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good day I'm Stephen McHugh and this is your JIS news for Friday June 14 the proposed Police Plaza to be built at no-man's land in downtown Kingston will be fully accessible to residents the 37.5 acre property will have green spaces to ensure strong community interface it will include football and cricket fields as well as basketball and tennis courts among other recreational areas minister of national security dr. Horace Chang gave the assurance while addressing residents at a community meeting on Wednesday at the Ambassador Theatre in Trenchtown Plaza episome fortress built in the middle with two tone poles when desired to be doing everybody her own it that's not the purpose of coming into friendship Park I'd like to restore no-man's-land to Friendship Park according to Minister Chang one of the objectives of building the Police Plaza is to ensure a non-hostile and friendly interface between the police and community members in addition he says plans to construct an initial 1,000 new houses on the property for residents the police and workers will further restore law and order if you have jobs they're done schools did lots cutting to have quality holes in your bag and it to be that it tone self can become dynamic and healthy and you remove with OU locking up anybody remove 90% that it calls for conflict don't own everybody's working the kids going to school Minister Chang says the construction of the Police Plaza which will be the new headquarters for the Jamaica Constabulary force will also facilitate the consolidation of police stations in the area it will also house all the non geographic formations of the specialised units such as narcotics National Intelligence Bureau and the counterterrorism and organized crime investigation branch cita travelers to countries with confirmed cases of the measles virus are being advised to ensure that they are adequately protected as at May 17 2010 that I've reported confirmed measles cases are Argentina Bahamas Brazil Canada Chile Colombia Costa Rica Mexico Peru USA Uruguay and Venezuela Jamaica's chief medical officer dr. Jacqueline Bisset McKenzie is reminding citizens that before traveling they are to ensure they and their children are fully vaccinated against measles with the measles mumps rubella MMR vaccine measles is a highly contagious viral disease affecting many children infection spreads rapidly even before the symptoms are evident and it therefore has a potential to cause outbreaks vaccination is the only way that we can prevent measles in Jamaica today two doses of the MMR vaccine are needed to provide full protection against the disease Jamaica has prioritized MMR vaccinations for children ten years old and younger this is also provided free of cost adults over 40 years of age are likely to be immune to measles given that the virus would have been circulating in Jamaica during their childhood in addition several measles vaccination campaigns have been conducted since then to ensure the protection of the population at that time persons who are unsure of their vaccination status should contact their health care provider or visit a health center persons who develop a fever and rash especially after visiting a country no job measles cases must contact their health care provider or visit a health center immediately cabinet has endorsed to the selection of Richard miles as the next governor of the Bank of Jamaica mr. biles will succeed governor Bryan winter on August 19 Abuja subcommittee led by BOJ general counsel Karen chin cui Aiken has been appointed to assist mr. vials in the transition including complying with bill J governance requirements Finance Minister dr. Nigel Clarke says he's confident that mr. vials will bring focused principled and disciplined leadership to the post in January Minister Clarke formed a search committee to seek a new central bank governor he says from the search process mr. biles who he described as an eminently qualified experienced and credible leader was identified by his career in Business and Finance spans 40 years serving as head of the Panchen Group CEO of SAC or Jamaica chairman of red stripe and co-chair of the economic programme Oversight Committee epoch meanwhile Prime Minister Andrew Holness says Danville Walker has been apt to lead the housing component of the Hope program pointing out that in 2004 mr. Walker headed the office of national reconstruction in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan the prime minister says he is a good fit for the new role his appointment comes as government has set aside over a billion dollars in the budget to address the shortfall of housing for the most vulnerable in society it has the experience the new hole and the knowledge to mobilize and manage this kind of construction to make sure that it comes in on time that is done efficiently and within budget Senate this morning started using its recently refurbished 1753 mace the mace was refurbished as part of Parliament's makes conservation project which will see both of Parliament's mixes being refurbished renowned Canadian conservator Alexander gabov is conducting the conservation treatment the mace is the symbol of royal authority and must be in place when meetings of the Senate and House of Representatives are held the parliaments maces were constructed in 1753 and in 1787 for more than 20 years only one mace has been in use as the 1753 mace had undergone structural damage and was severely tarnished the 1753 mace will be used for ceremonial purposes to allow for the repair of the 1787 mace it is expected that repairs will be completed by June 21 once both maces have been repaired the 1753 mace will be used for Senate meetings and the 1787 mace will be used for meetings of the House of Representatives Technology Minister Fable Williams is leading a delegation to Estonia for an executive training program on ego Vernon's and information and communications technology policy the training which takes place from June 17 to 21 is coordinated by the inter-american Development Bank in collaboration with the Estonia Governance Academy the sessions are designed to provide participants with the knowledge and tools to strengthen their current capacities in digital government and make wider and more efficient use of ICT in the public sector Jamaica is on a transformational journey to become a knowledge-based and digital society with ICT positioned to drive national development Estonia has 99% of its public services available online making it the most advanced digital Society in the world and finally Prime Minister of st. kitts and nevis dr. Timothy Harris has expressed sympathies to the country on the passing of Jamaica's statesman Edward C Agha he's currently on the island and this morning as his first official business signed to the condolence book at Jamaica house in terms of his input for the regional effort he came to office at a time where there was some ill-will within the Caribbean community and there was a hiatus with respect to meetings of the Caribbean community I think after a hiatus suppose of probably some seven or so years of the leaders not coming together Sayaka managed to convene a meeting of the CARICOM heads it is anticipated that other world leaders will soon arrive on the island to partake in celebratory activities for the life of the nation builder the next scheduled public event is a football match on Sunday at the Edward C Agha sports complex in West Kingston mr. sagas state funeral will be held on June 23 at the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity in downtown Kingston and that's it for JIS news today I'm Steven McHugh thanks for watching boom

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