Ilhan Omar

okay so I just want to do a general reading for Ilhan de Omar correct me cuz I'm gonna get this wrong what is on her head is it ha jieb is that what that's called it's not a scarf is not interpreted so it's called something else but I thought Ajit was like something that covers your completely I don't want to look at it so just drop that in the comments for me please but anyway I brought that up to say you know how Republicans are when they see a person with that on their mind goes straight to racism to xenophobia to she's a terrorist she's of this you know but she seems to just stoke so many negative reactions out of so many people ever since she sort of came on to the scene so I want to look at her political future what does it look like cuz her namesake has risen like she's everywhere now but not necessarily for the best of reasons like I thought Acacio Cortes was going to get the business but it seems like it's you and I have no opinion either way so I just want to see cuz you seem to just really draw the ire of so many people through your was the safe let's get going queen of wands Dino Cup 9 the Pentacles the lovers the empress two swords clean the sword for swords seven of cups clean the cups four of cups and strength that's what I thought because we're getting a lot of sort of domineering female energy she is sort of in the mindset I don't know if this is her but it doesn't collect it is that she has to be a powerful woman she has to be sort of masterful she has to act first teach you to fear fear as in reverence and respect and that hasn't be afraid of but to act first and force you to respect her is what I get cuz here's where we are here's the plan is off the ground what is this plan the first car we get is the queen of Wands this is a person of action right after that is the nine of cups and what is what is it that you want you have to go and get it right after that is the nine of Pentacles so we don't have the ten to ten we have the nine and the nine the nines I'm not a numerology version this is just saying this to me nine of cups is still working but gaining quickly so even though he's still working at it her primary goal is sort of achieved like you will respect you have no choice I'm not asking you to nine of Pentacles a person of spirit security and stability same thing I'm not asking you to I'm telling you to just a lover's cart this Bill's rooted like this is something her mother or a grand total to does the Empress card just comes from this was a lineage thing something that's a little more deeper someone did not raise her to be soft and pink they sort of raised her to be sort of hard and read the fear is indecision and sort of wishy-washy like she doesn't want to be the quiet age she doesn't want to be she doesn't want to come off as what's the word just indecisive but it's a subscriber word to use there she just doesn't want to come off as unsure of herself that's what I'm looking for this is the hopes she wants to be the Iron Lady Madame de fair this is in the environment now something about the four swords occurred to me the other day I was watching a reader online and they have the just like the traditional rider-waite deck and I was this thinking because the four swords means rest relaxation respite recharge the batteries rejuvenation but something occurred to me with this car is that it doesn't really feel like a person getting wrists it feels to me it has sort of them a vampire vibe to it and I'm gonna find another one that way I can explain it to you like an undead type of thing here's why I say this for swords meaning rest this person is not resting this is a mermaid then this deck they're all mermaids the polar bears snow bunnies snow wolves are there to let you know this person is encased in ice their swords are put down the battle is over time for hibernation like a deep rest but traditional writer wait this is a tomb this is not a golden person laying on a golden thing at least that's not what it looks like to me this is a church stained-glass window this is like a tomb like the person is deeply resting like dead rest in this deck the person is on their deathbed so it always just occurs to me when I see the four swords now I see it differently it seems like more of just a rest card it seems like a comeback from the brink of extinction card come back from the dead card now it just looks like you're just dead to me but the card sort of the card meaning sort of indicates that you will return but this sort of cryosleep creo Genesis sleep just suggests to me that this is something deeper than just rest this is I'm going to go and then return at a time that is better for me I'm going to go and not gather my strength really you could be gathering your strength I suppose but because that's what I see when I see the tomb like vampires don't rest because they're sleepy because they're dead first of all the regather strength they let the blood you know do what they would do what it does but this is just saying to me that politically she may have to she feels or this is something around her this is the environment saying that you may have to go and wait for time that is better for you right now may not be that time not why we have this person with the you know the Muslim band and all this type of things because you may be experiencing a level of hate that's unnecessary for you because you come in with the Iron Lady which is fine but you come in at a time that's probably not ready for you because there's the seven of cups you could be doing other things now do what you want first of all but just as a suggestion the word of warning however Queen the cups inside you is a person of is the girl is the more you know hair and makeup girl you don't want to be that person you're worthless all this is you will never be that person it doesn't appeal to you there's an offer to to be softer and maybe this is what's going on not necessarily that you need to go away but combine that with your word of Solace there may be people in your background or people in your ear people in your party telling you to be softer telling you to be kinder telling you to be a little more malleable telling you to be a little more democratic that doesn't appeal to you so you're not going to do it you prefer to lead with strength so politically that's where you are you want the room to respect you nothing wrong with that these people in your own party or telling you maybe you should be a little softer so king of cups so here's my advice to you on the bottom again my advice to you things in this world can exists without a balance they can human beings have no antimatter so we exist with no balance but things do not exist long without support with no balance so just keep that in mind it's okay to be the Iron Lady and it's not okay to be the Iron Lady and burn all your bridges keep that in mind

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  1. SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER PISSES OFF WHITEY. Nonetheless, religious indoctrination is too often dangerous and PATHOLOGICAL. Nonetheless, BE STRONG AND ASSERTIVE, NOT AGGRESSIVE. Promote SCIENCE over religious BIGOTRY and HYPOCRISY.
    Israel is taking advantage of the U.S.

  2. Gloria Steinam & Co. were told to be softer, African Americans were told to be softer, LGBT folk were told to be softer …. which is really the status quo saying 'Alright, I accept you — but on my terms' …. a response that wears thin and really fast. Rather than tell this woman to be softer, perhaps the Democratic Party needs to engage in a little naval gazing.

  3. Aryanna Presley has been tight with Ilhan Omar. GOP are afraid of Muslim. She gave up the secret that AIPAC has the officials swear allegiance to protecting Israel. I pray she stays safe.

  4. Hajib?! LOL….this tarot readings are so fake (planned) and totally a hoax.

    She's the UNTOUCHABLE congresswoman.

    She's too strong.

    She's too awesome.

    Rep. Ilhan Omar still rock !!!

  5. l like her. but she made me mad when she slammed obama that allways makes my blood boil!!!!! but i fear for her when she was getting death threats.i still like her but i. real sensitive when it comes to my president obama!

  6. Back in the 70's I had an art teacher ask the class if we felt that Israel had gotten all it was supposed to after WWII. I replied that they had been given a country and the way and means to commit war and they had been committing war ever since. It's 2019 and this still holds true.

  7. Great message. Hope she listens. We have so much to deal with that her adding unnecessary uproar is not appreciated. Thank you

  8. Hi TA. I’m really afraid for Rep Omar. The rhetoric coming from the racist right is very dangerous. Recently Meghan McCain has put a bigger target on her back by spewing her racist bs against Rep Omar. I really hope she comes to no harm and that her family stays safe.

  9. Let me first say…Respect is earned- Full Stop! No one is going to get respect, by trying to demand it. In fact, trying to do that, usually just pushes people away. You can not force anyone to respect you. I live in MN, (born & raised) although I’m not in her district. IMO, SHE comes across as having a big chip on her shoulder. She seems like she is always 30 seconds away from an altercation. She also comes across as repeatedly trying to provoke issues. No one wants to be around someone like that. It’s off putting, and reeks of emotional immunity. A person can be strong, defend themselves when needed, and advocate for changes, without being… well a bitch. She is too much of a certain way, and it turns people off. It’s too much, too soon. It’s like the first day of a new job, and you walk in with a chip on your shoulder, demanding to be respected, and acting like you need help from no one. Yet, then turning around, and being upset that people have ignored you! She will not get anything done in Congress with the way she has acted thus far.

  10. I honestly don't know much about her so this was interesting. I am glad that she has reached the position she has. The more diversity in our government the better. The more women the better. Especially women with differing backgrounds. Thanks for the reading.

  11. She is like a female version of Trump. She says all kinds of crazy things and provokes reaction. How the GOP can call her out and not Trump is hypocritical. I do think she needs to do more listening and less talking. She leads with her ego. She is new to her job and has a lot to learn. Make it less about herself and more about the people she represents.

  12. I'd love to contemplate those cards. With all due respect, Johnny. I'm having an FU moment. It happens – as you say, we live with imbalance – and women, especially women of color are expert at negotiating inequalities. Our readings are colored by our politics. HOWEVER, you can still be "sweet" and "soft" and appealing and still get shot in the face – ask Mallala the young Nobel Peace Prize winner who had the temerity to think girls should have an education. That was just too much for some people to handle. Christ gotta go to the cross, baby. Don't you know about your very presence being a crime? You don't have to be doing anything! So you might as well speak up, Congresswoman Omar! Good thing we got all these super s/heroes out here in the pop culture now. Maybe people will get use to seeing a woman with a sword and not just in Game of Thrones. This is for real.

  13. Domineering female energy? A lot of strong female figures in those cards and this lady strikes me as a strong female – not a dominatrix.

  14. people in the republican party should take the advice and reading you gave for Ilhan. do you thing girl

  15. Yes, sadly she is much aligned. Yet that's by ignorant, ill educated and fearful people, especially republicans. She is amazing.

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