Iran tries to seize British tanker in Strait of Hormuz | DW News

Iran tries to seize British tanker in Strait of Hormuz | DW News

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  1. While the world doesn't want any war Iran is trying to create the battle war amongst the nations ,why?????.gunavaradhan Indian army Tamil nadu.

  2. don't these tankers have like a million cameras on them? why are all the shots the same shot… why are they all stills any ways for that fact?


  4. The UK Column News gave facts not provided by the MSM.
    1. The tanker left Saudi Arabia empty of oil which is unusual.
    2. HMS Montrose chose to shadow this empty tanker and not the other laden British tankers in the area.
    3. The tanker illegally switched off its transponder.

    From the Iranian perspective this was an unidentified vessel worthy of investigation. It seems this episode was a deliberate attempt to bait the Iranians for a political purpose.

  5. Iran's dictator is jus jealous that he doesn't have any frigates. Trying to take a super tanker with johnboats. Rotflmfao

  6. The body language of Iranian leader shows they are violence in nature, why is people attacking US and isreal. Iran is a terrorist country, they should be dealt with.

  7. It’s all to be expected, action reaction, Gibraltar, BP ship across Hormuz, gunboats. Let’s not be naive just pray for wisdom.

  8. With Trump behaving like a child! Trying to de- escalate this isn't going to happen anytime soon 😏

  9. London says' ,…???? Apparently these were Iranian revolutionary vessels,… APPARENTLY! One LOST FART to another LOST afrt not having a CLUE about what they're talking about. NO FACTS! NO PROOF!! Just FALSE accusations as ALWAYS UK!

  10. Unfortunately EU. Mainly UK not only provoke Iran, now UK brought up the tension to a new level. An agression behavior by UK should be stop.

  11. the U.S. and Britain said that Iraq had WMD also. They lie all the time to maintain the facade of might and resolution. Iran does not TRY, if they had the order they would have boarded the tanker in no time. What a British Frigate can do when they are near the Iranian Shores and thousands of speed boats can circle the tanker in no time? If Iranians had the order to capture that tanker, one or two midget submarine would have been nearby and the shore missile batteries would have aim at the frigate. One only need to use its brain to realize that this is only a hollow Chest Beating from Britain. Their might master — the U.S. — fizzle out after threatening to blow up the speed boats out of the water, now what an old Royal Imperial FART can possibly do to Iran near its shores?
    Britain must pay for its illegal detention of the Iranian Tanker to learn keeping its nose out of others' business. If they wish to impress their master — the U.S. — they must do it on their own cost not other's expense.

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