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(triumphant music) (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Welcome
back to the Baby Games. We’ve got it all for ya. The struggles. Oh, the intensity. The triumphs. First up, gymnastics. The American. Working it. Just look at that concentration. 10 meter toddle. One of the marquee
events at any Baby Game. (start gun firing) And there they go. China running away with it. (crowd cheering) Oh, it looks like he’s stuck on the line. And here comes Argentina on the outside. But China does it for gold. (crowd cheering) Back to gymnastics. Japan on the rings. Pressure has never been higher. (crowd groaning) What an effort. Now the American. The dismount. Nailed it. (crowd cheering) Gold for the US. Over to weightlifting. Argentina, can they do it? (crowd groaning) Oh, and it’s a heartbreaking result. (slow music) (triumphant music) Germany just showboating. Now onto our final event,
the three hurdle toddle. (start gun firing) And there they go. A little unorthodox. France having some trouble
on the last hurdle. Oh, and it’s incredible. It’s gold for France. Watch all your favorite Olympic moments on the Olympic Channel,
where the games never end. (short upbeat music)

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  1. I died of cuteness overload!!!!!!😍 x.x awwwwwwwwWwwwaAAaaaAWAAWAWAWAEAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    mE sew werd

    Bye 0_0

  2. View the full version here on here please see if there are a lot more details to the world or where to start and Logan is going through a very busy week and you can I will you get to the world cup of coffee at home tonight to

  3. 0:25 in a bad mood because mom didnt let her two bottles of milk. She had only one. Shame on you mom!

  4. This video is age restricted so the babies in the video can see themselves only in a few years to avoid an awkward conversation with their parents

  5. This was cute, the Olympics isn't! There are buildings across earth now that can host indiv. sports, with maybe one new facility funded for a city that doesn't have one already in poorer nations, it should be hosted across these venues rather than one city being economically burdened for decades! Stop Olympic bullying of tax payers! The ever more revealing costumes are undignified too.

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