Jenna Dewan Is Having A Boy, According To Kelly Clarkson

– I mean I’m not at all jealous of your beautiful pregnant self. No seriously. – I’m trying to squeeze into this dress. – You’re pregnant. – As I sit, thank you.
– Oh I get it and I’m not pregnant. But the same thing happened to me. – Yeah, if it’s not Spanx for pregnant it’s Spanx for regular
day life all the time. – Oh my God, if I were pregnant
I would not wear Spanx, you just own it. – Yeah, but there’s something it’s kind of comforting or something. – I feel you though, it kind of holds you, you feel like your stomach’s escaping. It’s like a separate thing. – Especially this time around. – I’m so glad you’re pregnant and not me. – Yes!
– I can’t emphasize that enough. – [Jenna] That’s so funny.
– But you are very pregnant so are you excited? – Yes!
– It’s your second right? – Second. I’m so excited. It’s been amazing. First pregnancy was really easy. Evie was like a dream pregnancy and this time around also really great but
everything’s happening faster. I’m swelling faster. I have heartburn faster. I was way more nauseous this time around. So it’s just like, yeah,
it’s a little different. – Maybe that means that the
opposite sex is happening. – I know, I know.
– Yeah, maybe. So is this did you ever have any of the weird stuff like either weird cravings or weird dreams or anything like that?
– Yes. – [Kelly] Okay.
– So many weird things. – I only had dreams of not being pregnant. – You were like please,
God, when is this done? – Get out! – When is this done? Yeah, no, with Evie, I was super healthy. I was actually finally,
I wanted grapefruit. Which was like,
– [Kelly] Oh, God. – Thank you, Evie. – I secretly can’t stand you, it’s fine. – Yeah, no, not this time, though. This time I’m like, I want junk food. I want everything bad. It’s really. But it was immediate. I was like where’s the chips. Where’s Taco Bell? I was like I needed like junk food. – Okay, I can roll with
this kid, all right. – [Jenna] And the dreams. Did you have the crazy pregnant dreams? – I literally only dreamed
of not being pregnant. I had, that was not an actual joke. – Oh yeah. No I dream really weird this pregnancy. I had a dream the other night
that I was playing hockey with a bunch of hockey players and then all of a sudden
we turned into balloons and we started floating and the problem was we couldn’t keep
our skates on the ice. I woke up I was like, what was that? – What does that mean? – I need to feel grounded? I had no idea. – Were you pregnant while you, – Yes.
– In the dream? – Yes! – Just ice skating pregnant.
– Yes! – Playing hockey.
– That’s another thing. Yes I’m pregnant in the dream.
– That’s what you do. Which is really weird. – Oh my God I missed
out on the fun dreams. – I would’ve woke up trying to like get some dream book, figure that out. Like what’s wrong with me? – I know I just looked over, I was like that was so weird. I was like why am I dreaming
of hockey ever, ever? – I’m super excited for you. – Thank you. – It’s a very cool thing to be a mom now. It’s my favorite thing I do.

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  1. My 4 boys I craved beef and nacho cheese chips. My 2girls I craved chicken and ranch sour cream chips. Oh and my husband had all the morning sickness, I loved it!

  2. When is it the end of season 1 of this show? They’ve already been doing it for 4 months now since last September.

  3. Jenna Dewan is so beautiful! Wow, she’s even one of the most beautiful pregnant women ever too. 😍❀️ 🀰🏻

  4. I don’t like how Kelly don’t let them talk lol. I love her but it takes time to be the best I guess. I’m sure Wendy wasn’t perfect in her first season

  5. CHANNING TATUM WANTED A SON!!! She wanted a career and that failed. She had the nerve to get knocked up while in the process of the divorce. KARMA THAT HER PREGNANCY IS HARD. Hope this bastard gives her hell!! TEAM TATUM!!

  6. Kelly,
    I love you. You are hilarious and literally one of my favorite people. Also Jenna is gorgeous and seems like such a sweet soul!

    As someone who talks a lot, it’s hard to take a step back! But she is doing great!

  7. My first pregnancy was completely perfect. My second was just as she described. I think having a boy the second time around is what changed the bliss. I would throw up brushing my teeth

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