that
things have calmed down and he’s run out of people to help, he’s being forced to
look back on and reflect on his own trauma. Trauma which he had pushed to the
back of his mind and tried to forget, because thinking about it causes him
immense emotional distress. He’s managed to ignore up until this point, but it’s
catching up with him and manifesting as the unwanted appearance of Pink Steven.
We know that Steven’s powers are controlled by his emotional state and
stability, and so were Pink Diamond’s. If he is unable to control his powers, that
comes from a place of him being mentally unstable. And that much is clear through
the appearance of Pink Steven, who only appears when he’s emotionally distraught.
Through the episode “Volleyball”, we learned that this came from a place of
anger, and caused things like destructive screams. We see this exact same thing
happening now with Steven. We also know that the physical scars can become worse,
depending on how the afflicted is dealing with their trauma. We see this in
two instances. One with Volleyball when she’s confronted about her injury, and
the second time with Jasper’s Corruption scene. While it may be possible that Jasper fully Corrupted because she was already in the process
of doing so, it could have also been that she caused it to progress faster, because
of how worked up she was getting over Pink Diamond while reprimanding Steven.
This also begs the question if a Gem can Re-Corrupt itself, if they have a
relapse and stop coping in a healthy way. If corruption can worsen or quicken
based on the way the afflicted is coping with it, then we have our answer on what
causes Steven to Corrupt. He very obviously is having a difficult time
with his trauma, and I don’t think that it’s too far-fetched to say that if he
loses control of his powers due to unstable emotions, that it can lead into
Corruption. This is why the introduction of Jasper and the first episode was so
important, and served as an unspoken cautionary tale, as well as foreshadowing.
While Jasper was Corrupted because she fused with a Corrupted Gem, it was her
anger that got her to that point. Her trauma of going through war, and having
lost a leader she admired. Her trauma of being trapped at the bottom of the ocean
as a toxic fusion, and then being beaten multiple times by a fusion. All of this
got to be too much for her, and she became angry and stopped coping in a
healthy way. So while yes, she was Corrupted as a result of fusing, she was
also Corrupted as a result of her anger and impulse to act on that decision. Her
inclusion in this epilogue series, and her inclusion in Steven’s story, perhaps
hint at the road that he is currently headed down. A road of impulsive and
self-destructive decisions, that are taken when the trauma becomes too much
to handle. The reason Jasper has something to teach
Steven, is because she’s been down this road. Where she couldn’t deal with the
events from her past, and that ended in angry outbursts that became
self-destructive in the end. It would be logical to assume that if this were the
case, if Steven were to Corrupt himself from being unable to control his
emotions, he could also Un-Corrupt himself by calming down and facing his trauma.
And it isn’t just thematically that this theory makes sense, it does from a
lore perspective as well. People often forget that Steven is a Diamond. So even
if Corruption were to only be given from a Diamond, it’s still possible even with
this context. Now of course beyond this thematic analysis, there are other little
hints and bits of foreshadowing sprinkled throughout the show. Just like
there was with the Rose/Pink Diamond reveal. The first and most obvious is
the shows consistent mention of Sneople. Now, as it has been speculated upon in
multiple instances, Sneople could be the creators of the Diamonds, or another race
of aliens entirely. And while this could be true, it seems to imply that Sneople
was actually referring to what Steven’s Corrupted form looked like. He’s a Human/Gem hybrid, which is where the snake person or “Snearson” term comes from. The
human half being, well, the human half. And the Gem half being referred to as the
snake half. So yes, Sneople technically an entire different race of
alien, because the only Snearson who exists is a hybrid. He isn’t a Gem, and he
isn’t a Human. This isn’t the only hint that we’ve gotten in terms of the giant
worm and the intro being Steven’s monstrous form. There were also a few
visual cues that we were given as well, one of the first being in the episode
“Keep Beach City Weird”. Steven dresses up as a Snearson to cheer up Ronaldo, and is then kidnapped for observation. The Gems later jump in
and save him, exclaiming that they want Ronaldo to “give them back their Steven”.
This could be foreshadowing to how the Gems feel like they don’t know Steven
anymore, as expressed in the episode “Snow Day.” Steven is becoming a person they no
longer recognize, and they could express that concern to him in a future episode.
In lesser instances of possible foreshadowing, Steven can be seen in a
caterpillar sleeping bag in the episode “Same Old World”, and in “An Indirect Kiss”,
Pearl mentions how he was crying about how snakes have no arms. There’s also the
imagery on a dollar bill that has a Diamond and a snake on it. For a series
that has yet to show an actual Snearson, there sure is a lot of snake
related imagery and references. There’s also the episode “Gemcation”, where Pearl
is attacked by a snake called “Party Guy”, while they’re on vacation. This could
perhaps be hinting at the incoming fight that the Gems will have to have when
they’re fighting Steven. There is also the fact that if you look at the unknown
worm-like creature in Future’s introduction, they and Steven both have
similar facial structures. Their noses are identical, and you can see a much
more rigid looking Steven facial structure. In addition to that, it looks
as though the worm is pink and their spikes look like a rose’s thorns. Perhaps
symbolic of the fact that a lot of Rose’s problems and insecurities were passed
down to her son, and have now caused him to
develop his own host of problems that make him push others away and hurt them
if they get too close. Whether or not the scenes of the past hint at the scenes the
future is up for debate, but one thing is certain. Steven’s past is catching up with him, and one way or another, he is going to
need to confront it. So whether you believe Steven is going to end up
Corrupting, or whether you believe it isn’t him and he’s just going to
straight-up die in the end, let’s just all agree on one thing.
Steven needs therapy. And with all that said, I’m going to end off today’s video.
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  1. Idk to me jaspers corruption seemed much less like an std and much more like someone losing their sanity due to repeated rejection… Kinda like those people who go on killing sprees cause they were rejected one too many times at school… Even a corrupted monster wanted nothing to do with her, she didnt have her diamond to go back to, no friends, her mission failure woulda made her a laughing stock if not got her rejected from going back to homeworld if she wasnt punished for the failure she was at a place where she was absolutely alone after always being looked up to for being so amazing. Id say that was reasonable enough to self corrupt without the need for the std theory, being rejected by even a corruption would have just been the tipping point.

  2. But maybe, since Steven is a Diamond and the Diamonds are LEGENDARY beings, then his corrupted form might be a DRAGON or a DRAGON SNAKE.

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    You brought up strong asf points and I also can't figure out what else could make that worm unless he decided to take care of insects and accidentally spit on a worm. Or accidentally killed a worm and tried to Revive it using his healing spit. OK thanks

  7. Steven doesnt even need to corrupt to become wormyboi. We see all the way back in like s1, through the episode ‘so many birthdays’ that steven can shapeshift against his will according to his mental state and self image. If steven starts to believe he’s responsible for all these new problems and cant fix them, then he may view himself as a monster. He don’t even need corruption to reflect his mindset there.

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  9. I never saw Jasper fusing with a corrupted gem as a virus spreading. I saw it has she had sunken so low as to fusing with something that was incapable of understanding why. I thought that was what corruption was, yes the diamonds, and also sinking so low in such a messed up mental and emotionally state that you’re form and your mind can’t take it anymore and you become corrupted

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