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I mean sometimes people mumble that's fine but at least Biden can complete sentences and speaks intelligently unlike the current president so a little mumbling compared to what we've had in the White House for the last two years means is it's me it's better to mumble than be candid mmm it's better to mumble than be candid yes Keon Beck see here for rebel news in New York City just outside of Joe Biden's campaign stop where he's one of you talking about foreign policy something that he hasn't touched on too much in this campaign and he is the front one of the front runners if not the front runner of the Democratic presidential nomination so everyone's gonna be interested to hear what he has to say I'm gonna head into the building and see if I can get in with the rest of the media here today so Joe Biden started this event with not much ceremony he walked in there was a bit of applause with the small crowd in the top of this graduate students tower here in New York City there was no national anthem saying it certainly wasn't like the arena's of people that President Donald Trump brings out to his announcements um there were some gaps in this speech he you know he was coughing a lot he was mumbling a lot I was i heard reports on twitter that he was aging and you know wasn't able to get his message across and articulate himself very well and that turned out to be quite true there were times when it appeared he was quite tired he was stumbling over his words you can see for yourself we believe in free speech that's why when the gag rule the Global gag rule prevents money from getting in NGOs we have to be honest about our trade policy has started home by strengthening by strengthening by entity this asset the middle class for when it does well everyone does well he has he has I don't know how to say it from he's alienated us we need to work again with Kenya and Mexico as neighbors not as advertised as emissaries like 5g artificial intelligence now he was rushed out without speaking to media I don't know why I don't know if he's scared of the media here in New York but he certainly wasn't open to chatting his agents brought him into the back door and whisked him away I wasn't able to ask him much but I was able to ask attendees what their thoughts were on this announcement or lack thereof he didn't really speak much about anything he kind of rambled on on and on and on but didn't really come to any sort of thesis or or a foundational platform plank that he was announcing he just sort of talked a little bit about everything so I'm gonna ask the attendees here what they took away from it Joe Biden's foreign policy announcement can you tell me what was the take away from it what did he plans but what was the view what was the takeaway the takeaway is that it and that domestic policy has to also work toward foreign policy and vice versa and for that you need to share it with everyone and everybody including the middle class so he gave he elevated the middle class to an important role within the foreign policy context I was more interested in learning about his plans to Latin America and Mexico specifically can you tell me what did he just announce well he just announced that he's going to restore essentially diplomacy to the world kind of return us to the Obama era because Trump has unfortunately alienated a lot of our allies and has coddled with dictators and I think Biden's got a good set of prescriptions for the country and for the world what was the announcement he spoke about more unity and what we have to do is re-establish our our place in the world that we have been diminished so much by the Trump administration that nobody believes us anymore and nobody we have absolutely zero credibility and he's going to reestablish that were you concerned with how much he was mumbling no I wasn't because I think that it could be a strength just because one of the things that people love about Trump is that he goes off script and is not very poised and polished and he kind of just does his own thing and I think binding is a perfect example of that I mean sometimes people mumble that's fine but at least Biden can complete sentences and speaks intelligently unlike the current presidents so a little mumbling compared to what we've had in the White House for the last few years means is it's me it's better to mumble than be candid mmm it's better to mumble than be candid yes what was his announcement he wanted to make sure that America was going to be more inclusive within the world restoring democracy through increased partnerships was the main takeaway that I got from the speech how was he gonna do that he said that within his first year he was going to be holding a summit with other world leaders and then another summit with other world leaders democracies to increase the democratic backside that's been so prevalent across Europe and then also told another one to hold climate change polluters accountable what is he gonna do exactly he's going to re-establish our ties with our with our allies and not alienate people by tweet and speak to them and speak to them as as they deserve to be spoken to not be spoken down to the way they have been doing so his foreign policy announcement can be summed up by he will not tweet as much well he'll treat treat our allies with respect and be harder on the people who are be not not with the oleg arks and not with the people who are against us and we won't be sucking up to the people who are against us and he'll be more powerful by by our allies instead of alienating around I mean I know it's difficult to address like all issues at one point I did I was expecting a little bit more of development in that regard but I guess learn oh is he different than the rest of the Democratic candidates I mean all of them would say the same thing let's restore America at all in the world stage let's restore diplomacy did he say anything about specifics about how he would do that well I think he's different because he's actually done it he's the only person on that's on that stage who's been a vice president who's been a part of the one of the most progressive administration's in our country's history i he was very instrumental with a lot of Obama's policies he was right beside Obama for eight years I disagree with some of them up Obama's policies – but he has actually done it people like Bernie Sanders well what they say sounds good to some unfortunately he hasn't really done much when you look up his record in the Senate he's only gotten a few bills that he started that he started passed through the Senate and knows bills were not exactly humungous compared to some of the other things that the Senate does they had to do with more with post offices and renaming post offices now I think I might be more confused now than I was at the end of his speech after speaking with attendees it is clear that there was no thesis to this foreign policy announcement just platitudes and mumbling the people who received the message didn't really have a clear understanding of what this was about or what the purpose of it was everyone kind of took something different from it many people just took nothing at all from it the one thing I took from it was when Joe Biden said this no country even one as powerful as ours can go alone and the challenges of the 21st century that respect no borders and cannot be contained by any walls did you hear that he said he will not be respecting borders or walls how can a president how can a Canada be running for the presidency of the United States with messaging like that he went a little bit off script there I think I certainly don't think that that was a plan thing to say because that really pushes Biden pretty far left and he's been trying to ride the center throughout this campaign can you imagine in 2019 in 2020 having a president who says that they don't care about the southern or the northern border for that for that matter it's unbelievable now keep in mind this former vice president now presidential candidate will be 79 years old if he is ever sworn in as president of the United States putting him at 83 at the end of his term it's pretty old if I do say so myself and it might be the cause of some of his coughing and mumbling and him being quite incoherent throughout the speech and not being able to convey a message and communicate effectively with his voters and his supporters most importantly I think it's gonna cause him some problems throughout this campaign so we'll have to be watching carefully just as we were watching Hillary Clinton four years ago for the rebel doubt media I'm Quillan back soon hey thanks for watching our coverage here at Joe Biden's foreign policy announcement if you want to stay up to date with everything as it happens be sure to follow me on Twitter at the real key in you

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  1. Whoever is running the P.A. system wasn't using a good wireless microphone system that is able to power through the downtown N.Y.C. radio interference. Usually a good old hardwired vocal microphone, or several, are used in conjunction with the wireless mics for redundancy. It's also wise to use two wireless microphone packs on very different frequencies to give the operator options in a difficult area, as well as placing the receiving stations for those wireless packs just behind the speaker, directly behind the curtains, with an unabstructed pathway between the antenna of the transmitter and receiver. Keeping that system under twenty feet will give you unlimited success in the 9th percentile, and adding fresh batteries before the speaker hits the stage is a must, and a thorough "ringing out" of the complete system is essential prior to the room being occupied. Severe problems with wireless can often be solved with a boosted antenna set, that sets the speaker in a box of near perfect radio reception. That said, preparation, time on sight, more P.A. and headroom than you need, and an R.T.A. (real time analyzer), and a couple of good old Shure 58 microphone, and a previous onsite survey of the room you will be using will alleviate many of your fears and anxiety..

  2. Poor joe is wasting his time and energy, infact joe looks like he has no more energy and health my concern.

  3. Joe Biden is a UN New World Order puppet! https://www.google.com/amp/s/newspunch.com/joe-biden-love-new-world-order/amp/

  4. OMG, the Dems are sooooooooooooo screwed!!!!!!!! Biden is soooooo past his ,good by date, I can smell the decay from here;
    Put a tag on their toe and send them to the morgue;

  5. With a COMMENT like I DO NOT RESPECT BORDERS should discount this BIDEN from running!! Mind you there are a HOST OF OTHER DEMOCRATS WITH EQUALLY DISASTEROUS COMMENTS!! HOW can any AMERICAN vote for people that will GET RID OF THE BORDERS!!!

  6. These people are gone .. delusional … insane .. and newsflash to demonrats, millions around the world LOVE DJT .. and the comment on addressing the "democratic backslide" in Europe says it all .. we can't have people fighting for their freedom, countries and culture against the authoritarian elite now can we!

  7. I would never want this guy to negotiate against China or Russia. I’d rather say how many billions do you want instead of when are you to start paying us what you owe us?

  8. No borders is like no fence or front door on your house. Bet Biden has a fence door and even security.

  9. Go to China and waltz on in and I bet ya they teach ya a little about respect for borders ole chap. Lol…Or Russia or any other Nation for that matter.

  10. In order to be coherent, I suspect he will take down any wall, alarm, door and windows in his house. Not borders right?

  11. I am from Africa and in every Africa country we believe in Strom borders, strong borders mines strong country and save society!


  13. A country without borders is no country at all. We must defend America’s borders and right to exist.

  14. “Return us to the Obama era “? Stop right there…..”Obama’s Progressive Presidency “ is code for no boarder, globalism.

  15. To much xanex, antidepressants …maybe a few uppers,too. You know….sleepy Joe ….almost painful to watch….almost.

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