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in the post-watergate reform atmosphere in washington in the 1970s the inspector general Act was passed in 1978 requiring departments to have an inspector general someone who would investigate what that department is actually doing and tell the truth that is what inspector general's are supposed to supposed to do and that is what the Inspector General of the Homeland Security Department did today condemning the dangerous overcrowding and prolonged detention of children in Border Patrol facilities in the Rio Grande Valley Jennifer L Costello the acting Inspector General did something unusual in a government memo she actually signed her name to it right there on the front now you don't see that very often in government memos because it's not necessary that seems to be Jennifer Costello's way of claiming this as her own perhaps saying if the president's gonna fire someone for writing this report it's going to be me Jennifer Costello has been here before she has told the hard truth before in an inspector general's report under great pressure when she worked in the Obama administration Jennifer Costello was in the Office of Inspector General in the State Department in the Obama administration and she was the team leader on the State Department's inspector general report on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's emails that came out in the last year of the Obama administration and that report said that a minimum Secretary Clinton should have surrendered all emails deep dealing with department business before leaving government service and because she did not do so she did not comply with the department's policies that were implemented in accordance with the federal Records Act a lot of Democrats didn't want to read that report three years ago when Jennifer Costello's team delivered it and no Republicans and especially no one in the Trump White House is going to want to read Jennifer Costello's report today which she labeled an emergency management alert saying in the first line in italics DHS needs to address dangerous overcrowding and prolonged detention of children and adults in the Rio Grande Valley Jennifer Costello's team has been doing spot inspections of southern border facilities and no one can stop them from taking pictures the first picture in the report shows the overcrowding of families on June 10th at the McAllen Texas Border Patrol station these second pictures are taken the next day at the same Border Patrol station this third picture of overcrowding of families is on June 11th at the West Lock o Texas Border Patrol station other pictures show standing room only for adult males this picture shows 88 adult males held in a cell with a maximum capacity of 41 some signaling prolonged detention to the inspector general staff observed by the inspector general at the Border Patrol's Fort Brown station the Inspector General's report quotes one official calling the situation quote a ticking time bomb the inspector general's report says children at three of the five border patrol facilities we visited had no access to showers despite the standards requiring that reasonable efforts be made to provide showers to children approaching 48 hours in detention we observed that two facilities had not provided children access to hot meals as required by the standards some single adults were held in standing-room-only conditions for a week and at at another some single adults were held more than a month in overcrowded cells we are concerned that overcrowding and prolonged detention represent an immediate risk to the health and safety of DHS agents and officers and to those detained the Inspector General's report confirmed what we saw yesterday captured on video by Democratic congressman Joaquin Castro at the border station in Clint Texas and reported by this 12 year old girl who was held at that border in Clint Texas for almost two weeks who says they slept on floors were not allowed to play and were locked up if they cried for their parents today more members of Congress visited the facility in Homestead Florida that holds the largest number of unaccompanied minors in the country it is a for-profit business called the homestead shelter and one of the big profit ears of that business is former White House chief staff and former Trump's Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly who was on the board of the company that is raking in profits by locking up children here's what some members of Congress had to say we've talked to the doctors who said they're seeing rising cases of influenza strep throat fevers the children are arriving here what I saw in there is not anything that I would want for my children and if I don't want it for my children then it's it's not okay for anyone else's children god help us off if this is what Americans do congresswoman Frederica Wilson of Florida said this when I tried to go into the dormitory that houses the girls they said to me they were in intake and it might be dangerous or contagious that's what they said to me so I'm staying because I want to see what's dangerous what is contagious because I do not believe them leading off our discussion now is Democratic congresswoman Frederica Wilson from Florida she led that congressional delegation to inspect the Homestead Florida facility for children also with us Democratic congressman Nanette beragon from California who visited the detention facilities in El Paso and Clint Texas yesterday and congresswoman Wilson I'd like to begin with you that you that's your area in southern Florida what did you find there at this largest facility of holding children in the United it's well I found an overcrowded place that children have no place being there beds stacked up on each other bunk beds where the children can barely walk right across the hall from adolescent girls or adolescent boys and when they need to use the bathroom at night they have to go outside to pour the toilet and you know it rains in Florida almost every evening and God forbid in the wintertime so people were walking around this facility with masks on their faces and I couldn't understand that I'm sure it made the children feel so uncomfortable and I had been there for hours and I kept saying where are the adolescent girls let me see the adolescent girls because I am concerned about their well-being and what kind of help they are getting in addressing moving from girlhood to womanhood and no one showed me the girls I saw a group of girls in a classroom maybe 30 but I they have seven hundred girls in this facility and I wanted to see them I wanted to talk to them I wanted to touch them I wanted to question them and find out how they were getting along so when it was time to go I said I am NOT leaving this place until I see every single girl in this facility regardless of whether it's intake whether there are diseases whatever is there I want to see the girls so when I went in to see the girls I was astonished at the living conditions the bunk beds the staff wearing masks in all of the upper echelon of the facility are men not one single one of them speaks Spanish and the three top people who worked there three months ago three women who speak Spanish were terminated and I asked them why were these women terminated why they no longer hid they pretended as if they didn't know who I was talking about but I had their names and then they said all she wanted to move she wanted to go this place profit and greed it's what that's what's happening at the homestead facility profit and greed and they're just accepting children and squeezing them and it's the only private institution in this nation so we don't have the same latitude of inspection that we have in all of the other facilities and the poor children don't go to school they have school in the facility and the protesters outside said when the children come outside congresswoman Wilson we have never seen a girl outside we get up on a ladder and we watch the boys play we have never seen a girl so this is very disturbing to me and I'm gonna stay on this and find out what is going on with these girls in this facility because we have the Super Bowl coming up in 2020 right here in Miami and I don't trust that facility I don't trust people with adolescent girls and the kurtzman Berrigan how does that compare to what you saw on your visits well when I went down there this time oh there wasn't that many people they actually said to me you came at the wrong time now when I went three months ago we saw overcrowding people crammed into cells we did see a group of women that were crammed into a cell at the El Paso border station that's where you saw some footage of us talking to two women people being held there for 50 day 70 days women crying really begging for help completely unacceptable and the Homestead facility is an unlicensed facility we should certainly not be using unlicensed facilities and the other thing Lawrence I just want to mention happening down at the border and we saw this this weekend was we have saw a little boy he must have been four years old they locked up the kids at Clint so that members of Congress could not talk to them and so they locked these kids up this little boy saw us he ran up to the plexiglass put his hands up as if he wanted to touch us and you can tell by his mouth he was asking for his dad it's just heartbreaking we should not be putting these kids in these cells in prison like settings the harm it's doing is unbelievable that we would do that in this in this country and so we need to continue to make sure that when Congress does provide funding do we have accountability provisions and then we have guardrails and that was not put into the dollars that were allocated in the last supplemental border bill and that's a real concern to me will Jennifer Costello the acting inspector general be called to testify to talk about the report that she issued today I hope so I serve on Homeland Security will certainly talk to the chairman and it seems like it's right for our committee to see certainly oversight I should take a look at it and this is not the first time the the report of report was done several months ago addressing overcrowding this report if you look at it says again as though this is happening again and you know one of the concerns that I have a Lawrence is whether this is whether this is just part of the disregard for treating people like humans the disregard for dignity and respect that everybody deserves it's happening to children it's happening to adults and it's completely unacceptable everybody should be outraged at the human rights abuses happening at the southern border and at these facilities well when Jennifer Costello was in the inspector general's office at the State Department the Republicans in the House of Representatives called her up to testify about Hillary Clinton's emails so I do hope that Democrats in the house will get her up there to testify about what she's written about today exposing these facilities congresswoman Frederica Wilson and congresswoman Annette Bergen thank you both very much for joining us tonight really appreciate thank you thank you my friend thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on the button below for more from the last word and the rest of MSNBC

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  1. Looks like the beginning stages of "AUSCHWITZ". They would gas them if they could get away with it. SAD TIMES my fellow AMERICANS

  2. I can not believe this guy still has a job… He has paralyzed the country at will…

  3. The neglect, mistreatment, and abuse of minors on our southern border continues under the Trump administration despite court intervention, leading to the deaths of a number of innocent children and untold harm to many others. For this alone Trump deserves impeachment.

  4. Traitor Trump admires brutal authoritarians so much, he's taken up operating his own concentration camps for immigrants. All heil Trump, dummkopfs!

  5. This Painted up Swamp Puppet is one of the reasons for problems at the southern border in the States.
    I think she missed her rodeo.
    Use Independent Media for Real News

  6. The other cruel, horrific part of Trump's immigration policy–not receiving the same critical attention it deserves as family separations–is the creation of artificial bottlenecks through "metering," forcing immigrants to wait interminably for processing across the border, causing many to alternatively resort to gaining entry through more dangerous terrain just to facilitate processing their legal requests for refugee asylum. This particular aspect of Trump's policy is leading to needless untold deaths and suffering to these immigrants which was always entirely preventable.

  7. Kellyanne Conway may be a mother, but don't leave your children with her. She's also a monster, defending horrific concentration camps for kids.

  8. "I'm in the lab all day, I scrabble all night
    I got a bedazzler so my outfit's tight"
    – Beastie Boys ("Shazam!")

  9. The penalty for all those migrants tortured by Trump inhumane and unjust policies, subject to cruel deprivations and punishing indefinite prolonged detentions under horrendous conditions, should be automatic citizenship. Watch how fast Trump fixes the problem!

  10. It's hard to say which is worse; is it Biggest Loser's constant depraved, foaming-at-the-mouth, incoherent rants against any and all opponents? The total disregard for truth, dignity of Office, decency, and laws? The complete corruption and total incompetence? Or, is it his utter subservience to–and deep admiration of–long-reviled brutally sadistic dictators? The mental incapacity and lunacy? The racism and bigotry? Why choose? Impeach.

  11. When a mentally ill individual is desperate for attention, even negative attention, they will stop at nothing. The psycho is enabled on a daily basis by the media reporting all his outrageous words and actions. So in that sense yes, he is a winner. The american people are the loosers here, let alone these poor refugees who are treated like pow.

  12. It's so simple. Build the wall, change policies, control the border, and then eliminate holding facilities.

  13. Not so long ago, at the end of World War 2, the Allies including the Americans made many uniformed and non- uniformed officials who followed orders blindly, pay heavily costing the law breakers their freedom and in many cases their lives. History has a habit of repeating itself.

  14. The part that's infuriating is that all of this is for profit. FOR PROFIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People are getting rich exacting intensely cruel acts upon these children.

  15. GOD please remove the Republican CULT! True American Patriots will vote Blue 2020 let us honest God Fearing people take the Senate too!

  16. You all are complaining about nothing. The Trump official said he looked at these children and they are all future gang members. Thank God for Trump and when we bomb Iran we are going to show the world how we deal with children.
    If we Make America Great Again we will not see people coming here. When America was great only true Americans ran everything. No Obama, no immigration, and no civil rights laws telling American people what to do. We now have a great leader that is not afraid to be politically incorrect. America needs to silence these liberals once and for all and get on with ruling the world. We owe it all to The Donald and our friend Putin. God bless America and our new best friend in North Korea.

  17. It would not be a surprise if we found out that some of these young girls are being trafficked – given Trump's associations with known human traffickers and child pornographers …

  18. I think also if you get did of made for profit prisons you will see a drastically drop in minorities being incarcerated . Tell me that their not being set up for crimes .

  19. I think that Trump and Stephen Miller should be brought up on human rights abuse as well as John Kelly.

  20. The girls have already been sold, they're in Florida they probably got shipped out to Fort Lauderdale that morning or probably weeks ago even.

  21. Why is that white host smiling? And who is this black lady? She speaks like a devil, she has no emotion in her words, and this just seems rehearsed and/or is just her reading off a script. Don't lie to us with parts of the truth, tell the whole uncensored truth.

  22. Since when are congress people denied access to US government facilities? A bunch of white men in charge of adolescent girls with no voice? Yeah right…has a real trumpian ring to it.

  23. am hoping democrats can count on asian and, hispanic support.then trump and,his syndicate need to be incarcerated in state prisons.not any cushy joint.

  24. Jennifer L Costello, I applaud you.. You deserve much respect.
    These are private facilities. They should not be indemnified as are federal facilities.
    Can we charge these people with child endangerment, or have we protected them like many military contractors.?.?

  25. Why am I not surprised that Racist Misogynistic John Kelly runs a warehouse for hundreds of Hispanic children where none of the staff speaks Spanish and only males need apply? What crimes are being committed against these adolescent girls beyond the obvious neglect and abuse?

  26. put republican leaderships grandchildren and children in those cages. can congress round up thegrand kids of right wing senators ,and leave them in there for like 5 years.

  27. Democrats in the house have to fund DHS for that to happen. The solution lies squarely on the shoulderless democrats.

  28. People forget that under Obama the senate had prepared a comprehensive bipartisan immigration bill and passed it. But a lengthy GOP obstructionist effort (Ryan) deliberately stalled and refused to table the bill in congress. Eventually when McConnell became senate leader he abruptly killed it and then turned his efforts to do same with Obamacare, but failed. The immigration travesty that we are left with since is the handiwork of the bumbling Joseph Goebbels of senior policy advisors to trump, Stephen Miller. This far-right political activist, erstwhile communications director for Jeff Sessions, is clearly behind the heartless, cruel and unjustified treatment of children at the US border where unavailing gestures of impotent hopes of desperately disadvantaged innocents are being buried in bureaucratic chaos over-set by heartless insolence. Miller’s evil rhetoric is fully manifested now in bloody criminal deeds callously perpetrated by the trump administration in plain sight.

  29. Please pronounce Weslaco correctly. You don't hit the second syllable, its all just one word. Don't make it sound like Wes LOCO!
    We need the town on our side on this issue, If we can't get the name right that is another strike against us.

  30. This is what the good German's must have felt when the Nazi's were taking friends away, ripping friends families apart, and not knowing what was happening to the people they cared about and others. You feel terrible and just want to break down the walls and save these poor tortured people. I once said to myself, we learned from the past and never would let something like this happen again. OMG. It is happening in the U.S. God help us fight these evil people.

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