Iran Islamic Terrorist revolutionary guard helicopter capture British oil tanker update July 2019

tre yangste is live in the Jerusalem newsroom with more on this hi tre Laura information today is shedding light on the Iranian seizure of a British oil tanker on Friday newly released video does show a dramatic scene as Aronian troops armed with machine guns rappel from a helicopter to board the British flag stana MP row the vessel was carrying no cargo but had a crew of 23 people on board radio transmissions between the British and Iranians paint a picture about how the event unfolded as the Iranian military vessel demands that the British tanker alter its course a British military ship tries to explain the request is a violation of international law the British tanker was ultimately taken into Iranian custody where it remains now over the weekend British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt called on the tanker to be released after saying that the seizure appears to be a tit-for-tat situation after the British detained an Iranian oil tanker earlier this month suspected of trying to deliver oil to Syria Britain maintains that taking the Iranian ship was legal as Britain's defense secretary said overnight that Iran taking the British tanker was illegal it is absolutely clear I spoke to our maritime commander out in the region today early this morning is very clear that those that ship was in Amarna losers this is an illegal and hostile act the Iranians also stopped a second oil tanker in the Gulf on Friday it was ultimately released both of these actions though have led the United States and its allies to beef up military presence in the Gulf in anticipation of the possibility of a larger conflict Laura all right trainings for us in our Jerusalem news room thank you so much

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