Japan blasts S. Korea for refusing third-party arbitration over forced labor dispute

Japan blasts S. Korea for refusing third-party arbitration over forced labor dispute

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  1. Japan gonna start WW3 one day in the future.
    As they did in the past. I always pray for peace for both country.

  2. Anyone can understand that Korea is lying. Korea is a sport and violence, so it is true that all countries in Europe are disliked. Sick country I love Japan

  3. No the real is korean started war in japan korean always want to take money and materials in japan because on there country have a big trouble and problem economic now

  4. The arbitration process is defined in the 1965 treaty between South Korea and Japan. The refusal is another example of Korean breach on the agreements in the treaty.
    South Korea must suffer from the consequence of this. A punitive measure must be taken.

  5. Wow little koreans 😡😡😡 their men are so feminine and impotent, their beauty so superficial, their culture so shallow and replaceable which are based on kpop and beauty surgeries lmao pathetic people hate them to the guts 😡😡🖕🖕🖕

  6. Japan's FM Kono needs to learn some manners asol. Our country George Town did teach him such conducts but as soon as he, Kono asol FM, returned to Japan n drank toooooo many Japanise alcohol way over .08 legally permitted lvel, and consequently Kono lost his common sense or his rudimentary mental faculty and to prove my point, just look at his "sick face" and he does NOT look too well given we, USA, UK, n EU, Germany, France entire Western Europe is aginst U asol Kono!

  7. The whole meeting was open to media and full footage is available.
    I guess the full open coverage aimed to prevent Korean officials from lying or giving contradictory statements depending on whom they talk to. Such fabrications had already been made many times, quite annoying Japanese officials.

  8. In this video, Japan's foreign minister speaking in his own words, easily surely and clearly. On the other hand, Korean ambassador to Japan is reading the speech paper written by his subordinates. Poor knowledge Korean ambassador.

  9. International or not International, Japan started a war and slaughter and tortured millions of innocent people. Forced labour did not occur during that time? Get real..

  10. South Korea give danger to Japanese living in Korea. Embassy is the place to protect japanese they want to help. They put prostitution woman monument. Japan and Korea relationship is broaken down by Korea's selfish action.

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