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Jackie Lacey Apologizes After Husband Points Gun At Black Lives Matter Protesters At Their Home

Jackie Lacey Apologizes After Husband Points Gun At Black Lives Matter Protesters At Their Home

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. He has every right to defend his property in some states he would be backed by laws, BLM are thugs. Next time don't show up in people's private property.

  2. What I want to know is, where's Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton? Shouldn't they be leading BLM onto Jackie Lacey's property now?

  3. Let me get this straight. They have already been harassing her, show up at her house at 5:30 am, and they are shocked a gun was pulled on them in L.A.???
    Good job doing what needed to be done to protect your house sir. I applaud you.

  4. Stay off their property. If you are a mother, don't put yourself in a situation where you may not come home.

  5. Lol.. that is so freaking funny.. next time those protesters shouldn't show up at people's home

  6. Your a mother, and have children, then your rear should be at home with those children, not standing on private property, as a mobb, terrorizing citizens. And knocking on their door could be considered harassment because you are there to be confrontational.

  7. He should be arrested. They were not on private property. There was no signs. Anyone else that would've done this they would be arrested. He needs the same treatment as anyone else that would threaten and point a possible loaded gun.

  8. Black lives matter is a fkn guys are fighting each other..This why there will never be any organization amongst themselves…All this is over a fkn seat ..This what white Democratic party likes when you guys to fight each other..Divde over conquer…

  9. Now they should take the weapon away from the husband and check his way of thinking that's not how you use a gun in California he should be banned

  10. Never apologize. That’s his castle.. protection is the best thing when someone is on private property.👁

  11. She has NOTHING to apologize for!
    You come to somebody's house at early a.m.,you're BEGGING TO GET SHOT!

  12. if he don’t want to fu her bid for that seat. He need to start singing🎤, also that should have been a charge because he came outside with that weapon. I could be wrong but a person has to enter your property in California. He came outside, not really scared if you opened the door with a gun😗Also, there is a time and place for protesting and not on that woman’s doorsteps. If it was a reporter, would the reaction be the same approach by him? It’s unfortunate that Black Lives Matter, didn’t try a different approach because this will make them look really bad and may provoke someone to justify fearing from their protesting and the news headline may be reported differently. Stay off people’s property. Meet them in the streets or on legal grounds.And if your in fear for your life, don’t unlock your door 🚪🙄. Call 911 and sit in your recliner 😎

  13. Totally agree with the man…YOU DON'T stand out and step into MY property just because you FEEL like it is right.

    BUT! This dude has little gun etiquette…finger on the trigger is a big no no, pull that baby on the side.

  14. A District Attorney who doesn't even understand the First Amendment. I wonder what the chances are that she will prosecute her psychopath husband.

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