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hello friends welcome to exam preparation in this session me gonna discuss some important news in India for February 2017 okay the news in the important news related to India so happened in India so let's quickly see the news but the important events personal in this first dedicated le booth open in Delhi on February 28th so India's first dedicated le fort so le port has been launched in Delhi February 28th the Civil Aviation Minister ahsoka the Raju inaugurated the event that is the first dedicated Lilliput at Ragini in Delhi okay next one the Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu what appoints the Union Railway Minister Suresh Babu as plug dog or a video conferencing new am super Express between Sri Nazareth three gangs another on Tiruchirappalli in New Delhi okay so we go another Oh Jason Rajasthan and three suitably in Tamil Nadu okay so the news is the new um super Express a new Express has been slammed off by a video conferencing between three guns on either hand literally it was from the another dead body Suresh Babu the Union by a minister in Delhi okay he also propped up and Antonio Express between inoculum and ha okay so the two new Express has been flogged up on this day next one who has launched a two wheeler of aggregation service supermoto in Hyderabad – wheeler aggregation okay like taxi service now they launched two wheeler a gregarious surveys uber motto the first in Hyderabad it is uber uber Moto you you can't remem that is supermoto that is super okay so they launched uber moto that is two-wheeler aggregation service in Hyderabad so one motto is nothing but they can hire two wheelers okay right now they are doing like coal wheelers they can hire two wheelers were short distance commutation for for the chief aerates okay like France if you see the pass rupees 25 for first three kilometers and then five lambda per each kilometer okay bye so we spiked up clos meeting thereafter okay so this is a concept for uber morto okay next one who has inaugurated the 9th edition of Bangalore International Film Festival in Bengaluru Karnataka so cheetah raamaiah okay the cheapness is in the Ramayana didn't be 9th edition of Bangor International Film Festival in Bengaluru Karnataka the will start 3 nonstop flights three nonstop flights a week from New Delhi to Dallas International Airport okay in the suburb of Washington DC USA this summer Air India so Erin they are going to start three non-stop flights okay three not surfaced from New Delhi to Dulles International Airport but this Air India okay next one the Union Human Resource Development Ministry the Union Human Resource Development Ministry will start will set up a department to conduct the examination for I air secondary a Erin secondary education is national testing agency and BA for the non empty a national testing agency to conduct the examination for AI a celebration okay from the Union Human Resource Development was set up by the union resource Human Resource Development okay and the Union municipal sports remember that the Union Minister for sports well light of the foundation stone for the country's first center of excellence for differently abled sportsmen at Gandhinagar Gujarat the first Sports Center okay has been set up in the Gandhi Nagar with rod okay next one the first two northeastern state government has implemented a cabinet solution for the state cabinet members is our natural purpose now this turn state government is a cabinet solution okay next one India's first apolitical three days national woman Parliament in WP national women's Parliament was held in in amravati Andhra Pradesh okay so this three-day conference has been organized by the under pedis Legislative Assembly with a theme of empowering women strengthening democracy okay this is a three day women's Parliament national women's Parliament organized by the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly in amravati with the theme of empowering woman strengthening democracy okay next the Union Minister has launched the national carrier service MV s national carrier service and Jeevan Rahman facility to the e.p.a poo again pensioners through post office in Hyderabad the Union ester is panduru Tata cheerio Nashawn this is become the first Indian air put to enter the list of 15 airports in the world okay Indra Gandhi International Airport New Delhi okay this is the first two time Indian Airport that is an Indian Airport isn't raining in the top 15 airports in the world that is New Delhi dragon the International Airport okay next one is so as launched okay Rio knows the important news that means through as launch their record of war not four satellites in a single flight okay in one go on board this PSLV 37 okay in the one not four satellites 96 belongs to USA and the fire from international customers of Oslo like Israel gaviscon Netherlands New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates okay from these five countries again and 96 comes to USA so from this war not four satellites record India a services the record of the Russian space agency which had earlier launched 37 satellites in one go previously last year has launched with 37 set lists in one go that is the record but now India as surfaces they regard of one with one not four satellites okay you can remember this PSLV 37 rocket as solace okay PS shall we see 37 and by using the PSL you see 37 their surface is the LA record lunch of 37 satellites launched by the Russia okay I remember these two important points you can related collate with these two numbers okay next one the city is hosting the 2017 Bonerama Film Festival in port player okay next one the portal has been launched by the Union government to ensure transparency in mining operation okay mining operation that is Tamra t a.m. are a that is ta ma m ra stands for transparency action monitoring and resource augmentation okay for ensuring the transparent scene mining operation okay next one two days South Asians speakers submit okay has been inaugurated by the Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan at enduring Madhya Pradesh the two days South Asian speakers submit as being inaugurated by the Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan in Indore Madhya Pradesh the world's first Briley a task for visually impaired person has been launched by dr. our suburban words first royally applause for visually impaired persons that's why I say women okay and the next one Indian scientists I have discovered how many new miniature frog species which can comfortably sit even on a child's thumb tonight investigates okay seven frog species has been discovered by the Indian scientist okay next one the latest report by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute s IP or a Stockholm International Space Research Institute the world's largest arm importer country during 2012 to 2016 is India okay in the FT largest arm important in the period of 2012 to 2016 okay and these are the important news in the month of February 2016 about India in the news okay and we will be updating the world news and the new appointments and other important events happened in the month of bravery 2017 we already updated the banking and financial news happened in a month of ability 2017 okay for more updates subscribe our Channel Bank exam preparation if you have any queries let me know in the comment section so that I can help you on that okay thank you and all the best

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