Indian Economy is Crashing Down! | Ep. 2 The Dhruv Rathee Show

Greetings friends! Welcome to the second episode of the Dhruv Rathee Show. Friends, Let’s begin with one of the biggest and most talked about news of the last few days. The Indian government has finally admitted that the state of our economy is exceedingly poor. The GDP is going down, the job processes are increasing and prices are also getting inflated. However, this has not been diectly admitted. The Finance Minister Arun Jaitley says that there is no need to ‘panic’ as he is bringing a recovery plan to bring the economy up. This is a good step because I always say and have been saying that the first step to solve a problem is to admit that the problem exists. If you will not admit and keep on saying that Indian Economy is the best, India is the best; this will never solve the problem. The Finance Minister has taken a step in the right direction and has given a valid statement. But the Prime Minister is still living in a world of his own. Yesterday he wrote on Twitter: Today the country is progressing at a good pace, and is moving forward with the development of people from the poor and middle classes. He still keeps claiming in his speeches that the country is progressing and the economy is developing, GDP is growing. He never admits even in a single speech that India has been facing a lot of problems economy-wise. This will not help to improve the situation at all. Second news friends: Aadhar Card (you must be aware of it), it is being forced on the people of the country in a complete frenzy. 31st August 2017 was the deadline to link the Aadhar Card with PAN Card. It has now been extended for four months, that is, till 31st December 2017. 31st December 2017 is also the deadline to link the bank account with the Aadhar Card. If not done, the bank account will automatically close. 28th February 2018 is the deadline to link the mobile number with Aadhar Card. If not done, the mobile number will be automatically blocked. And all those people who live outside India, the NRIs, if you think that you will saved from this Aadhar Card complication, then you are mistaken. I have a bad news for you.The Aadhar Card can be made compulsory for those Aadhar Card marriages which have to be registered in India. This has been suggested by an experts panel to the Ministry of External Affairs. Friends, All this is happening despite Supreme Court’s judgement in favour of the Right to Privacy and have said multiple times that Aadhar Card should not be made mandatory. So, whether these government actions are legal or illegal will be decided by the Supreme Court in November itself. So there is actually no need to worry about all these deadlines. Hopefully Supreme Court judgement in November will be in favour of citizens. Friends, there is but a bad news in relation with Aadhar Card. As you are aware, Aadhar is a centralised database which collects all your information connected with your bank account and mobile number. so all things collected together are stored in the government’s database. If somebody hacks the government’s database, like the incidents from past in which a lot of Aadhar numbers have been hacked. the will the government give us any compensation? This question was posed in an RTI. and the reply was neither the government nor any government ministry nor the bank will provide any compensation if our information gets compromised. So you may imagine how dangerous the Aadhar Card is. Present Sir,
Present Ma’am, remember friends we used to say this for answering our attendance in school. What has happened is November onwards, in schools of Madhya Pradesh, it is now a rule that students will not say present ma’am. It is not allowed. Instead, they will now have to say ‘Jai Hind’. Where do they bring these rules from? It appears that our ministers keep in touch with Kim Jong Un for tips. Today they are doing this schools, tomorrow they may say that you will have to stand and chant ‘Vande Mataram’ before eating in a restaurant. Then they will ask you to say Jai Hind before you go to pee. What does this all mean? In the next section, let’s talk about a few quotes that some of our famous leaders have said. First of all, Mamata Banerjee, Bengal’s Chief Minister. The court gave a judgement which was against the Mamata Banarjee Government. The judgement was regarding the dates of Muharram and Durga pooja. Which should be celebrated when? In its response, Mamata Banerjee says that you may slit my throat but I will do what I want. This is a very violent judgement. Such statements are against the democracy of the country. Judiciary, Legislative and Executive: all have to work together. Next statement is from Sakshi Maharaj, BJP’s M.P. He says that whatever girls and boys keep doing inside the cars is the reason for the spread of the rape culture. This is the reason for the increase of rapes in this country. and they should be put behind bars. In the section ‘Photo of the Week’, I would like to show you an interesting photograph. Apaprently, it is a very normal photograph. It is from Ahmedabad. However, if looked carefully, this green covering is actually made to hide the slum area behind it. The Japanese India was visiting Ahmedabad, So India’s poverty had to be brushed under the carpet. hide it, don’t rectify it. This green cloth is used to hide it. Good news from the field of Sports. P. V. Sindhu, the professional Badminton player, who grabbed the Silver Medal for India in the Rio Olympics. She is now ranked the world’s second best player in Badminton. Next is from the field of movies. A movie named Newton released this week in which Raj Kumar Rao acted. This movie has been selected as India’s official entry into the Oscars. Oscar’s entry from India. I think it has been years now that a very good movie is being selected for the Oscars. If you have not watched this movie, I will recommend that you go and watch this movie in a theatre. This is themed on India’s electoral and political systems in Naxal affected areas. Friends, you must remember how I told you that I will begin a new thing called Sponserer page link. in which you people, the same time business men and entrepreneurs, your products and services will promoted through the medium of this channel, in exchange of a little money. This will be for your benifit, entrepreneurship will be promoted. Jobs in the country will increase and I will also earn a little money. I would like to begin this practice with this video. My friend Jay Kapoor has made a smart phone app called “Loot Alert”. in which you may see the collection of all the best deals and discounts offered by Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. I will add the link to this app in description. you May view it there. I hope friends, you liked this video. If you liked it you may subscribe by clicking on the given link. You friends, made a lot of suggestions for the previous video, the most prominent one of which was that the background music should be removed. That is the first thing I did for this video. This one does not have any background music. Piyush Thakur ji writes You only tell who do we vote for. For 60 years Congress looted us and now you have failed Modi. I have not failed anybody Piyush Ji. Do not vote for a party or a leader. You are most affected by your MP or your MLA. Check the past record of your would be MP. You may check the record of your MPs and the work done by them in their constituencies on Every MP gets Rs. 5 crore to use. How much of that has been used will be reflected on the website. after checking that, you may calculate whether a particular MP is deserving or not. Do not think of the Prime Minister or the party. Only think of your MP and MLA.

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  1. Plz address issue of unemployment on a larger scale . Plz we are tired now. We are having no govt jobs. Till graduation I was a meritorious student but now my dreams are vanishing. I have taken educational loan of 4lakhs which have now taken a height of 7 lakhs. Banks are automatically debiting all money in my parents accounts. My parents are troubled. I think i will have to crush my dreams in the end. Plz help me and students like me. Plz……

  2. I have been listening you for sometime , and U hit it on the head, keep on watching U so that U too can earn some money, I have also noticed that those who respond favorably to you are failures , U R nothing but a con-artist know it all, and those who agree with you, I would say, instead of crying over their failure they better work for themselves.

  3. Dear dhruv, but as per the survey by Forbes and many other international organizations it states that india was the 9th largest economy in 2013 and climbed to 5th largest economy in 2018 with total gdp raised from 2 trillion to 2.3 trillion. Also it's 3rd largest in PPP. Even the growth rate is around 7.2 which is slightly higher then china growth rate which is no 2 biggest economy. However as per an imf gdp per capita has not shown sufficient improvement with rising just one place at 126. I am not criticizing. Just found these facts missing.

  4. India has world failure prime minister. And Hinduism is the main reason for Indian economy falling down.

  5. Paid YouTuber by congress
    No single word against congress
    He’s appointed just to defame the present government

  6. As a maths and economics student, would like to suggest you study statistics and economics more thoroughly. Your videos are a field guide to lies, and the analysis of most of your videos is very primitive. Hopefully you will spend more time to grow yourself holistically using academic basis. It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you in trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so. Good luck developing yourself first, before you educate others through your primitive analysis skills. For everybody else subscribed to this channel, think for yourself before building your hypothesis on shaky grounds

  7. Sir, your news is not on side of economics, it was edged to politics. Nice way of grabbing views by engaging in opposition. Ever heard of business cycles? And you didn't disclose of GDP. Inflation is rising so should be GDP, your analysis violates that…

  8. Pls make a detailed video for rate of inflation in india now a days…as it was a strong promise made by modi govt to win elections 2014

  9. Sir u r a famous you tuber most of youth watch ur videos specially youth so
    Sir plz make a video on "the martyr sattender dubey "

  10. Sir ek video banaye jisme congress ko kitne aarop lage kitne sahi nikle kitne painding hai kitne galat,,,,,,sir I am not able to support you economically on patrion so sorry for this

  11. AsSam main abhitak adahr card atm par hi show karta hain. Abhi tak main dekha hi nahi adhar card

  12. Brother baat sari achi kri h… Pr kya kre bhai modi ji ki sarkar mera ji lgane ka Mann nhi kr rha pr kya kre! Bde h izzat deni pdti h or hmare sbke prime minister bhi hai! Inki sarkaar ko kuch smzh hi nhi aata ye kehte h hmari sarkaar but nhi, sarkaar inki hi hai! Hmari Nahi

  13. I suggest "Jai Madhia Pradesh" instead of "Jai Hind", which is more logical and nationalistic, As it would be ridiculous if we are told to say "Jiey Pakistan" instead of "Yes Sir, Yes Madam"

  14. The latest reports from world Bank has come India is now at top in economic growth rate of 7.4 and 7.5 for upcoming years and the growth is sustainable.
    @Dhruv don't share your half assesed knowledge about topics you are not sure of. I have seen your videos few are good ones and few where the information isn't correct.

  15. Or rhi baat indian ki privacy ki to phle android use karna band kar do 20-20 rupee ke free recharge ke ke piche apne pure phone ke detail dena band kar do

  16. Or ye poverty 2014 ke baad hi ayi h us se phle na to koi slum the or na koi greeb.congress raj mei sub bmw or Audi le ke ghumte the sub ke paas apna bungalow tha jase hi modi aya sub greeb ho gye logo ke bungalow slum mei badel gye logo ke bmw or Audi cycle or belgaadi mei badl gyi

  17. Jo banda kisi baat ke sirf ek hi angle se dekye vo hamesa galat hota h har baat ke cons & pros hote h aadhar ke bhi h lekin hum sirf uske cons ki baat karenge . Aadhar ke kya pros h ese na to hum khud samjenge or na dusro ko samjne denge

  18. hello there, new gdp data 2017 from the world bank are out, and india ranks 6th leaving france behind. if this is true, the demonatisation was not that bad after all. or is there something i’m not able to understand here? if you plz address this topic in your next video, it’ll be very helpful as the elections are on their way.

  19. Dear Dhruv Rathee ji,
    Please make a video on Rupee vs Dollar.
    One more thing,
    I have my products regarding agriculture, pesticide and nutrition.
    Will you promote it?
    I will pay for it.
    My company name is Fidelitous Sempiternal Industries. I am the CEO of the company. I am also a scientist and politician. My inventions are eco-friendly. I work to conserve the environment. Hopefully to work together. My WhatsApp no. +91-9718243809.
    Hare Krishna 🙏

  20. Sala desh mai log 25 rupaya ke liye taras rahe hai and modi eating 25000 rupee kg mushroom toh energy aur chamak nhi hoga toh kya hoga and arnab ke gaad me ho ho hooo

  21. Sir me apko fane hu but
    Ye Jo ap Jai hind wali bat pr to me b disagree hu isme koi galt na hai
    Ye hamari sanskriti ko show krta hai

  22. भाई ध्रुव आपने तो मेरे मुंह की बात ही कर दी आधार कार्ड बैंक अकाउंट और मोबाइल नंबर का जुडना हेकर लोगों के लिए मदत देगा इस बात को मैंने एक महिला को कहा था, पर देश हित में है तो जरूर करें मगर आम जनता को नुक्सान हुआ तो सरकार को भी मुआवजा देना चाहिए 🙏🙏🙏

  23. Congress thi tb educated to the party me bjp me uneducated logo ko heigher post di ja rhi desh me economy crisis ke chances bd rhe h or now urjit ptel resign…..

  24. The title of this video is Indian economy crashing. For the entire time you just spoked rubbish and nothing relevant to the topic chosen. Just stop cribbing and being a story teller

  25. Dhruv you are just earning money no real facts from your side and where is your Self Analysis.
    If you are showing real problems then show it properly not just criticize the govt. for every action.
    I would request to youtube that you channel should banned with immediate effect.
    I dont support any political party but Modi Sir is doing something for India in long run so be patient as well
    Shutdown your channel

  26. hi Dhruv…i am regular viewer of you channel….you are doing good job.. i love it…my own suggestion is to give the resources in description thah you got for all these videos…thank you ☺

  27. Economy ghatiya h India ka, Hum BPharma pass out ho ke vi Job se bas 7-10,000 salary hi miltey h,or 2,300 hazar hi bactey h…

  28. Where's the analysis on Economy crash down 😂😂. It's more on didhi, durga puja, ladki ladka ek kamre me and crazy points 😄. You are crossing Modi on bitting around bushes 😭

  29. Dear Druv , please make a video on the topic Assam government and NRC issue. I watch your video regularly and I support you. Keep it up.

  30. We can't stop the decline. That is how market forces work. A recession or deppression cannot be stopped. It can only postponed away from near future.
    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Cuba and China under Mao is the only country in history which did not fall to this.

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