INTIMATE. Folge #5 / Staffel #1 –  Kater Tag  (Deutsch/HD)

Yo, who’s there? Bruno? Max, bro Bro, how did we get in here? No idea, dude, i completely blacked out. Me too. Are we in jail? No, just the sobering-up cell. We have to get out of here! I know. I have a plan, dude. I have a plan. Listen to me. We will… I will climb….do you see the Thing on top? It’s pretty narrow. I will climb up and stay there When the cop comes I will jump on top of him and i will strangle him Like, not actually strangle but Kind of you know? and then the other cop comes in to your cell you hit him and then we run yes bro nice we will see us on the other side, bro morning. come with us please Come with us and stand next to the wall my colleague will watch you. Got it? Yes Morning. Come down please. This is not funny. Come with me. Come with me and stand next to the wall. So guys Are you guys sober again? So: You guys were pretty wild yesterday. You have commited a bodily injury, as well as damage to property There was trespassing Also you were naked on the street. Who knows why. Nobody knows really. A citizen called us They were worried about you So we picked you up and brought you here Do you understand everything until now? So if you are really sober now and not wasted anymore I am asking you to give me your personal data, I’ll give you your stuff back And then you Can go. Got it? Do you have your IDs with you? Nope. Nothing. No ID? Nothing? Can you give me your personal data orally? Would you be okay with that? Let’s make a deal First of all, you will get your stuf back. After that, you will giver me your personal data Let’s do it then. Things you should always have with you. A drum for you. Who’s belt is this? It’s mine. Here you go then. A toothbrush. Probably one of you guys. A flask. That’s mine. A pig mask. Definitely should always take that with you when you’re going out This is yours as well. This watch. This is definitely important when you go out. It was probably warm last night, right? This is yours. Then I also have your shoes. These should be yours. These are yours. Okay, and now… As we agreed earlier, you’re going to give me your identifications. You don’t know them yet? No. We don’t have any personal Information of yours We didn’t say anything yesterday? You were not capable of doing so So basically you don’t know my Name? No, we just put you in the cells, cause you were too drunk. Is this window generally open? Only now and then. Was this an attempt to distract me? This won’t work. You will give me your names now They are running! Come back. Stay here. okay. Listen to me. Your mother is here. You Can leave now But first, I have a question. The two guys you were with…sit down again please The Boys you were with, what are their names? Um, I don’t know them. We found you guys together. All of you were drunk. Who are they? Are they gone? That is not important now. I want to know their names I really don’t know who they are. I’m not having this anymore. You Can go, your mom is waiting. Turn here. Do you maybe have a cigarette? No! Dude, what was that? Do you think they will look for us? Safe. Give me your lighter. Dis you hear what he said we did last night? I don’t remember any of that. We were naked. Oskar. Jo. What’s up? Oskar, we were at the Police Station. No idea. He told us that we did a lot of shit. And i can’t remember anything. Max neither. Sick. Ey, Bruno, I’m about to call the others. It’s super important that you guys come here Something crazy happened. Seriously! Yeak, okay. Jo At home. Shut up. Ey? Holy shit, no kidding? Woah, yeah. See you. Emil? Where are you going? I have to go. Um, you know that we fucked without a condom yesterday? And? Well let me explain it to you. Okay liste. Bruno told me once the Chance to get pregnant is like one percent or Something so don’t worry Alright. Listen, Emil. Here. Period. Period again. In the middle. Ovulation. Pretty high Chance to get pregnant. Where am I? I the middle or what? Correct. that means you are pregnant if we don’t do Something? Right. Okay then let’s got to the pharmacy fot the morning after pill or actually, you should go. I really have to leave. I have to be there in 30 min nope. why? We will have this child. What? We will have this child. funny. This is really funny. How is the child called then? Nina? Nina. You don’t want a Boy? I think it will be a girl Alright. I really have to leave now My Family is striclty catholic. No abosrtions. Are you an actress or Something? No? Funny Emil, you will stay here! Honey I have to go now Look at me. Yes? Emil we will have this child. No joke. And you will take care of it. You will take care of Little nina So cute, I Can feel her moving. What is this? Do you know how bad the smoke is for the child? You are joking right? No, I am not. And I want you to touch your daughter now. She is moving so cute. Say hello, come on So. Cute. Do you feel it? Fuck We’re such a cute Family. Listen okayI have the right to ask you to go to the pharmacy now. Got it. In Germany… No honey. We are a cute Little Family. And i love you so much. My mom will kill me, okay? We have to go there. Shut up with your mom. Come. Such a cute Family. What the fuck. You really don’t feel her moving? Can you stop with this bullshit? I think she already has fingernails. I read this somewhere. Come here. Why are you so tense? And if it will be a boy How about Holger? Cute, too, right? Holger sounds good. I love you so much. And we will marry. Listen. I love you too, sweetie. And yesterday during sex i noticed.. That your boo…. That you are a really pretty Girl and you have lovely eyes. But, listen, there is a Problem. What? Do you know Faktastisch? They once said, when you drink alcohol, the sperm goes bad. So I have really bad sprem right now So this means that…the child might be disabled. Disabled? No joke? Nina! Fuck. So now we have to get the pill after all. Yeah that would be better, right? Or do we want Nina to be… No, we will make another Nina. A second Nina. We will get the pill now, okay? And we will marry. Marry. Yes. So, 1,50 back. Great thanks. Get well soon. Bye. Sorry. Hey! Um, Morning. Morning. So… The two of us had…yesterday um…sex and…um…well i forgot the condome yeah and she is in her eggweeks or something Ovulation. Ovulation, yeah. So we Need the pill. How old are you? fifteen. Fifteen? Sure? Okay. How old are you? Hm? How old are you? How old? uhhh eighteen did you Forget your age from all the sex? Okay. eighteen. Sorry. Okay so i really have to leave, so can’t she buy it on her own? Ey, seriously, this is your doing. So i think it would be appropriate for you to stay here. I just really have to… Yeah, my freind, rush is the reason we are here today. Next time just take the five minutes for the condom So… fifteen and eighteen Are you together? Is this important right now? Guys, you don’t Need to propose now well, okay, um Epillepsy, Asthma, …? If you have epilepsy or Asthma. No. I have astma. I am an asthmatic We Can be pretty sure that you are not pregnant, so… Did you have your period regularly? Can I? No you can’t my friend Period? Was it particularly strong or weak? No, okay. And , um Preferred sex Position? What did you do yesterday? Are you serious? Is this relevant? For the Survey, this is relevant. So: Vanilla sex, 69, doggy style… Was it you two alone? Or three, four People? Okay, what? Guys… I am doing this Survey so People won’t do the same mistakes again. What is vanilla sex, even? Does that exist? Wow. Must have really been worth it, then. Good, um. So…very important. Eat before. So the medication will be aborbed better What Kind of Food do you recommend? That does not matter now, just take this Well, maybe it does matter! Yeah, then… Döner? You Can take each other out, to mcDrive It is not really relevant. Just eat. Any questions? Yes. Do you choose the right Job? Kidding. Can we just… You guys really deserved each other. That will be 30 euros You’re up. 30 euros. Can’t you? Then I will pay. Preparation isn’t really your Thing, right? Can we maybe have some condoms for the next time? you should have condoms for next time. Those were the painkillers you idiot Fuck! You will take the pill at home I love you. Will will gata lot of Kids and we will marry as well. Bye Aspirin Nina… oh my god son did you find your way to the Lord? god? I mean, good morning. i stayed a Little too Long at the Party yersterday were you there too? Do we know each other? who knows the Lords ways are not always clear to us but now that you’re here we can begin begin? sorry, what are we Talking about again? son, how much Background Knowledge do you have? where did you serve until now? i didn’t serve anywhere i don’t like the army i am a paci… pacifist. Right? Exactly! so you are just in the right place in the church Church? I’m sorry. Can i sit? I think your phone is ringing. Everything is fine. Church. No way. Crazy! Okay, see you soon. Bye! yes, my son. we are Glad you found your way to us you can trust me by all means Lukas 15, 10 “And I am telling you, the angels of god are happy about every sinner that wishes to begin a new life” son, trust me with all your sorrows It is my Duty to be silent. yeah, well, it wasn’t that bad yesterday though okay, i was a Little shitfaced the Girls weren’t that nice Well Girls.. there are not many here. but your colleagues are nice as well my colleagues? You mean the Boys here? Of Course! The other servants that applied. Applied. Is this a casting Show or what? Son. Everyone is welcome here. So uh..what do you do as a … Servant. Well the usual, of Course. Preparing the altar distribute the bibles Sing the Songs. My Thing exactly. how about we talk about collecting money we could practice that now. Yes? No Problem. Let’s practice a Little donation please? ring ring give me your money god Needs it more than you the ways of the lord are really not clear shit man i am in the woods how am I….okay Yeah I will try so, here we are boys guys, first of all… thanks for showing up i have something important to tell you that’s why i would say we should go outside for a bit I’ll tell you outside, yes? Yummy. Boys. Water. That’s the word. Yesterday night i drank 3 Liters of water before going to bed. Now i feel amazing You probably didn’t drink water. That’s why you look like shit. Are you Zombies? Like in Walking dead? Exactly, so i got up. I woke up next tp a Girl. I go to the bathroom And then All of a sudden Huh? There are no cigs inside! No Hangover means the cigarette in the morning is gonna be amazing. It is tasty. Does any of you have one now? What did you want to tell us then? Like…why… You wanted to tell us somehting. I wanted a cigarette. You have one now. Didn’t you want to tell us something? Why are we here? You just asked… ….if you can have a cigarette so i gave you one. Why are we here? I wanted a cigarette. That’s why you are here. All for one and one for all. Didn’t I just explain it to you? To not have a cigarette in the morning is annoying, so i called you guys. So you can bring me a cigarette. And you brought me one. I appreciate it guys. Hey guys. Where is Luis?

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  1. 😂😂😂 finde ich echt Mega geil vor allem das in der Apotheke ich habe Tränen gelacht, Jungs weiter so freue mich schon auf die nächste folge von euch. Ihr habt den Höchsten Respekt von mir auf jeden Fall.

  2. Wieder mal echt toll 😌💚💚 tut mir leid, dass auch @intimatefanpage nicht mehr so viel kam 🙄 ich Feier euch Jungs so.. ohne Witz ihr werdet damit echt durchstarten! Und Grüße an den tollen kamera Mann 😌😏 macht weiter so!! Hoffe es kommt öfters mal was.. ein zwei mal im Monat ist echt zu wenig ❤️😭😭 freu mich schon sehr auf die nächste folge👀💚 war wieder sehr amüsant… @intimatefanpage 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🥊

  3. Einfach ne geile Serie und mal wieder ne Hammer Folge weiter so, freue mich schon auf die nächste Folge
    EWG Beste Schule 😂💪🏼

  4. Die Serie und eurer Humor + gutes Aussehen bereichert mein Leben richtig krass 😀
    Bin so froh dass ich euch entdeckt hab, macht weiter so Brüder des Alkohols 😌🤙🏻

  5. Bisher wirklich die beste Folge! Mega gute und vorallem lustige Story-Idee und sehr gut umgesetzt und mit tollen Schauspielern und Kameraführung usw 😀 bin schon gespannt auf die Nächste!

  6. grossartig – wird immer besser , da immer neue tolle Ideen wie Knast & Kirche mit Leo und Corny- echt schräg- der irrende Louis im Wald – und vor allen Dingen das grandiose Opening – toll gedreht und super geschnitten – wirklich sehr besonders. DANKE dafür- freu mich auf #6

  7. "Blümchensex… das muss ja richtig gelohnt haben dann"… hahaha. Ich hab das erst wirklich für ne TV-Serie gehalten. Mehr davon, bitte!

  8. 28:10 min „hm lecker lecker“ wie dieser Typ der so meint:“ Ich hab keine fettige Haare, das ist kokosöl“ 😂

  9. Und was macht Luis?
    Is im Wald und entzündet einen Waldbrand, markiert sein Revier…… Das was Luis halt so in seiner Freizeit macht

  10. Sorry aber diese klischeehaften Geschlechterrollen nerven irgendwie voll. Ansonsten ist die Serie echt gut produziert und auch der Plot ist ganz witzig

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