Is it hard to live in the present I thought I will release this video after posting few more videos on living in the present moment However, I felt an immense urge to publish it now. I don’t know if it is too early or late still somehow I feel this would be the right moment to release this So if we look at the question how difficult is to live in the present moment Then according to me then according to me the answer of this revolves around in two aspects if we observe the first aspect Then we must say it is difficult to make living in the present moment as our normal state we need to go through different kinds of practices to get this heavenly state and There is a particular reason for this just think when we were born we all came in this earth with this gift Where we did not know the meaning of time where we did not know the meaning of age, year, days etc That time every moment to us was new. It was just like nature, birds, animals Even now they do not know what is time. They don’t worry What happened in their past and what is stored for them in future but as we grew up We became aware of our surroundings we became aware of the society. We started to imitate the people in our society Slowly, we forgot our true nature our national state to live in the present moment and became the slave of time Where we started to rush Started trying to gain control over our future and dreamers over our past Then after some years when people get old they realize oh my god my life Just passed by and I have not lived it fully and they say the truth They went not realized what went wrong as their mental structure were same like others in the society Where the present moment had no value to them it is their past and future moments that they gave importance They forgot to appreciate what treasure they had in every moment in their lifetime It is very sad even when I meet people and talk about the importance of being present Then they don’t even have the concept of it. They don’t know what they are missing They always say what?present moment ?is it not the present moment? We are sitting in a cafe I am talking to you. You are talking to me, and my answer is yes. This is the present moment but are you dedicating yourself completely in this moment is your mind is fully in this moment or it’s roaming elsewhere and That time they realize wow I never think of it like this way It is just like in his book the power of now mr. Eckhart Tolle said Sometimes we only realize that the air conditioner is running behind us only when someone switch it off and the sound gets stopped You tell me how can one possibly remain happy or satisfied like this Where we became a machine where we became unaware of our present gift and obsessed over what we don’t have Still we even don’t realize we are suffering as Mr.Tolle said this is a disease and Everyone considers this suffering as a normal state, and they don’t even know it as we are not living our normal life We are always dissatisfied, groaning and complaining about our life Avoiding all the worries a past and future if we can make living in the present moment as our normal state Then there would be an immense joy in us we will start to see this new world in a completely New way, and I am telling this with my experience, too But the main issues that we are now so accustomed with our current state that for us it might be a little difficult to reach the state Where we can appreciate the value of now all the time it became difficult as we are in this current state for ages To be simplified this disease came to us not only by the people of our current society But also for more ancestors as they were the victims, too so if we want to get rid of this disease and try wholeheartedly to embrace the present moment at at First our mind won’t be able to take this thought process as a normal one our mind will tell us what you are doing? You are happy like this thinking about your future and past and we were comfortable in it So why you want to enjoy the present moment this is more powerful than the present moment Why you want to take yourself out from the state and whenever you will try to make the present moment as your best friend, Every time your mind will interfere like this, as a result people lose. Hope and starts to accept defeat into their mind This is why it is difficult to live in the present In this matter another aspect falls in Where we can say that, as Difficult living in the present moment is,as easy It is for us to make the state our normal state. it requires an everyday practice. We all know nothing can be done without practice as even monks became a pro in meditation by starting meditation concentrating on their thoughts for the first minutes for a few days and Only by practicing it they become successful in meditating for hours even for days So for this reason the focus of this channel is to remind every day the importance of living in now the present moment, to Remind you it is easy to attend the heavenly state if we practice it daily with different practices and affirmations Thank you so much for watching this. I hope it will help you somehow. I’ll meet you in the next video like this Please share this video as much as you can as I want to reach as many people as I can, till then enjoy heavenly bless

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  1. Living in the present can be difficult but also so rewarding! I actually just wrote about how this can help with depression over on my blog:

  2. Madyati those videos are really important for me, It helped to change my life, why people don't interest to watch this videos 🙁

  3. Sir,what you are showing is greatest on the earth,I first got inspired by Eckhart tolle living in the present moment videos
    Now what you are showing is clarity and best path of living fully, thanking you sir

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