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Jerry Spring (Family Affairs) Pt 1 of 3

Jerry Spring (Family Affairs) Pt 1 of 3

and you find nothing wrong with that isn't that that's not safe no we have a beautiful relationship and I just want both of them to be a part of my life I you know this has been going on for about four years sister can be a part of your life but she doesn't have to sleep with you hey did you shop together no the way I feel about it is like you know we do shows and everything and if people don't want to come see our shows then they don't have to and what we do behind closed doors is our own business so and you don't feel awkward at all having sex with your own blood sister no she's like my best friend and my lover all-in-one I mean I couldn't ask for more and you're surprised that your brother that your your brother that your husband doesn't think that's a good idea well it's not so much that but if he loves me enough he should be able to accept me hi I he married you because you would be his wife because you would be faithful to him because that bond was so sacred that it wouldn't be shared with anybody else particularly your sister that's what he married you for married that I was bisexual even though he didn't know about the relationship he knew that he was gonna have to share me with women in one way or another did you ever think it'd be your sister oh no no but you know the thing is is before this happened um he he would talk about that as like a fantasy of his and now that he knows that it's real he has such a problem with it and he's taking it you know really hard so well let's bring him out welcome to the show how long have you guys been together a year and a half we've been married for a year and a half and you knew when you married her that she was bisexual yeah then when did you find out that she was sleeping with her sister about five months ago how did you find out she told me at first I didn't believe it I thought was kind of joking or whatever but found out wasn't what do you want to say to her that is gonna be her or me like I said her she's my blood sister and I understand that this isn't a traditional marry relationship why don't you go shopping with her I said that this this isn't something that I can give up and I feel like if you love me enough then this is something that you can deal with we're not gonna have a normal marriage but you know this is the way it is this is the way I feel about my sister now here is your sister Samantha well what what am I missing here uh you don't hi you don't think anything's wrong with this not at all I don't think there's anything wrong with it off I treat her way better than he does what your sisters disgrace your entire family even they their even care I think they'd rather see me with her I do my parents despise him my parents absolutely hate him and they wish that they would get a divorce okay that's a separate issue almost I'm I can't get over the fact that your two sisters and you're having sex together thing too so she's beautiful okay you enjoy being with her know what both sisters we don't sleep with them how did it all start how did it all start it was back when I was about a junior in high school high school we had a slumber party about 10 girls yeah we were drinking beer got into the liquor cabinet it's always the liquor go ahead there was dancing and you're watching movies yeah I think that's what I think that's what started it you know I can pretty much trace it back to there was a movie with them a lesbian scene on and all the girls started talking about you know what it would be like and you know girls are curious at that age and okay up next we're gonna meet a teenage girl who is pregnant by her own half-brother but she's already dumped him for his other brother I mean I'm listening to this and and mom with all due respect you're arguing that he should have slept with her because she's a slut I don't care she's a slut she's a sister tomorrow on spring what are you doing Debra wants to do this day away from her van fights back somebody says they want me I 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  1. I really do wish that Jerry would go back to the way he first started his talk show .
    I find it very difficult to even try to sit down the first 5minutes and try to watch the Jerry Springer show now with the way it is . You can barely understand anything that the show is about UNLESS you are drunk ..!!
    I really miss the real Jerry Springer show ..!!

  2. They are hot as fuck especially the girl in the dress. The dude is an idiot for not having a threesome with them. This is every guys and lesbian girls dream for sure!

  3. A lot of comments says he should love two sisters being together but look a man would like his whore and her sister but not his damn wife and sister in law

  4. People must not realize that some guys would get turned on by two sisters hooking up. What's disgusting to some people isn't disgusting to others.

  5. Am i the only thinking that both sisters are hot and would not hesitate trying to hook up with the both of them.. Even if it meant hooking with both at the same time..

  6. The he'll? This may be the first time I saw a tv segment followed by an actual commercial from a t.v. on YouTube

  7. Sisters…..a beautiful thing. I fully approve. Dump the loser, if he can't deal with it. If he had a single brain cell, he'd make peace, and sleep with BOTH.

  8. If I met a hot bitch like her and she was banging her sister and she was hot too Id accept that and plow both fields holy shit shes hot

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