Irish dad’s reaction to the news his son has “failed” his driving test.

I’m after passing my driving test But I’m letting on to the ould fella that I failed. He’s gonna go fuckin’ beserk. Well garsun, how did you get on? Well how are you? Well how did it go? Jaysus I’m a fuckin’ good while waitin’… Fuckin’…eh…the… Three-point turn…and the fuckin’ hill start What about it? Like, it was fuckin’ impossible, like I dunno, I just…I…for the hill start…I Did you fail the fucker? Yeah. Ah for fuck’s sake! Jaysus Christ of almighty! For fuck’s sake, and what did it cost? 85 Euro But it’s alright, sure I’ll do it again 85 Euros, for fuck’s sake! Do you think we’re gettin’ these 85 Euros that fuckin’ handy? Once you’ve failed the first fuckin’ time that’s the start of it! Again and again and again The next time you go for that fuckin’ test… …what kind of a cunt was he anyway? It was a woman. A fuckin’ bitch of a woman!? Why didn’t you sweeten her up some way? Them’s the two things I told you last night lad! The fuckin’ three-point turn and the hill start! You were lookin’ into the fuckin’ computer! Jaysus Christ! I know, but sure…. Fuck’s sake! Sure can I do it again in two weeks? Yeah, two weeks! Again, another 85 Euro for the same fuckin’ yarn! Fuck. Ah no I passed! Ahhh ya bollox! Jesus Christ. And I’m recording you. TURN OFF THAT FUCK OF A THING! You’ll be on Facebook now! Jesus Christ, I thought you’d fuckin’ failed the bastard.

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  1. thems was the three things i tould ya last night lad ! a fuckin bitch of a woman ! haha gas gaas man xox hon the irish ! ! !

    The Irish are a rowdy bunch… Probably still bitter over the potato famine…  I'm surprised any of them can stay off the whisky long enough to be able to drive…. 

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  4. What makes the dad's reaction so realistic is that, as a parent, I'd be pissed as fuck about my son failing a $90 test too.

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