Iraqi parliament votes to expel US troops from country

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  1. Trump just threatened to put sanctions on Iraq if the US is forced out. And everyone in these comments are pretending like this was all part of he plan to get out of Iraq. Well guess what, it’s not, because we JUST sent 3,000 MORE troops to iraq and surrounding bases this weekend. Bravo

  2. Jim Walsh, the Left wing paranoid academic. So now Obama is the hero in all this is that what you mean? Sounds like Lefty Hypocrisy.

  3. Great. Get them out and when Iraq goes pear shaped again, let thme stew in their own juices. It frees up troops should the iranian numbnuts want a fight!

  4. If it wasn’t for the c r a p in this world you could virtually drive around the world in your family wagon. All major continents are all connected and the rest could be accessible on a short ferry ride. Humanity is hilariously F d

  5. Conscription is coming for American Youths … Vote Trump out if you don't want to be forced to fight a war that Republicans want.

  6. U.S leaves while Russia moves in. MAGA supporters and Republicans thanks for allowing this to happen. Falling into Putin’s trap.

  7. But will the USA honor that show of democracy? Will the USA honor the sovereignty of Iraq?
    I predict that the USA will stay illegally for the oil.

  8. These comments are full of fools! You guys are all celebrating the notion of them asking us to leave as if that means our troops are heading home. We just initiated an act of war on Iran and we won’t be leaving the Middle East any time soon. Trump has been poking the bear that is Iran and as this guest stated none of this occurred until we backed out of the Iran deal and put crippling sanctions on them. We’ve been instigating another war all over again

  9. The United States should use this as a perfect excuse to leave Iraq high and dry. Chaos in the region will only cause the value of U.S. oil to go way up internationally. The U.S. no longer needs middle Eastern oil.

    As for taking out Iran leadership, it's fine if they try to target U.S. leadership. It's a very long swim to get to the United States. It's not like they can project force into the continental United States.

    Any troops or embassies in the Middle East should be pulled back. They're just a vulnerability for the U.S. in the region.

  10. Oh well ? (Shrug) I been wanting us out of there for years now so I'm not upset by this. Let's comply and stop that pork barrel foreign aid thing too.

  11. Good , Trump said he was going to get us out. Maybe this what it took. I was there 3 times and i think we should not be there. Theese countries need to stand up and fight. There is no reason for us to be there.

  12. No US politician will ever leave the Middle East; Americans will continue to be drained of their blood and money and there is nothing that can be done.


  14. Geopolitics isn't as simple as everyone thinks. Let's say the US leave the Middle East next morning you wake up with insane prices on oil, so people will start to complain it's costly to drive cars, suddenly due to logistics get more expensive everything gets costly also, why? Because oil-rich countries got conquered by people who do not like the West. Then voters suddenly decide that their leaders need to help out the Middle East again, but ops it's too late, suddenly they have a Nuclear Weapons. And only then will people realize that their Freedom and comfort had a price.

  15. Good. They made it clear they don't want us there. Let's get out! That's money we can be spending on our own people!

  16. I'm all for getting out of Iraq

    I doubt very much the USA will leave anytime soon regardless of the Iraqi Parliament or any other thing

  17. ow and let the eu deal with iran bring all of our troops home from all over the world we need to stop being the world police force let someone else die for sand rock and oil

  18. Off course Iran was behaving themselves during Obama's Iran deal, they were getting the US to fund their terrorism and making their leaders rich.

  19. Iran deal plus 150 billion or not, they cant be trusted. The Islamic Republic of Iran has been at war with the United States and its allies since 1979 when this theocratic regime took power and has since carried out a massive numbers of terror attacks.

  20. The vote in the parliament is a proclamation. While not legally binding, it undermines the historic partnership with the USA. The status of forces will be negotiated as Shiia inspired militias like cleric Muktadr Al Sadr demonstrate their New Iraq Peace. He has been a pro Iraqi home rule guy for decades. A moderate nationalist. He can deliver the required order with his Mahdi Army veterans on the payroll and accountable. Soberly keeping the peace in Najaf & Basra. Billions of oil dollars are available to rebuild Iraq. OPEC has allowed a breather, this fighting is problematic as markets complain in Asia. Sanctions on Iraq are the wrong message perhaps? Pay the troops, it always works in Asia FYI One war at a time makes more sense to our allies in Iraq, the victim. Iran may be a second term puzzle?🦊☮️ Mr Kim called…4:11 nailed the precis analysis. Maybe seeing us debate policy will let Iranians avoid violence.

  21. It is typically the UNITED states. It is a country that needs war to make money, it is the most Corrupt War Nation on this earth. And one must say if there was a god. So he would punish all of the greedy politician that Has sold their soul for money

  22. 3 of 9 Congressman Maloney, “And why do you have confidence that you can do that?
    And tell your Dad not to worry.” Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, “Congressman, because this is America. This is the country I've served and defended. That all of my brothers have served. And here. Right. Matters.” Congressional Impeachment Inquiry Testimony of Lieutenant Colonel Vindman. November 19, 2019.

  23. 2 of 9 Congressman Maloney, “And I'm struck by that phrase 'Do not worry' you addressed to your Dad. Was your Dad a warrior?” Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, “He did serve. It was a different military though.” Congressman Maloney, “And he would have worried. That you were putting yourself up against the president of the United States. Is that right?” Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, “He deeply worried about it. Because in his context. There was the ultimate risk.”

  24. 1 of 9 Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, “Dad do not worry. I'll be fine for telling the truth.” Congressman Maloney, “You realize that when you came forward; out of sense of duty. That you were putting yourself in opposition. To the most powerful person in the world. Do you realize that sir.” Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, “I knew I was assuming allot of risk.”

  25. Congratulations to all trumpturds out there. Your orange foul dotard of a leader just started another war, killing more young Americans!!!! I hope you all proud of yourselves!!!!

  26. Everyone knows trump the chump has put the world in a more dangerous place. Even for Trump , with a $80,000,000 bounty for his HEAD !

  27. Hmmmmm PHILIPPINES did this exact same thing decades ago……. we packed up our military bases & left!


  28. An other idiot expert. Small aggressive powers striven for long range missiles and nukes and exporting their brand of theocratic nonsense need to be contained. They may love paradise but the rest of us want to live here on earth

  29. Listen, Solemani was in Iraq to implement Ali Khamenei power and to strong arm Iraq's parliament so they could take over and grow their forces in the middle east. Iran doesn't like the fact that America is backing Israel, so they are taking measures to close in.

  30. Whether they kick the US out or not does not matter. Now the American people have seen Iraq is a satellite country of Iran. Just think 19 years and our President has to fly in in the middle of the night to Iraq. It is BS that we are supporting Iraq. Is our money going to Iran through Iraq

  31. As if the US is just gonna leave Iraq…not that easy. We are owed A LOT!…and they will pay one way or another.

  32. Let's focus on how Obama bent over 5 times a day for the Iranians. He was America's first black traitor puppet president. I think he bent over for Bill Clinton too. These traitors should pay restitution before they are hanged

  33. President Trump please take this opportunity to leave. Let's take our equipment, leave a coupla secure strategic bases and let these ungrateful bastards swim or drown. We can always engineer a war between Iraq and iran? LOL

  34. So jim you want to bend over to the iotolas ,is that your
    Solution to these criminals while they're
    Expending their terrors
    round the world,
    Great solution, trump got it under control that is why he's potus..
    And You're not…

  35. War is the inevitable logic of Trump’s and Israeli policies, and they will be solely responsible if another conflict breaks out in the Middle East.
    There is no doubt that Trump’s new policy towards Iran bears the hallmark of Netanyahu and his supporters in the White House who write Trump’s speeches for him.

  36. Jim Walsh is wrong.. Iran started killing off their own people before we got involved AFTER they attacked US Iraq coalition force, and then our Embassy.. Seems Jim is a partisan hack..

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