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Intimate Lighting (Ivan Passer, 1965)

Intimate Lighting (Ivan Passer, 1965)

INTIMATE LIGHTING Forte. Now. That’s it More beat. Tempo What are you doing with those
double basses, for Christ’s sake? – You won’t know what hit you, Honza
– I think I played it correctly The timing, in general,
will be determined by the soloist himself We can play it more slowly,
or more quickly. I don’t know We’ll probably have a rehearsal with him
before the concert So the composition’s general rhythm
will be determined then and there But now, gentlemen, please,
you must play it the way I tell you to Keep the beat that I show you.
I hope that’s clear to all of you Yeah Gentlemen, this is serious.
The concert is in a few days This is no variety show,
this is a serious concert Together with the soldiers
there will be 65 of us This means that during the rehearsal
you’ll have to sit… …where I’ve told you to sit now.
No excuses Otherwise it will be a madhouse.
There will be soldiers And half of us are not even here now.
I want it to be perfect – We’ve already sold 180 tickets
– 240 You see, gentlemen. 240 tickets In other words,
we’ll sell at least 60 more… …and remember
the last concert we had… …when we did the Jirovec thing,
80% of the seats were sold I spoke with Dr Simacek
and he said that he’d take one too So, gentlemen, the grandioso Before I forget, how will it work out
for the rehearsal before the concert? Will there be enough time
for the soloist? I don’t know, I asked him
to come a day earlier Let’s hope so.
That’s fine then. All right, let’s start We’ll deal with you afterwards Bambas, that’s nice Well, the terrace… That’s just it Well, that’s what I’m trying to say –
the terrace… – It must be nice to eat there
– True – Do you want some gooseberries?
– Yeah, I’d like some – Can’t you wait a bit!
– It doesn’t matter There must be another one here Don’t bother looking for it – Daddy, Daddy
– Come here, my boy So Mary, what do you say? Daddy, Kaja did a wee in the bath tub Really? You mustn’t do that Kaja,
bad boy – Say hello to Uncle
– How do you do? Hiya Tell him your name What’s wrong now? You’re a big girl now, aren’t you?
Which school do you go to? You’re a bad boy, go now I don’t know what’s wrong
with him today Bambas, tell me,
how many kids do you have? Look, Petr. Don’t call me Bambas.
Marus doesn’t know about that She bit you? We’ll eat everything
and we won’t leave anything for her That’ll be really good too Kaja will have some,
Daddy will have some and Auntie too Well, Uncle will eat too Hello, there. Come on in Show Mummy where that beast bit you.
Show her! Here, wasn’t it? What a beast Kaja, sit down here.
Stay put for a while Please help yourself, eat – Have some, Miss
– No, thanks. I’ll just have some tea – Petr!
– I still have some… What do you put on? Well, what we perform are classics.
After all, we’re not in Prague, old chap Well, since Kaja is principal
of that school, it’s not bad now He doesn’t have to do so much
with the kids But the old man, he does He comes home at times raving mad.
Doesn’t he, Kaja? They don’t show anything else
in Prague either Yes, they do. Take the philharmonic
orchestra. They go abroad too Peek-a-boo – Well, that’s the philharmonic orchestra
– Yeah All we do is tour the countryside
with Strauss waltzes, you see We’ve also been furious many times
whilst building the house You know how that gets
on your nerves and… You too are furious at times? No. Bambas being furious?
I can’t believe it Oh, you mean Kaja? Well… Peek-a-boo I’ve discovered a new Jirovec now So, we performed him… People from the radio came down
from Budejovice to record it You wouldn’t believe it
but it sounded all right You see, some of it’s been suppressed,
some of it pulled out… Kaja, behave yourself.
Come here like a good boy Leave him.
We’re playing nicely, aren’t we? He must learn to behave himself – How long were you building the house?
– Almost seven years – What are you doing?
– Just to see how strong you are You can carry two blocks. Sure you can – Heavy, isn’t it?
– Yeah, sure – You’re groaning…
– I’m not… – Do you want some more?
– Sure Missed! Bitch, bitch Marus, what is this?
Leave him alone, Kaja – That’s enough
– You know that suits you well Take it off – Stop that, you’re crazy. Take it off
– Wait a bit For Christ’s sake, not like this.
You are clumsy – What? Wait…
– Bambas Bambas, come here. I’ll drop it Wait, wait, don’t drop it. Don’t you dare – Leave them alone
– Such nice bricks too Look, one shot for eight bricks And look how many there are. Man… That means lots of drunks Yeah… drunks But when we were building it,
our tongues used to get dry Something like five shots per drunkard Sure, but doubles Well, that would be… …five times… divided by five That makes it over 800 drunks What? Over 80? One wouldn’t believe it.
We must all be nuts Measuring everything in bricks… – Kaja!
– What? I’ve invited, Mister… Me …to the funeral But he isn’t interested in a funeral, Dad Interested or not,
in a way that’s music too – I didn’t say anything
– And good music too. You’ll see Once we get started, everybody
starts crying, even the relatives And then the main thing –
one funeral, 200 bricks Grandma Grandma – What do you want?
– What is that hen doing here? – Is she here again?
– There, you see She’s looking for somewhere to hatch Go away… Damn it, how often
have I told you not to put it there? Yeah, yeah… Kaja, leave her alone, you’ll hurt her.
Here, here… – Nothing but hens around
– Here, here Wherever you turn,
you step on something So what? That’s no skin off your back Yeah, but look at that car. It looks more
like a hen house than a garage here After all, this is not only your car.
Dad and I contributed 20,000 Yeah, I’ve heard that a number of times Well, I have to keep reminding you.
You’ll forget very quickly What about me? I’ve worked
like a slave. I almost ruined my hands Well, you’ve got a house, haven’t you? Yeah, a house. I’m telling you,
that hen was here for the last time Just you leave her alone.
You know one egg and the next Here, come here Move over a bit, you’re in the way – Yeah
– She’s afraid of you Here, little one, come here Dad, there’s a hen under the car Where is that monster? There you see what she’s doing?
I’ll show them… Here, here – Wait, don’t you start that car
– Kaja, get away from here For Christ’s sake, Kaja.
What are you trying to do? They’ll stop laying eggs You see, people enjoy
different things everywhere But sorrow is always the same You know that saying One sad song is enough
to go round the world People prefer to have a good cry
than a good laugh And with this… if it were to run on tears
that would be something I’ll go and have a look Sure, but don’t cry your eyes out Such pretty eyes That would be a pity Those shock absorbers
aren’t working properly – Karlik, isn’t he sensitive?
– Who, me? Why? I really need a woman right now Well, why don’t you? Yeah, can I? The way I look at yours,
when she goes so nicely… …that’s really something Cute, isn’t she? Cute? A jewel If I could add a bit here and there… – Look, what it’s doing to me
– Yeah, I can see Did you read about
that Dutch paratrooper… …who dropped from a height
of 3,000 metres without a parachute… …and fell into some cotton?
Nothing happened to him 3,000 metres?
That’s strange Well, if he fell into cotton, it’s possible I’ve jumped once
from at least three times this height Something like from the first floor, but
no cotton on the ground, just concrete That was quite a bang,
when I fell… I mean, jumped – My feet were all bloody
– What kind of shoes did you have? The shoes were all right,
but I was holding them in my hands I wore them the time when
I walked from Budejovice to Vienna I came back by train When I came home, father said,
“Did you buy new shoes?” “No, those are the old ones”, I said My time has come The grave is waiting Take me to rest My loved ones Wipe your tears For proceeding
to where we all shall meet again Christ our Saviour have mercy on us On my soul Goodbye, friends The end has come Yeah, Smetana! Dear old man, but he heard… Once I had a girl in a cornfield She cried, yes, she cried too Except that this is no corn So what? – Dad, let’s…
– Yeah, let’s go Petricek… – It’s not Petricek at all
– So what is it? For the last time, if you can’t guess,
you don’t love me at all Well… There, you see.
I love you Well, that’s exactly the same as before All wrong, look – I… Iove… you That’s not it at all, it’s…
I love you Come here, that’s wrong again.
Look here With the music.
I love you – You’re showing off again.
– I am not, but… But that’s not it… Well, all right. I’ll tell you something Look, I’ll hum it for you. Listen See if you guess… No… Iook There… Little fish with your silent face Heard that you have magic charms And know what torments my heart You know where my loved one is… We’ll have to go.
They’re tooting like mad That’s what I tell you all the time What? A golden ring she gave me And I gave her a rose As proof of my love for her I gave her a rose as proof of my love It didn’t take long And he went away into the world And the lovely young girl Left this world too And the lovely young girl Left this world too… And what about the people,
did they cry? – Sure, all of them
– Did you enjoy it? Let’s go, I’m hungry – You’ve been drinking, haven’t you?
– Well, they wouldn’t let me go Sure, our men are so popular Not long ago they came,
to get them from… Kaja… where did they come from? – I don’t remember…
– Those that got the cement for us I got the cement in the end Yeah, but where did you get it from,
from Vejtora? Remember, when we played there That doesn’t make any difference But I’m telling you, he had tears
in his eyes, the old Smetacek Am I arguing? Big tears he shed… Well, it doesn’t make any difference Sure… but Standa Machacek,
he cried like a kid We couldn’t calm him down at all All right, so they all cried Sure, they cried.
And remember Vanicek for instance He couldn’t even talk,
that’s how he cried You wouldn’t have got
those titles otherwise And the leg for the young lady – You like chicken legs don’t you?
– I want a leg too You shouldn’t talk while eating.
We’ve got guests Kaja. Grandfather didn’t get the leg
either and doesn’t mind, isn’t that so? Please, stay. He doesn’t have
to have everything he sees But he likes it. Here, have the leg, and… Kaja, what are you doing?
Put it back immediately Let him have both of them,
we’ll share this with Petr Sure No, you can’t do that.
You won’t have enough. Take mine Leave that, leave it Here, take mine No, then you won’t have any,
we’ll share ours How do you want to split a leg? – We’ll manage…
– Look, this can be divided nicely You take the leg then There, and that’s it.
So much talk about nothing… – Let go
– That’s enough – Funny, isn’t it?
– That’s enough. Off you go to sleep – And both of you. Now
– Don’t shout at them, he’ll get sick Come, Karlik, we’ll go together,
come along No, not you, stay Little one… She’s worse than the little one There you see, he’s back,
and with the beer How do you do? I’m the pharmacist – Excuse me, please
– I’m retired now Oh, our pharmacist You’re having fun here We haven’t finished eating Come and sit down here
and stay put Go on in,
the men will be glad to see you I have brought, as usual some… You shouldn’t have… Oh, you’re welcome. It’s nothing That’s our pharmacist It’s nothing Miss, your food is getting cold Excuse me,
I don’t know what happened to me No worries, there’s always fun here They’ve got to get away You’re just picking at it We’ll go and wash them – What about you, Kaja?
– You’ll come too It’s almost like being in a bar here How come? Just like in a bar Accentuate More stress Piano Dad, a little less volume – Now… out…
– Out, sure I can go out All together Forte And now piano Piano And now with a bang It’s her tonsils All this talking We can’t carry on like this, gentlemen I played it accurately Dad I can’t do much better
with joints like this You always blame everything
on your bad joints Even a woodcutter can play that A woodcutter maybe, I’ve worked harder
than a woodcutter You can tell by listening
to you playing – Why aren’t you playing?
– It’s no use Don’t be silly, Bambas.
After all we just want to play – Well, either we play or argue
– Sure, you’re right Miss… Miss Come and have a look
at this pre-war wire gauze I’d have done it myself Why should you? You wouldn’t believe it,
but I’m a modern woman But it’s… You may not know it,
but I’ll tell you something The old man kidnapped me We’d only known each other
for three days You see, they came with a circus My family had the police after me.
But I was in France by then You know, today it sounds funny,
but my poor mother Here, try it Don’t be shy, go right ahead I’m not much good at it any more Your knees have to be kept tight,
and your back bent nicely Mirna Ray was wonderful at it.
Only she did it on a horse You see, we were friends I’d love to ride a horse some day,
but only ride one Oh, well, I was quite different then,
in everything But you’re still quite… Yeah, before we started building the
house I still did my exercises every day But now I’m afraid my back hurts I’d set the alarm clock,
lie down and count to 40 One… …two… …three… Legs not too high. Not too low.
Where it hurts most It’s an excellent way
to keep your tummy trim I’ve told Marus a number of times,
but no She takes after her dad A woman, imagine, and she likes beer Excuse me, Gentlemen,
my little finger feels numb I don’t know why. Look at it, colleague – May I call you colleague?
– Sure. Go ahead You can see it a bit It probably needs a bit of exercise Let’s try it again, Gentlemen You know, at my age
the joints and those fingers… …don’t cooperate so well any more.
That’s age isn’t it? Let’s start,
maybe it will get better when I play Let’s do the second repeat That’s before those bars, isn’t it? Piano! Forte now Dad, C sharp Where? Instead of the C you played I see But, Gentlemen,
I like this movement so well If I’d have gone to the conservatory… Petr Petr, do you see? Petr, don’t you see? – I see
– What? I see Pretty, isn’t she? Petr! Black one – We see her
– Leave us alone Gentlemen, she’s still young Well, when I came here,
she laughed so much Well, what could I do,
I had to laugh too Well, let’s go from A now I want to hear
the first and second violin I thought you wanted something We do – stop bothering us Hello, Vera I’m not Vera, I’m Stepa You’re Pepa, aren’t you? I like you, I like you Vera I’m Stepa, see Stepa – St… Stepa
– Ste… – St…
– Stepa That’s right. What’s your name? Je… Jerous… – Nice name
– Nice name, isn’t it? – Do you like it?
– Well Come for a walk with me Where would you like to go? – I like you, I really like you, Stepa
– But I’m ugly… I really like you. You’re a pretty girl I’ve never seen such a pretty girl
before in my life You’re only saying that
so I’ll go for a walk with you A bit more. That’s fine, good Try some more There, you see. That’s good A bit more up here, Marus Here? The shoulders. That’s all right Seven Eight, nine… …ten, enough Well, I’ll be going One more kiss here Don’t go But Stepa, I haven’t even had
a good chat with Bambas yet Tomorrow is another day Well, all right, but tomorrow
is the concert Now we’ve got time for it and… well… Well, wait for 20 All right. Come here – 11, 12, 13
– No. No So we’ll divorce
because of some eggnog Wait – No, I won’t
– Wait a bit They’re doing exercises in there After all they are young Sleep, my baby You’re a good little baby There, there What’s wrong? What have I done now? Bambas is more important to you
than I am – How come?
– You were in such a hurry to join him You didn’t care what I was doing Oh, that’s it.
Well, I was in a hurry But just because I was in a hurry No. You just go to him.
I don’t care any more But Stepa! All right, I’ll go Really, I’ll go Bambas – Why aren’t you sleeping?
– But… Would you like some too? Well… Iooking at you,
I wouldn’t mind some But there’s no more smoked meat We’ll get the beers, there – And this is always full in the autumn
– What a life But what will I give you? How about this? Marus is not much of an intellectual,
but… here, smell this… Homemade Is this homemade too? Sure Oh… this is it, that’s what I like Everywhere is quiet… …and I sit here, listen and stuff myself That’s it Well, pour some more And that too.
But this music… Well, that music… Take Jirovec, for example It’s old and simple, but it’s effective Yeah… Jirovec is effective Bambas, when did you start fishing? The fishes? Well, you could never understand I know everything around here
in this house I even know when the old man
goes to the toilet Or when Granny gets pains in her back Just like today But by the water… …that’s an adventure, Petr dear You never know what comes next Look, as I walked down the stairs
I heard the old man I’m telling you, I’ve never heard anything
like it in my life Oh, Dad,
he’s got an amazing snore And how he shoots Look, this is where mine
will be someday And now listen to the concert I know this That’s devilish But it gets me when… That was quite a pause We can never match that Look, Bambas, did you ever hear
a beautiful woman snore? But a really beautiful one That’s good But have you ever heard my woman?
How she snores? Kaja, Kaja All right, if that’s what you want – Petr…
– Well… Everything OK? – Petr
– So? – Don’t be silly
– What are you doing? Don’t be silly Wait. You’ve got to go at it
from the front But I want to go back there You’ve got to go in the front
and then you’ll get in the back We are smashed Don’t talk so much Have you got a house?
You don’t Have you got a car?
You don’t Are you married?
No, you aren’t So nothing is lost Look, Petr, nothing is lost … and I’ll give you a rose… Stop those silly jokes What’s come over you, Bambas? To me you’ll always be an artist Pause What’s that? Jirovec And on to Bethlehem we shall go… Let me see Look The viola. That’s my favourite – Wait
– Don’t worry You’ll take it from me Listen. Yeah That’s nothing like… …but… Professor Klabik Listen We’ll take our instruments and… Into the world We’ll play at funerals No, concerts… just like before Dreamer, concerts.
Nobody wants to listen to concerts No more concerts.
It’s funerals for me… Don’t be foolish, Bambas, that’s money One funeral – 200 bricks Well, we can settle that en route Now we’ll set fire to it, and… – Granny, she’s kicking me
– I’ll be there in a moment It’s a bit thick, but good I like eggnog Awful, that’s what it is Why aren’t you eating, Marus? How can I with that tooth? You could have had it taken out long ago You’d better shut up – That’s our smart guy
– How come? He’ll be ringing the noon bell someday – He rings well, but a bit late
– Always? Sometimes an hour, sometimes two,
depends on the weather I’ve had it for 25 years When I forget to wind it at night,
I can’t go to sleep, I’m so used to it She can’t be interested
in that old alarm clock I’m not talking about the clock
but about the force of habit To what shall we drink? To our health To the concert… …pretty women… – Well, what else?
– What’s the difference? That’s something I didn’t drink to before All right then We’ll be standing here like this
until judgment day A bit of patience, that’s what we need Oh, those Sundays…

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  1. This reminds me of our beloved music school teacher who came to town as a professional musician with the circus and stayed. We loved you Luther B. Atkins. Thank you, a wonderful film.

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