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Hi, I’m Amanda Olson from; I’m a doctor of physical therapy, and a certified pelvic floor rehabilitation specialist. A common question that we are asked at Intimate Rose about our vaginal dilators is, “How do they help with vaginal pain during intercourse?” The answer to that is that the vaginal dilators, which we’re now actually referring`to as vaginal trainers, are used to help train both the brain and the muscles to be able to relax in order to accommodate an item coming into the vagina. So, whether your goal is to be able to tolerate a medical exam or use a tampon or to be able to have sex, the vaginal trainer is an item that is used to help train your body to be able to tolerate that. The purpose of the vaginal trainer is not to just get in there and break up scar tissue if you’ve had radiation or surgery, or to stretch out muscles that are tight and spasmed. The purpose of the trainer is to train the brain to relax the pelvic floor muscles. So here’s the pelvis. Here is the superficial layer of the pelvic floor muscles. What you can see here is we have the urethra, the vagina and the rectum. Everything that you see in red here is a layer of musculature. And then, likewise, we have a deep layer inside that backs up to that superficial layer. So, those two layers of muscles oftentimes are experiencing spasms, tightness, guarding, in women that have pain with sex. It’s not something they’re doing on purpose. Or women in general, they’re not purposely clenching; they’re not often aware that clenching is happening, until they try to have intercourse, or use a tampon, and it feels like nothing can get in. It’s very painful, and also very, very stressful, and distressing. The vaginal trainers come in graded sizes. These are the smallest four, here; the smallest being approximately one centimeter. And here are the largest four, the largest being approximately four centimeters. So there’s a progression of vaginal dilator to help you enter into the system where you are, and to gradually be able to train your body to tolerate larger items to meet your goals. The dilators themselves are made of a medical-grade silicone. There’s a unique finish on this that I made specifically for my patients. After a decade of clinical practice, treating women with vaginal pain, and pelvic pain, I recognized that what was on the market was either hard plastic or a sticky silicone that was not comfortable. This particular type of silicone eases the entry of the dilator during the training and the withdrawal. Also, it just is more comfortable all the way around. So for more training programs and a better understanding of how the vaginal trainers or dilators are used to help train the pelvic floor, you can visit our website at, where I have other videos that discuss training programs and how to further overcome pain with sex.

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  1. Primary Vaginismus.
    If you have it, then your body is NOT designed for sex.

    It is God's way of telling a woman that she is DESTINED to become a nun or celibate.
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  2. So you leave it in for 10-15 minutes. And what do you do for those 10-15 minutes? Stare at the ceiling and just wait? Try to masturbate with it?

  3. I have vaginismus and already 7 months since i knew it. I'm still using the dilator but sex is still painfull for me.

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