Huckabee: Impeachment leading to ‘landslide’ re-election of Trump

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  1. The impeachment horse isn't intended to throw President Trump. The aim is a steady drip-drip of propaganda to influence those who are not paying attention before the 2020 election. All on our dime.


  3. Why do stop and frisk and other positive law enforcement tools affect more "minorities" than any other demographic?
    Keep the policy in place, but randomly throw a few little grey haired old church ladies in there just to achieve social justice.

  4. How ignorant is Bloomberg to think he might have a 'snowball's chance in hell' against President Trump ? It's even possible that Elizabeth 'Prancing Squaw'' Warren (lol) has better odds !

  5. If any of the American public knew that we are paying for this charade, meanwhile the dems are doing nothing to progress this country into better living conditions, better roads, better programs, and everything else we the people elect these criminals to do, they would stop paying their taxes collectively!!!!!!!!!

  6. God has given us a delay in the total take over of the globalist agenda, as a Christian, I know that we are experiencing an attack on the New World Order agenda. God has put Trump in for such a time is this and God will do His mighty miracles to give those a chance to turn towards God. I believe that when the last of the harden hearts are saved, then will we see biblical calamity, destruction and devastation, for then we know that the Lord is near and we the saved, will all be in eternity with Jesus.

  7. I still think that Tulsi Gabbard is going to get the nomination. Hillary is done, even if she runs. Tulsi is a globalist, but the independents will vote for her unanimously. However, even though she is most likely the only candidate who has the looks, charisma, brains, and youth to run against Trump, Trump will win. Then I am making a prediction. That she gets a very high position in the next Trump cabinet. If you cannot win, join them! We'll see won't we?

  8. Dumbass Bloomberg should know that stop and frisk is totally LEGAL.  It has been upheld by SCOTUS.  He has no say in the matter.  He is a buffoon and a criminals best friend.


  10. The Democrats don't care about American people the American people don't care about them a d will vote them out in the next years to come!

  11. I gave up on my Democrat friends because they have been successfully conned and there is no persuading them otherwise. Divisive indeed!

  12. Seriously, EVERYBODY who believes this crap is out of there minds. Trumps base is truly mentally limited in there ability to comprehend facts. I’m sorry, let me put that in terms his base can understand… his base is simple minded….they are just dumb.

  13. BOOMBURGER, you stupid Old Jackass – You are high-lighting why Nancy is so stupid – OLD AGE – WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT YOU. YOU NEED FACElIFT!

  14. The Leftist Communist Democrats have ruined this country by selling it to the highest bidder. Bloomberg is a leftist Communist Democrat as is Pelosi and the Famous Schifty himself. Bloomberg paid for this whole scam during the Obama, Killery era which started it all. it is time for Prison sentences or firing squad.
    Taking America Back……TRUMP @ 2020.

  15. The sad thing about this whole ordeal is the Military top brass that was his so called Superiors gutlessly threw him under the bus instead of excepting their leadership responsibility and command of their post. myself being past Military i think this is completely disgusting on many levels.

  16. huck a bee are you blind didnt you see what happened at the midterms dont you see how Bernie is surging at the polls having hugh rallies trump doesnt stand a chance against Bernie especially at a debate Bernie will wipe the floor with trump

  17. I'm a total fake piece of s*** I knew what I was doing back then but I just didn't care now I'm trying to run for president and I want you to vote because I'm a piece of s***

  18. I'm a law abiding citizen, and I hated it. You ever have a cop just look at you and assume you did or are doing something wrong then you know how it feels.

  19. I agree that the dems are only hurting themselves. They are too stupid to realize it. They are so focused on impeachment they see nothing else.

  20. My landlady wants me to move out because she saw the make America great committee mail and the Trump for president mail because I donate to President Trump's re-election. she seen it and now she wants me to move out. She won't admit that's that is the reason but she doesn't have a legitimate reason so yeah I would say it's fracturing this country. I don't have to leave I could fight her on it but you know what I don't want to be somewhere where I'm not wanted so I'm just going to leave but I'm going to leave at my convenience

  21. But Bloomberg apologizing sounded very moving, because it was honest. I wouldn’t dismiss him that way. Bloomberg is the intelligent worldly guy , guns 💪 and this kind is not his thing . He doesn’t understand why so many ( little dicks ) need to empower themselves with guns. Because brains doesn’t work? Are we in Wild West forever, or what ?

  22. It won’t be a landslide if complacent folks dont go vote nor will it be with dishonest votes… praying for our current POTUS. He is a gift from God!🙏

  23. Back then Bloomberg was focused on saving lives,  that's what he apologized for…..guess that means he no longer cares about saving lives….what is the matter with him (Bloomberg)….why would anyone want someone in the Whitehouse that doesn't care about saving lives?   He just admitted he's not fit to hold the White house?  Another Left Wing Politically Correct Moron.

  24. NYPD is exactly the same Great bosses start the pursuit of the Oak leafs, Eagles and Stars and sell their souls for the next rank. Thank God not all or the ship would capsize I don’t know how the recently retired Commissioner can look in the mirror after fronting for De Blasio

  25. What happened 12 months ago 18 even six months ago why didn't you come out and say something or let me take a guess because you're running for president and you know it ain't what's your constituents want you to be known as you say I'm sorry we'll sorry don't pay the Bulldog b**

  26. This shamefull and unconstitutional attempt at impeaching Trump will guarantee his re-election in a landslide. The Democrats are just desperate to win next year. That's all there is to it.

  27. These Dems are EVIL & we all must vote them out of the office from your hometown to the Capital! Our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS & our Liberal civilities are what should be important. Us Americans need to UNITE AS AMERICANS first & continue to speak out against the corruption. These dirty politicians are trying to obtain power and refusing to do what they were voted for. None ok the left have done any work what so ever. All they have done for 3 years is OBSESS OVER a duly election & it's disgusting. Stop attacking the President & his supporters. God Bless America! 🇺🇸✝️✝️🇺🇸

  28. I tryed to get Barry SAETOROS born in Kenya impeached. Called the FBI many times to report he never showed proof of birth in the United States. To run for president.let alone be president. Election fraud and treasons .in 2014. It was proven fact he was born in Kenya.not the USA.. Look at the constitutional crises we are in today because of. I see Barry SAETOROS born in Kenya I'm going to try killing him for many treasons. He committed. For my gaurrenteed constitutional justice..

  29. Steve D. and his son are two of THEE most HANDSOMEST news guys of ALL time. No slight to Ainsley or Peter or Huck. You can tell those "AMERICAN" BOYS are related!

  30. No Presidents have been Impeached Mr Democrat? False, two Democrats have been Impeached…what we have not have is an impeachment resulting in removal from office.

  31. One reason Pelosi and Schiff will get re-elected is that I don't see viable Republicans running for their seats. Imagine, California, a financial powerhouse, on the conservative side.

  32. Focusing on crime, what a mistake. Please try to not disrespect the criminals or the group who suffers from the reputation that they give them.

  33. GZR RZG
    These Democrats are destroying are country with their identity politics, victim mentality, politically correct nonsense!
    Just look at The homeless and drug infestation in California, Baltimore, etc that’s the reflection of Democrats policy!

  34. I agree with Governor huckleberry100% !!! God Bless You and yours Sir. President Trump For Office 2020 USA Amen let's Continue to Drain the swamp In Jesus name Amen USA

  35. Bloomberg has evil eyes. He is Illuminati you dumb snowflakes out there. He is the very type person you all rant about!!!!!

  36. Bloomberg will apologize for being white, Old, and Filthy rich, before his sad run is over! I'll bet you a six pack of soda or beer! Any takers?

  37. Yes Huckabee!!! Thank God for this President, who is not afraid to do what is right even when it's not popular!

  38. Bloombburg was a lousy mayor that only cared about the rich. He claims he turned bad areas into affordable housing. That is a flat out lie. He made many homeless people is what he did.

  39. The damage is done bloomberg no sorry needed you went too far and now it's too late. Plus the fact that your apologizing now shows your true colors another politician willing to say whatever it takes to get votes you'll never win against the boss sorry you eft up

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