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  1. Mulvaney has a long history of poo-pooing the Corruption, by monied & special interests, and trying to claim it as the business-as-usual, day-to-day way that things are done in Washington;

    While speaking at the American Bankers Association conference, last year, Mulvaney, a former South Carolina representative, told them he would only meet with lobbyists who had donated to his campaign:

    “We had a hierarchy in my office in Congress,” Mulvaney said. “If you’re a lobbyist who never gave us money, I didn’t talk to you. If you’re a lobbyist who gave us money, I might talk to you.”

    As a Congressman, Mulvaney also opposed the creation of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau; Despite this, Donald Trump appointed Mick Mulvaney to run that very office, upon assuming the office of the Presidency (& despite his claim, that he was going to “drain the swamp”).

    Likewise, Rick Perry, is another administration official who’s come under increased scrutiny in the Ukraine scandal, with allegations that he has been pressuring Ukraine officials to appoint his cronies to the board of a state-run natural gas company; Like Mulvaney, Perry actually once proposed to eliminate the very office he is now charged with running (Dept of Energy). Perry announced his resignation, yesterday

    One of the first actions, undertaken by the Republican majority, under the Trump Administration, was to try to abolish the Independent Office of Ethics. After a public outcry, this idea was abandoned, but as there’s a CLEAR PATTERN OF MALFEASANCE, with this administration, regarding the ABANDONMENT OF ALL ETHICAL NORMS, perhaps CONGRESS SHOULD OPEN INVESTIGATIONS INTO THE DISMISSAL, FORCED RESIGNATIONS, & DELIBERATE UNDER-STAFFING OF THE STATE DEPT, the OFFICE OF GOVERNMENT ETHICS, the FEDERAL ELECTIONS COMMITTEE, & the RECENT DOWNSIZING OF THE NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL.

    All of the above mentioned Government Offices are designed to protect & serve the American People, and several of those offices are intended as SAFEGUARDS TO HOLD OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ACCOUNTABLE. There are at least 28 Assistant Secretary posts in the State Dept, and ONLY ONE OF THOSE POSITIONS IS CURRENTLY STAFFED!

    In recent weeks, we’ve seen controversial resignations of the National Security Advisor, the Homeland Security Director (2 recent resignations, in only 6 months), resignation of the State Dept’s top Assistant Secretary, as well as the RECENT RESIGNATIONS OF THE DIRECTOR OF NATL INTELLIGENCE (& his top DEPUTY), not to mention the controversial OUSTING OF THE AMBASSADOR TO THE UKRAINE, Resignations of the foremost RUSSIAN ADVISOR (Fiona Hill) and other key Diplomats & CAREER PROFESSIONALS AT THE STATE DEPT.

    And then there’s Trump’s Justice Dept;
    At this point, Trump is on his 3rd Attorney General (4th if we include the dismissal of Sally Yates),
    3rd FBI Director, and we’ve seen the public smearing (by the “President”) of numerous other career officials including the FBI’s Director of Counter Intelligence, the FBI’s top Legal Counsel, the ouster of the Deputy Attorney General, and numerous other of the most senior experts who are experts on Organized Crime (specifically, the Russian Mafia – Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr). We’ve also seen numerous other shameful acts UNBECOMING OF A PRESIDENT – smear campaigns that are NOTHING LESS THAN SLANDEROUS, and many of which would amount to WITNESS TAMPERING, were it any other individual than the President of the United States;

    This includes the ATTEMPT TO UNMASK THE IDENTITY OF AT LEAST ONE WHISTLE BLOWER, as well as suggestions that that person be killed; And there has been A CONSISTANT PATTERN OF HARASSMENT BY THE PRESIDENT of numerous public officials (many of whom are lifetime Republicans, and Trump’s own apoointees) including, his former Attorney General, Acting Attorney General (Sally Yates – for directing US Attorneys not to implement an Executive Order that was DEEMED UNCONSTITUTIONAL BY THE SUPREME COURT), the stripping of security clearances (without justification) from Lifelong career intelligence Officials (while Jared Kushner is granted a security clearance despite failing nearly every single established standard protocol & FAILING TO DISCLOSE OVER 100 FOREIGN CONTACTS, on his official government application (a FELONY!)

    WAKE UP REPUBLICANS! (The House is on Fire!)

  2. wow, confessing to solicitation for personal interest, not US National interests on TV.
    Sidenote General Mattis spoke at the Al Smith foundation dinner. General Mattis joke that he earn his spurs on the battlefield, Donald Trump earn his spurs in the doctor office.

  3. Trump is done. The NAZI/REPUBLICAN VOTER'S PARTY IS KAPUT, NYET, DEAD. oil, oil, oil, oil, oil, oil, oil, oil, oil, oil, oil, the Republican voter's PARTY is gulping, drowning, sinking, stinking, dying, in oil, oil, oil, oil, oil, oil. Buh bye. Except for trump who is chicken fried in vegetable oil. Just look at what its done to his face!

  4. So Trump and his goons keep confessing to the crimes they commit, not because of some grand strategy they've got – but because they DON'T understand that it is a CRIME !!!! Their ethical and moral (and cognitive) abilities are SOOO lacking, that they do not understand the difference between wrong and right. They draw false equivalencies because they TRULY unable to see the difference. And so are the people who vote for them

  5. Great reporting and panel Lawrence….stupid mulvaney is now trying to walk back his admission of "quid pro quo" and "everybody does it", too little too late mulvaney. We heard you! It is like trump does denies, admits, denies it…..trump thinks everyone is as stupid as he is…..Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FROM trump!

  6. Trump just does not understand that even one of the largest contributors to his administration has a better sense of ethics than he does.

  7. Democrats- evidence *evidence*evidence video evidence* audio evidence * he admitted this *she admitted that
    Republicans- I haven't seen any evidence of wrong doing.
    North korea-😂

  8. The only problem is that the Republicans are entirely leaderless. Weak knees and jelly spines allow them to slither away even as Trump regularly throws them under busses. Did Lindsay Graham have a nice cry to himself after Trump dissed him? Is Mattis the only one who will fire back after trying to help the clown be a half-normal President?

  9. So can we just impeach the OrangeCunt now? All I'm asking for Christmas is an impeachment. But if you can have it ready by Halloween, even better.

  10. The time has come for the House of Representatives to use every avenue of their Constitutional powers to force compliance with subpoenas.

  11. I don’t understand how any person in their right mind can not see how insane Trump is and what a laughing stock he is making of the US.

  12. Desperate loser leftests spinning and spinning to twist the perception of reality to fit a ridiculous, and easily discredited theory. Which like all the other spins of fake propaganda. Watch and see how this falls away just like all the absolute baseless attempts to lie to people about anything and everything anti Trump. Get over the 2016 election, and be ready for more revelation of how the DNC has lied and been the criminal foreign collusion master mind all along..

  13. I don't understand why they not accepted the election president result 2016 and 2018 midterm
    What about 2020? Is not about what dem opinion or policy campaign . they crazy when their said last period president . not u can hold any national interest when globalization and stop currently movement capable
    Trump represent American now .you can't command him but urging him anyway

  14. Tonight you did not ask the woman as many questions as the men, which just happens, but then you did not thank her along with the men at the end. Hmm. All three are highly intelligent and accomplished so thanks for that.

  15. Is Mulvany President's remote control dummy ? Look how a vertilquist operates , he created an alter ego of himself. Sometimes mocking people as they go, and sometimes that anger is targeted back at the dummy rather than the vertilquist.👨‍👦

  16. Once again you Lestists are lying, hypocrites! The criminal activity is Biden threatening $1 billion in US aid to fire a prosecutor.

  17. President Trump has and continues to sell out the American people, allies and anything else for his financial gain. As long as he is in office he cannot be imprisoned, he’s never divested his financial assets, and he has told Russia that they have his permission to question Americans on US soil. He has authorized the betrayal of all of our allies and betrayed our military. His corruption knows no boundaries, he said that since Saudi Arabia are willing to pay for the thousands of US military troops to be used in Saudi Arabia. He ordered our troops to retreat from Northern Syria, but then moves approximately the same amount to Saudi. He claims that he is keeping a campaign promise by getting our troops out of the military. So that we Americans thinks he is keeping a promise he made only to turn around and deploy more to the Saudi’s. The same Saudi’s 15 who were their citizens who took part in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. From day one of his presidency he has made it a top priority to ruin our relationship with our international allies. Any continued support of Trump is just more of the betrayal of our constitution & her people. Smh

  18. Do. All the senators who are protecting the pres. Do they all come from the south? Mitch, Lindsey, malvine, no one tell them there wrong. All world meetings should be held in secure place WHITE HOUSE

  19. Motormouth Mick Mulvaney thinks if he talks fast and smiles at you you're convinced he's right,…like the con has succeeded. Like snake charming,he IS the viper.

  20. We have all heard admissions from the president and his minions. I enjoy watching Neal Katyal, but I believe he hyperbolized when he said that we have never heard of self implication from the Trump people.

  21. L👁👁king forward to read about inmate trump#-4566673 & ALL his errand boys/girls🔛 barr, giuliani, pompeo, pence🔛.

  22. What is it with these brief MSNBC clips vs the entire show?!
    Really frustrating these last few weeks trying to find the news!
    I'm missing Rachel Maddow, Ari Melber, and Lawrence O'Donnell in full…

  23. As soon as the House votes on impeachment, the good-guys in the legislature will be afforded power of subpoena, and discovery. Then this farce will be brought out of the dark and Americans will actually see that it's truly a farce.

  24. Stupid impeachment one reason or few reason// they can hide whistle blower
    1) is made up stories ( they have to come find some crooks admit they hear bla bla bla bs
    2 ) whistle blower is very famous
    Example is John Bolton And I think from day one why
    Cause shadow gov made sure Bolton be in Trump administration and follow everything Trump do … after he got fired , Deep state (shadow gov) Frick out cause spying pipes cut by Bolton gone … then they start early action on impeachment stories base only Bolton could come out … but Bolton goals was more setting Trump up with huge trap … Thank you god didn’t happen… all they come out was someone who hear from someone bla bla bla bs

    Its Clear No advance of Trump doing wrong … and he is not doing wrong

    This impeachment thing is so stupid make democrats like it’s trash …bs

    If you wanna f ing look for impeachment go Ai pac and look all member of Ai pac phone transcript at least 4 year back you will find real foreigner supporting trying interrupting USA elections dumasssss es

  25. First, thank you to msnbc and its network/program hosts. Without their voices and their experts in their respective fields, I would not have any relief from the constant bullying of conservative voices. What I can add to this conversation is my response to these bullies. If they want to propagate the false narrative that Russia did not intervene in our election, let them believe it. But our voices need to find a means of collectively countering their narratives. We also need to work together as citizens on two issues. These are… 1. The medium on which their narratives are posted, expanded by instant connectivity and does not have or take any responsibility for content…IS NOT FREE SPEECH. It is propaganda. So our first step needs to be cutting off the head of the snake. There is a US federal law which allows this to happen. This law must be changed immediately or civil society will be damaged beyond repair. 2. We need to turn the narrative towards an INTERNAL threat. It has a face and, therefore, can be identified. It was called Cambridge Analytica. After one of their staff came forward to expose their manipulation and targeting via social media, the company was closed. However, members of the Mercer family have opened other companies which, no doubt, is and will be doing the same thing during the 2020 election. This internal threat must be investigated, again, or closed permanently. Closing one only to open others is not acceptable. Just like the Russian effort, this needs to be defined as criminal behavior and handled accordingly.

  26. Reinvestment is the way out of taxes. A high tax rate on the top 10% of income will drive the 1% that have the most, to reinvest to avoid that high tax. This will become capital that will drive small businesses.
    As for the freedom dividend, $1000 a Month is not enough for a person to be lazy, but it would end all welfare. Would everyone just be lazy because of it? Alaska has been sending checks to it's citizens sharing in natural resources revenue, and they do not seem lazy. Is it a good idea? Well if you have ever been stuck at the very bottom of the economic ladder, then you know that some seed money is very helpful at getting your business moving again. A person starting a business, would be able to leave their JOB sooner and grow their business faster, which would be exponitially goof for the economy. A downfall, is that Mike Rowe Is right, some people, as in all organisations, will fall into that 20% of lazy do as little as possible, but they will still cause that money to rotate in the economy.
    Just my thought on it.

  27. So Trump is using the Amercan Tax Payers Money as his Personal Bank Account , Leveraging Ukraine to Investigate his Political Opponent for Dirt , before Releasing Aid Money to them didn't Trump say , in the Interview with George Stephanopolis he would Gladly Accept Dirt on his Political Opponents if Offered , from a Foreign Country ? So He Has , so where's the problem with understanding that ? " IT'S ILLEGAL " PERIOD " PS ; That Money Trump is using to Commit his Political Extortion Crimes is the U.S TAX PAYERS MONEY , PERIOD, Not His. . . .

  28. Can we find out how much Turkey paid to mr Trump for him to withdraw our troops, can you think about that possibility having a crooked president, what happened for an hour on a tete tete between Pence and Erdogan??????

  29. "Talk to Rudy" means that Rudy is the de-facto President of the United States of America. Don't use Latin to folks back home. "Quid Pro Quo" is a shakedown. The "But I need a favor though" is a shakedown. Use modern language to tell a story to modern people. Politicians need to realize that news reporters act like prosecutors. Your words will come back to haunt you.


  31. PUTIN PUPPET has given everything Putin has been wanting on a silver platter, the HEAD of DEMOCRACY OFFERED UP TO PUTIN at GREAT risk to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, AMERICA NOT RUSSIA

  32. Mulvenny, should get ON the bus out of there, before he ends up UNDER the bus over there. There may not be any more room IN or UNDER that bus, BUT TRUMP HAS MANY MORE BUSSES IN ROUTE AND ON SCHEDULE!

  33. History will remember the traitors well. Their families will wear the shame for the rest of their lives. Is it worth it to protect a vile disgusting narcissist? Of course not, they will all learn to regret it.

  34. I think this goes even deeper than this. I think this plan was hatched out by Russia and Trump WAY back when they found out about the investigation into Russia/Trump collusion. They knew Trump was safe from removal from office thanks to republicans in the senate, however, any evidence discovered would be used in the next election. So, they needed a way of muddying the waters. The Ukraine conspiracy theory in regards to the server was how they planned to do it. Trump gets Ukraine to start looking and Russia plants the server somewhere where it will be found.

    Trump, having the big brain and all, decided to improvise the plan Putin told him during their off the record meeting when he seen the opportunity to also fabricate some dirt on Biden at the same time. His logic being that he not only could clear his name (in the eyes of republican voters) but do another "Lock her up!" strategy, but with Biden. What he failed to consider is that going after Biden would send up major red flags.

    And even though their plan has been exposed, it wouldn't surprise me if they continued on with it. From Russia's point of view, it might even be better if Trump is removed from office. I mean, can you imagine how the right would react if Trump is removed from office? Now imagine how they will react if that happens and then "evidence" supporting the conspiracy theory (part of which Trump would have been removed) is discovered.

  35. President Trump investigating the Russia collusion hoax which was perpetrated by members of the DNC, the CIA, the FBI and the swamp's corrupt fake news media cannot be illegal.

    Also, the president investigating possible corruption by a former Vice President cannot be illegal.

    In their efforts to protect the swamp the swamp's fake news media is spinning this as "digging dirt on someone who will be a political opponent in the 2020 election" when what was actually happening was the president investigating possible corruption already carried out by a former Vice President during his tenure as Vice President

    Further it would have been foolish for president Trump to ask the CIA and the FBI to investigate those matters when those two organisations were working with the DNC and the swamp's fake news media to undermine his presidency and impeach him from the day he was elected.
    The president was correct not to trust the CIA and the FBI because those organisations were co-conspirators in the Russia collusion hoax

    The USA owes president Trump a debt of gratitude.

    He is the real whistle blower.

    He has revealed the comprehensive corruption of the political and media personalities in the swamp.

    The best thing that the DNC can do for America is impeach President Trump so that a trial in the senate can reveal the utter corruption of the DNC, the leadership of the FBI and the CIA and the corrupt fake newd swamp media

  36. Sad, USA Elementary school kids are betting money. On how many lies the President of the United States of America will tell during his speeches. National Disgrace. Lock him up today.

  37. On October 11, 2019 Jeffrey Cutler filed a MOTION FOR WRIT OF EXECUTION case 5:19-cv-00834. It stated among other things Nancy Pelosi in her official capacity did violate via her lawyer (Mr Donald B. Verilli Jr.) and stated “[N]o one would be hurt and the greater justice would be attained” and violated (18 USC § 1001) on 03JAN2019 on page 24 of the filing that was made in case 4:18-cv-00167-0, a significant federal crime on her behalf just after she became speaker of the house. She has also has interfered with the treaty between the United States of America and Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters with Annex, signed at Kiev on July 22, 1998, and with an Exchange of Notes signed on September 30, 1999, which provides for its provisional application. Watch for more information and read comments sorted newest first. Also see <ref> </ref> and <ref> </ref><ref> </ref>

  38. ….it isn't what laws dumb donald breaks….it's what are the Democrats going to do about it???
    People are being imprisoned indefinitely just for approaching the border…which isn't a crime….and dumb donald is breaking laws left right & centre, proving that HE is the criminal that he accuses other people of being!! Sort it out, FFS!!! 😬🤯😩

  39. Trump declared a "state of emergency" with respect to his imaginary border crisis. Congress should declare a REAL state of emergency to remove Trump NOW, before he can do any more damage to the country!

  40. Congressman Heck when he said "we've heard this before" was talking about Chump's habit of shifting his explanation for his behavior.

  41. It's time to get to the bottom of this sociopolitical mess were in. I would like Trump's new political party (formerly the GOP) to come out and make a collective statement as to what the end game is here. We clearly see the methods they're using like usurping the US Constitution and federal laws with nothing short of anarchy. Are they planning to build a new society on the ashes of America? Are they planning to draft a new Constitution aligned with their interpretation of the bible? So, what is the end game, a theocracy? Yes, it's time to SPELL it out. Until such time that they make a formal pronouncement, we'll assume that's what they're up to. We have no choice but to defend our Constitution and treat them accordingly by enforcing existing laws. Furthermore, I think's Trump's sedition should be listed under one of the articles of impeachment.

  42. President Trump went on tv today to say "For the Last Time: there was No quid pro quo! Don't you even know what quids are??

    It's British money! It's a pound! I'm not sure what the difference is between a quid and a pound, but it's British, OK??

    We paid Ukraine 250 million American dollars!! There was not a single quid among them! Case Closed!!!"

  43. The sad thing about the self-evident criminality is that the great majority of the Republican members of Congress completely disregard the malfeasance. It is shameful and marks the impending collapse of our republic.

  44. Yep! Fact: When an individual sells his soul to Satan, one's skin becomes thin and orange, one's ego becomes massively fragile, and one's heart turns to a lump of oozing black hatred; Thus causing the individual to purchase a pointy white sheet to wear! … 😈

  45. So Mick publicly confesses to totally breaking actual US Law, yet there he is, still unarraigned. So free everybody, then. No more jails for jaywalkers and homeless garbage thieves, or cooperative drivers denied blood tests or UAs when the breathalyzer breaks down. #EqualProtection! ☆Lv◇Fv

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