Hugh Jackman's Opening Number: 2009 Oscars

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  2. My first time to see this and I fell in love with Hugh Jackman again — saw him in The Greatest Showman. He is really great!!

  3. > The Dark Knight
    > Slumdog Millionaire
    > Iron Man
    > Synecdoche, New York
    > Wall-E
    > Funny Games
    > Milk
    > The Wrestler
    > Revolutionary Road

    …and Hugh Jackman's stunning Oscars opening.

    Seriously…2008 was the year of the Cinephile. Everything was PERFECT.

  4. The best Opening No ever. Look at the smiles on every one faces when he finished and everyone stood up.

    I bet the people who were nominated but didn’t win this year went home with a smile and peace on their faces.

  5. I was young when this aired so I don’t remember it but I’m actually amazed by this performance…. he was so dedicated to it omg

  6. I can just imagine Anne taking notes, thinking 'one day when I'm going to host, I'm going to outdo him by a THOUSAND!"
    And then that happened.

  7. I really love the fact that he started combing his hair at 6:26 just to make it look like wolverines hair!😂😂😂

  8. Well he certainly didn't miss any available drama classes growing up did he! It was the perfect stage act performed in front of a billion viewers. Demonstrated poise, balance, choreography, timing, delivery, comic sense, strength, agility and all while singing for nearly 8 minutes. There is only one Hugh Jackman and you are The Wolverine.

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