Ivanka Trump's viral G20 moment

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  1. It's the sort of environment that an intelligent young woman might do well to listen quietly and learn. Not Ivanka

  2. 3….2….1……Cue MAGAts bringing up AOC, Hillary, or any other female they can hate on as they defend the The Secretary Of Knock-Off Shoes, the rest of the American Romanovs and their Daddy the Grifter-On-Chief. 😂 💩🇷🇺🤡💩🇷🇺🤡💩🇷🇺🤡💩🇷🇺🤡💩🇷🇺🤡💩🇷🇺🤡💩🇷🇺🤡💩💩💩🇷🇺🇷🇺🤡🤡💩🇷🇺🤡💩🇷🇺🤡💩💩💩💩🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🤡🤡🤡😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🧂👶🏻

  3. MoneyBOOBOO’s emotional support pet. 🇷🇺💩🇷🇺🤡🇷🇺💩🇷🇺🤡🇷🇺💩🇷🇺🤡🇷🇺💩🇷🇺🤡🇷🇺💩🇷🇺🤡🇷🇺💩

  4. G20's become an episode on "Mean Girls" with the stupid one pathetically pushing herself on the smart kids and pretending to understand what they're saying. Trump's really are the uncouth, uneducated, red necked, slow kids of this country. NO amount of money is going to change their stupidity, cruelty, and uselessness.

  5. Just because you are the daughter of the president doesn’t mean you can weight in professionally in political affairs.

  6. look at all your loser liberals still crying about 2016. Toughen up pussies, you're in for a lonnnnnnnnng ride

  7. She might've showed up dressed as Galadriel and mumbled a bunch of nonsense words, but she's a stunning woman. I don't know how Trump made anything that beautiful.

  8. Looks like a lot of snowflake cucks got triggered hard by Politico simply posting a video without commentary about God Emperor Trump's daughter-wife making a fool out of herself.

  9. Come on folks lighten up! An unelected Ivanka Trump getting involved in world affairs isn't any worse than having the evangelicals dictate USA politics.

  10. At least now know the turd doesn't fall far from the asshole. The girl thinks they get together to make small talk. This isn't a gossip session, Ivanka. These are battle hardened politicians who are there crafting policy. May tried to warn you in the most polite way possible…everybody heard May warn you. You then proceeded to make an ass of yourself.

  11. The really funny part that seemingly eludes everyone is that NONE of them had a clue what they were talking about and that ALL of them just pretended to talk about SOMETHING.

    They're a bunch of jokes. The only reason you keep laughing at Ivanka is that she hasn't mastered her pretend thinking and pretend blabber to the point people eat it up yet. But she in fact is just an extreme of the overall trend, and the French presidency does not appreciate you laughing at Ivanka, because the French presidency knows that through Ivanka, more or less knowingly, you laugh at them all.

  12. Ivanka and Politico are only good for getting a "load" splashed on their face! At least Ivanka is sexy! Politico…not so much, just pisses off liberal and socialist snowflakes!

  13. Watch my video and find out what this is really about, not what you think take the red pill only if you're ready.?

  14. Obummer couldn't fix the economy in eight years. Trump did it in his first year. Suck a fat dick you found in the sewer, libs.

  15. Shes a joke what a circus just proves mr. Trump you're not making America great you're ruining it by the day especially by bringing your daughter who is unqualified and looks like a joke at the G20 what are you doing you want another 4 years wake up joke straight joke

  16. How did I end up on one of the top rated fake news channels? Even their fake news story ended up being fake news. This is too common for them. https://www.thepostemail.com/2018/02/14/politicos-fake-news-story-fake-news/

  17. … … …it is all about the buetifull moment ; this is very chic and sexxxy, o i am neither liberal or conservative, this is not awkward at all, very stylish, and love too love you baby! how about a 111 story supertall trump tower in dallas texas it fits like lvankas buitifull dress and candor…
    this is class, start raising the glass, i will take the penthouse(111!
    llove Brother brent! 💘

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