Jim DiEugenio - A Motive For Murder: Kennedy’s Foreign Policy

what I really want to talk about today is about who JFK really was because I think that's the deeper cover-up that has not come out you can probably say that most of the truth about the JFK assassination had come out by I memorize that most by about 1968 1969 etc okay this part of the case who Kennedy really was has not come out until now fifty years later with a couple of books which are going to mention all right so I'm only gonna deal with the assassination for about like less than a third of this presentation all right to cover-ups in the JFK case one about his murder and what about who Kennedy was and it's his second one that I think is more relevant and more important to American society today than the first one is let's deal very quickly with why I think the first thing is pretty much shattered okay see 399 I was really glad that mr. Blakey said today that he still believes in the single Bullet theory and I'm sorry he just left because he's gonna miss this all right the fulcrum everybody knows a focal of the Warren Commission report is a single Bullet theory there's no single Bullet theory even Redlich said that there's two assassins all right okay in the FBI files in say for example a great icon of the community tink Thompson in his book he says that al mirlitons initials are on the bullet they are not on the bullet and you just write down those two URLs and you'll see the evidence that it's not on the bullet now why is that important because that is the only in transit initial of any Authority Secret Service or FBI that is supposed to be on that bullet so Hoover knew they were no initials on that bullet okay in transit there was nothing to prove that anybody handled it from Dallas to FBI HQ so Hoover just told the Bulls face lie and the Warren Commission swallowed it and I don't mind saying HS a HS da did and if he was here I see the same thing they swallowed this nobody checked it okay but it's a lie all right now this is even worse in Frasier's notes which apparently the Warren Commission HSC a never examined Fraser Robert Fraser is an FBI technician did a lot of their ballistics works he has written down there the stretcher bullet which that is arrived at seven-thirty impossible Todd did not get the bullet till 850 how could Fraser have the bullet okay before Todd gave it to him okay so in 40 years nobody ever asked that question okay it's the wrong rifle – from the work of John Armstrong and Martha Moyer and Ray Gallagher the rifle and evidence is not the rifle the FBI said oswald order okay oswald or two the 36 inch five point five pound carbine and you can check that out on the order forms declines the rifle and evidence is a forty point two inch seven point five pound different classifications short rifle all right there were duplicate serial numbers on these rifles okay the FBI lied about this too I see back in those days I don't think everybody anybody understood just what a horrible ogre Jagger Hoover was okay and and the and this case helps shatter that image like Bill Turner the former FBI agent said you know the beginning of the end for Hoover was his investigation of the JFK case it's the wrong brain – okay John stringer the official autopsy photographer denied under oath the ARB that he took the photos that are supposed to be Kennedy's brain at an era and as this is not from memory he never used that kind of film and he never used that kind of a process okay so who took them and why did he need somebody else to do it see those questions never came up any of the Warren Commission or the HSC a because this kind of evidence never came into play see this case with yes something like any Lopez as Oswald's defense lawyer this would not even get beyond a preliminary hearing you would just blow it right out of the water at that stage anybody but Gerry Spence anybody would just spend all right where was Oswald during the shooting this has been a long debate about this – was he on the first floor is there photographic evidence of this this is the work of a researcher named Shawn Murphy look at the guy in red and then look at the guy who's standing next to him it's Wesley Frazier all right now Wesley Frazier always denied that Lovelady okay that that was love lady in the alkanes photograph okay my friend al Rossi who helped me put this together showed Frazier this photo today he says I can't really tell because the photos too blurry who that guy is well to this day nobody knows who it is it just might be Oswald this is about 30 seconds after the assassination now this is true if that's true then the Baker truly Oswell meeting never happened on the soda machine on the second floor you know that scene is made in mortal by Gary Oldman gulping the coke with Miriam Baker's okay I don't believe it happened all right has anybody here seen Baker's first day off the David anybody this is first day off with David there is no mention of any soda machine in his first day affidavit there's no mention at cafeteria in his first day after David he says he encountered the guy on the beats on the stairwell between the third and fourth floor and you want to know what the icing on the cake this one is it couldn't get any better you couldn't make this stuff up that's so great about this case you can never wish their imagination cuz everything gets worse okay Oswald was sitting right opposite him in the witness room when he wrote the affidavit so he forgot oh that's the guy stuck the gun in his stomach okay his party assassination plot I don't buy it that kind of stuff doesn't happen in the real world all right but this is the Kennedy assassination it's not the real world as very cornball said forget about reality reality is irrelevant okay for years the critics argued about the link to the alleged bag Oswald carry the work that day you know everybody so it's two points it's it's a it's three points it's three fifty four okay and then dan Rather gets on TV we'll see if the thing was up here okay this information did not come from Oswald he never said that okay it came from Wesley Frasier and Lainey Randall and the first generation of critics bought this and so they argued about well how long could it have been alright this is in this the beauty of this is right in the Warren Commission volumes all right this is this is where they say his car was this is where okay now let me ask you at Leslie near Andal had one hundred ninety degree peripheral vision how could she possibly see a lot as well go to the back door and put that bag in the door lock but it gets even worse because the FBI knew there was a problem with this story so you know what they did they staged his photograph okay but if you read her testimony she never says that she never says that she opened the door and let but he gets even worse so you couldn't make this stuff up you know I can get paid so much money on SNL putting this stuff in there okay okay all right now here it is here's a capper so what do they do they move the car inside they move the car inside the carport when it was on the opposite side so they don't have to answer the question all right so see what I'm saying is the FBI knew this is bullshit all the way along okay now here's what happened our don't worry that's the Monessen and shift that's a manuscript from the 14th century Germany yeah that's right which picture oh oh you're gonna get to that we're gonna so we were where we were Linney Miranda oh that's right okay we were okay now this is this is incredible this is HSC a Moriarty who's a pretty good detective his questioning Fraser about the bag going on the end of the car and he says but didn't you tell me that you locked every one of those doors at night before you went to bed and he goes well there was a problem with that one door okay no matter what you did and so Moriarty just goes and throws up his arms and says you figure that one out okay all right so now we have the magic lock all right now let's go to a neutral witness because does everybody know that Wesley Fraser was took a polygraph test at midnight the night of the assassination because he he they arrested him and he had a 303 Enfield rifle which was the first rifle that was reported used in the Kennedy assassination and he was so hysterical they couldn't get a reading on that polygraph test all right and on top of that that polygraph test has disappeared from the face of the earth nobody can find it all right he doesn't know where it is either all right this is his mom FBI interviews her I never saw his altar bag that day and Dougherty of course the guy who's a saw Oswald come into the front door of the Texas school never saw a bag that day all right so what I'm saying is from our vantage point today you know that this whole thing has been exposed you know and I agree with Vince tell Andrea now it was designed to fall apart it was designed to fall apart and keep us running in this crazy debate you know about bags and the single Bullet theory and all this stuff to avoid the bigger picture okay the single Bullet theory could also run down the stairs fast enough to be drinking a coke how long was the bag you know with the work of these new riders plus Baker's affidavit it's it now exposes a bunch of dogs chasing their tails all right so as much as I admire these people mark Lane and Sylvia Mar and Harold Weisberg and Popkin and Thompson on my opinion they didn't go far enough okay and we've been playing catch-up for all these years all right and there is in those early books and in the Warren Commission of course there's no political aspect to this case house elected Mini is a little bit better okay because they at least got into the Cuba angle all right so in my opinion the deeper more pervasive and more pernicious part of the cover-up about Kenny's assassination and which the MSM keeps on even tighter than this one with people like Richard Reeves and Alec and Chris Matthews and Parliament and Carl okay all right is about who John F Kennedy really was and what his foreign policy really was all right and even writers in this field I'm sorry Kaiser and Newman left because I'm gonna mention them all right okay you know I like these books by John and David I very much like Jim Douglas his book JFK industry I disagree with all three of them on their view of who John F Kennedy was all right it's completely focused on Vietnam and Cuba so much that it distorts and for shortens and shrinks him as a statesman see my idea is that I'm going to talk about here don't come from those books and in fact I wouldn't be making this speech if I just read those books because I wouldn't know what I was talking about really the tagline on Douglas his book is a cold warrior turns as if before the goose of crisis Kennedy was Eisenhower Truman okay and then the Cuban Missile Crisis you know like st. Paul on the way to Damascus transformed him into somebody different okay I could not disagree more and the record does not support that but the thing is the problem is nobody's dug into that record so nobody knows about it okay Kennedy's foreign policy was in place in 1961 when he was inaugurated all right and if you knew what that was you would have known that he was never gonna back up the CI Bay of Pigs failed invasion you would have known that he was never gonna bomb during the Missile Crisis you would have known that he was never going to send troops to Vietnam in 1961 would have known all that in advance all right and you could have predicted it these are some of the books this book I discovered by accident okay okay so you helped me discover it okay we were in a bookstore in San Diego you know mr. Lisa piece okay okay and so and so she goes Jim look at that book and I never seen this picture of Kennedy before this besides Lisa does anybody know what that picture is when it was taken right this is of the deaths of patrice lumumba this is kennedy in the White House when he gets the news at Lumumba is dead now I talk to the photographer jacques loeb okay and I said how did that happen and he goes well I was just there taking some press photographs you know of him at his deaf signing they'll have him you know like you know answering the phone and then he playing with his kid and all of a sudden their world phone rang for real okay and I said oh great this is a real photograph and this is what happened okay okay now why is that such an important the picture's worth a thousand word is worth a million words because and anybody ever tells you there was no difference in JFK in Eisenhower or JFK and Johnson just tell me you'll know what you're talking about you never saw that picture Eisenhower ordered blue moombas death okay so he would've got that phone call he had been high-fiving Allen Dulles hey we got it all right Jonathan after Kennedy's assassinated completely changes Kennedy's foreign policy sends in the CIA and all these Cuban exiles with jet fighters and they essentially eliminate the last of the moonless followers so when there was some idiot like Noam Chomsky tells you there was no difference between Eisenhower and Kennedy and Johnson that he's a bunch of bullshit that's his bamboozlement all right this book a very good book about his Africa policy all right and this book which is about the entire third world the difference being Kennedy and Johnson in the third world okay if you haven't read these books you really don't know who JFK was Harrison Livingstone was never gonna tell you who JFK was all right like I said Mahoney's book I'll never forget the night I read it because I'd only felt like that twice in my life yeah I've been on this case since about 25 years I only felt like this when a number one when I read the film will answer this book spire saga because that kind of cracked open the mystery of Oswald for me okay and when I read Jim Garrison's interview in Playboy because that showed me that there was an alternative to the crime okay and this is the third time it happened that's how influential that book was am i thinking okay why do I say that Kenny's foreign part was formed by 1961 because he met a certain guy many years before he came president how bad is a research community on this subject this guy's name was never in any book until the Douglas book all right which is 2008 okay which is astonishing because if you asked me if Kennedy would have never met this guy he would have never been assassinated all right it's this guy Edmund gue Leon all right now bet you 95 percent of people never heard of him before right now all right and I'm not trying to sauce monahan I'm just trying to show how backward the research community has been in certain fields okay ghuli on joined the State Department in late 1930s he was transferred to Marseille France in the 1940s where he acquired the French language he was therefore then transferred to Indochina when France tried to go back and retake their colonial empire all right he had met Kennedy very briefly in the late 1940s alright so young John Kennedy in 1951 flies in this igon and he decides to meet some that the diplomats and the CIA guys and the reporters there because he wants to know you know are we gonna win this war are we gonna win this colonial struggle so he meets it going on going in tells him France will never win this war in Vietnam ain't gonna happen all right hochi man that inspired the viet minh which were the colonial anti colonial fighters before the Vietcong that they would rather die then go back under the yoke of colonialism all right France could never win a war of attrition like that all right because the homefront would never support it and Kennedy never forgot this last one okay because he understood when he was into hoppers at 1961 at the French ain't gonna win it we're not go heated either all right and we're gonna tear apart this country you know trying to win it so that's why he said you know how do you fight an enemy that is everywhere and nowhere and has a support of the people that was one of his arguments against all these guys in the cabinet who wanted to send these combat troops in in 1961 all right now one of the great things about JFK is that he never forgot the guys who really he liked coming up because when he becomes president goo Leone comes into the White House all right that's what I picked that's why they're pictures there oh let me say this before I forget it was never Kenny's idea to send launched at the in the fall of 1963 he is gonna send Cooley on alright Rosco overruled it alright say ok I'm gonna stuff it in your face will send this in crazy nut launch all right now Julian becomes the point man on the Congo struggle which actually began before Kennedy and continued after his assassination in this episode i believe is disgracefully ignored why is he important because it shows Julian's immense influence on Kennedy because Kennedy was determined not to let Belgium or England back into the Congo he was determined to make Congo a free nation and in control of its own resources alright that's why he would have back Lumumba and by the way in my opinion and a p.m. couple other people the CI killed Lumumba right before Kenny was inaugurated for that specific purpose they did not want him around when Kennedy was in office alright and most of all he wanted to keep Katanga from splitting off from the rest of the Congo because once they understood that Congo is going to be a free nation they said ok let's at least spin-off Katanga and we'll make that our vassal state because that's where all the great natural resources are all right Kennedy did not want to do that he wanted to keep the riches of Katanga for the Congolese people alright all three protagonists in his fight for Congo freedom are murdered by 1963 Patrice Lumumba murdered by the Belgians with the help of the CIA in 1961 and I know Lisa's gonna object to this next one DAG hammarskjöld murdered by the wipey by the Belgians and a fake Klan crash she's going to say with the help of the CIA okay alright and John F Kennedy murdered by the CIA and its allies including the mob in 1963 now why are those three murders so important because once they were completed Kennedy's policy was completely reversed see this this pattern that we all talk about Vietnam and Cuba you have to understand and we're never going to get anyplace unless we understand this it wasn't yes Vietnam and Cuba I gotta go with you about three different this is happening all over the world okay it wasn't just Vietnam my Cuban all right the CIA takes over the American Embassy and they start a secret air war to eliminate the last and they use the Cuban exiles as their pilots by the way all right Congo becomes a vassal state to Belgium in England and the riches of Katanga go do not go to the Congolese people alright they went to Mobutu and his imperial employers alright alright now the exact same pattern occurs in Indonesia with Congo Allan Dulles and Eisenhower approved a NASA nation plot to murder Lumumba in Indonesia Eisenhower and Dulles brothers approve a coup attempt to overthrow Sukarno who was the leftist Democratic leader and the revolutionary leader who helped free Indonesia from the Netherlands in 1947 when Kennedy becomes president he asked a report on that CI coup attempt Allen Dulles gives him a redacted version the report okay who do you think you are the president or something ok but once he read it there was enough there that Kennedy said no wonder Saqqara doesn't like us we tried to overthrow his government Kenny was determined to make an alliance with the leftist sukarno he assigned RFK and Ellsworth bunker to negotiate the return of West Irian to Indonesia from the Netherlands there was a key point about that that is even richer than Katanga it had a mountain in it which was called copper mountain accompanying Freeport sulfur has said there's probably billions upon billions of dollars of copper gold and silver in this it's pure it's like right ok all right and so again Kennedy wanted that to go to the people of Indonesia alright Jessica this is one example and by the way that here I took for those figures is 2006 that's 40 years later that's how much money is coming out of that one mine in Indonesia so just go ahead and do the math so the familiar pattern repeats itself alright after Kennedy befriends a third world leader and promised to visit at homeland to see an LBJ reverse that policy with disastrous results for the native population within 18 months of Kennedy's assassination the CI plots to overthrow Sukarno and more importantly to decimate the PKI because that was his base in Indonesia and they knew without that base he could never return to power this is the probably the bloodiest CIA coup in history and nobody to this day nobody knows how many people I that's a middle figure you'll see figures from 250,000 all the way up to half a million people it got so bad that the rivers like in the movies turned red with blood okay that's how many people died in that overthrow and by the way the CIA was so proud of that coup all right that it became the model for what they were gonna do in the future because nobody suspected them at the beginning all right and it's rumoured I'm not sure about this but it's rumored that Davis Phillips was part of this operation all right okay now all this showing GU Leon's influence is important but it's ignored but I think for today's world the most relevant thing is Kennedy's Middle East policy which I'm sure nobody even knew that knew about okay all right he did have such a policy and he built it as usual in opposition to Dulles and Eisenhower and by the way this was not a spur-of-the-moment thing this was something that Kennedy has thought out in advance because he told I think Schlesinger during the Democratic convention you know I got a witness thing because if Symington gets it or Johnson gets it it's going to be the same old Dulles foreign policy it's going to be that cold war stuff all the way down the line so we got a witness thing all right John Foster Dulles had killed the relationship with Nasser of Egypt all right he decided to back to monarchy in Saudi Arabia against Nasser now the important thing about Nasser is that he's a socialist okay and he's a pan Arabist all right in other words he wants all the Arab countries to get together into some kind of loose you all right Kenny reversed his policy and this is what's kind of incredible Saudi Arabia and Egypt knocked heads over the Yemen's Civil War and Saudi Arabia wanted to maintain the monarchy so they sent in troops Nasser did not want to maintain the monarchy he sent in troops ten in the back Nasser in that dispute okay be why because he perceived Nasser and Sadat as the best hopes of harnessing Arab nationalism in a direction of progress and democracy after Kennedy was killed Nasser sunk into a month-long depression and he actually showed Kennedy's funeral an Egyptian national TV four times all right he also opposed a Dulles intervention in Lebanon to back a pro Christian leader all right any Commission of State Department study of what it would cost to bring Mosaddegh back now most dig of course was deposed by the CIA all right and he was another nationalist and a socialist okay he wanted that all that oil in Iran to go to the people in Iran instead of the British Petroleum country all right now this policy stems all the way back in 1957 in a much ignored speech about Algeria yes what Kennedy said and what I didn't understand this passage I've read the speech four times you know and I didn't understand this passage until the last time I read the speech okay see what he's talking about here see how G Rhea was a Moslem country that was like 80 percent Muslim because the Ottoman Empire had swept through northern Africa in the Middle Ages alright so what he's talking about here is if we can win their trust and we can pull them in a western direction we can avoid air of feudalism and fanatics so he's predicting what's underneath the surface isn't it's not handled correctly all right all right so this is this is his for his Middle East policy he's gonna try and establish he's moderate Arab nationalist leaders he's not going to have anything to do with selling atomic weapons Israel because he sees that as being escalatory and threatening alright opposed to monarchies of King Saud and the Shah of Iran in Saudi Arabia and Iran and these two last reversals okay towards Israel and towards those monarchies are what had left us in this situation today the Kennedy brothers were very dissatisfied with the Shah as we sued they saw his monarchy as being out of touch with the masses to crony ish to opposes civil rights and the Shan knew that this study about Mosaddegh was not mere talk so in 1963 he tries to please the Kennedys by launching a reform movement and I bet you nobody ever heard this before called the white revolution alright under pressure he decides to give land to the peasants okay and grant more rights to women all right but as James bill notes in his really good book to Eagle in the lion and I have to give Larry Hancock credit for this because he pointed this book out to me the pressure on the Shah was greatly lessened by Johnson and especially Nixon and Carter why because all three of those presidents had connections of the Rockefellers who are very much invested in the Shahs survival by any means all right this is LBJ was very close to the Nelson Rockefeller I'm sure everybody knows Kissinger owed his career to David Rockefeller as there's been new Brzezinski Carter's national security but everybody knows by the way Carter was actually in Iran two months before the Revolution that's how stupid Brzezinski was you know about whose side were supposed to be on there okay JFK never cared for Rockefellers globalist designs but there's no doubt to Allen Dulles and McCoy were Rockefeller disciples it was not Jimmy Carter's decision to let the Shan in the United States everybody understand that David Rockefeller commissioned John McCloy to be a one-man lobbying effort to convince Carter to bring the Shah into America and so McCloy was absolutely incessant and he picked off these guys Vance warnky Brzezinski even Mondale one by one until he turned them around and Carter's left alone in the corner with nowhere to go to and you know what he actually said before he caved he said okay but what are you guys gonna do when they take over our embassy and take our employees hostage he actually said that truer words were never spoken all right now there was a preview of this if anybody was looking in 1964 in the fall of 63 David Rockefeller wanted to meet with JFK about overthrowing the government of Brazil Kennedy refused to take that meeting because he knew what Rockefeller I wanted to talk about all right Johnson did take that meeting one month later all right this was Christmas present to Brazil all right and the coup in Brazil starts in spring of 1964 and the point man was John McCloy who at that time was serving on the Warren Commission can anybody spell conflict of interest you're carrying out this policy that the president didn't want to do and now that he's dead over his dead body you're carrying out while you're trying to tell us who killed him yeah all right and the the switching of JFK's policies and release was completed by the tilting towards Saudi Arabia and the over and I'm sure everybody understands this right because America today is so in love with Saudi Arabia's money we let them get away literally murder and so they secretly fund these terrorists these Islamic terrorist groups like al-qaeda so when the outburst of radicalism exploded in 1979 in Iran there was no real check on that policy all the conditions where were there to grow in mushroom and has it ever see one of the air as many of us make is we don't understand that the CIA is not really an entity unto itself I mean in large in some ways it is in some ways it is not all right yes Donald Gibson has noted when the CIA was created the two men lobbying for it hardest were Donovan and Dulles Wild Bill Dolman and Allen Dulles and Donovan was tied to the Morgan banking interests and Dulles was tied to the rockefeller banking interests and when Dulles became director the CIS collided all of its overthrows and assassinations in service of the eastern nostalgia that he come from Sullivan and Cromwell was a giant Wall Street law firm that represented all those corporate interests JFK was not a big mistake he was not part of this Eastern establishment okay all right one reason was because he always felt like an outsider because he was Irish all right he never joined the CFR he never joined any secret societies when yet when he was in the Ivy League he never liked working intelligence in World War two he has to be you know I want to go out in the Pacific Ocean and float on those suicide boats with those Jill bozo guys all right and then when he becomes president he brought those guys back into the White House all right I want to show you dramatically what this means take for example is treatment of jock Whitney jock Whitney was a multi-millionaire who owned a New York Herald Tribune all right and he was very much a part of Eastern establishment in fact jock Whitney actually is a guy who allows free Port Sulphur the huge business company that wanted to end Indonesia to make Johnson make that decision for the coup all right he was ambassador to England okay I'm pointing on your Eisenhower when Kennedy comes into office he sends him a rather tourist termination telegram pretty nice way to say you're fired up all right well that's funny but jock Whitney got the ultimate revenge deny the assassination jock Whitney she can believe it his official biographer says he went he was forced into work as a copy editor at the New York Herald Tribune here's this guy worth 800 million dollars which is about almost 4 billion today and he had to go in he couldn't hire anybody else they want to pay anybody overtime you know he went in as a copy editor at the New York Herald Tribune and that was the first paper that got out his story about Oswald is a sociopath all right ok I go on and on you know Laos Dominican Republic etc but the main point is that when we limit ourselves to just keep in Vietnam we miss this much bigger picture ok in 1961 not 1963 JFK was enacting a policy that was constructed as early as 1951 throughout the world all right when a third-world nationalism instead of globalism and there were trillions of dollars on the table trillions all right my favorite quote by one of the suspects in the JFK case Gordon no eval he deserved to die he was trying to change things too fast all right and I where do I find that interesting because Gordon Novell was hanging out Allen Dulles at this time okay I'm convinced it is this cover-up that is even more ingrained into our society didn't cover about Kennedy's assassination because it hides a demonstrable motive for his murder okay back in the 60s one man tried to say the motive for Kenny's murder was a coup d'etat Jim Garrison he was disrupted by his critics for example ting Thompson well garrison was right ting Thompson was wrong all right when we when we just talked about cheap in Vietnam not only is that get boring but it's shortchanges history it cripples our case and it cripples our image of who President Kennedy really was within two no question in my mind as a student of history Kenny was the most visionary foreign policy since FDR and in my opinion it's really great descent because when I first made this present you wants to keep the nationalism within each country and keep the control if you figured out whether that was to free up the market points more so the price of the oil would go down bro why do you think that's what was Kennedy was one of those countries to have their no no see I cut one thing out of here because I had to change a little bit in 1963 Nehru from India was trying to lecture Kennedy on the evils of colonialism and Kennedy got really kind of upset and he said words the effect you know something I grew up in a country that knew the worst colonialism than you did and this went on for 800 years so I know exactly what the hell you're talking about I really I swear he was he was thought to have being Irish okay so that's how deeply ingrained and that's why I believe that googling ons message start comb with him okay that he felt like that he was a part of him that he's an Irish Catholic okay he kind of felt like that himself you know so that that's why I think the motive was being behind this one last thing see there's a like I said before there's a lot of people get successful and they forget where they came from okay and then there's some people get successful and they never forget where they came from okay and he was one of the guys who would never forgot where he came from alright here's the question of course Kennedy read on the notion that you were behind the Russians the missile gap right so he was he was actually trying one to the right of yeah right Nixon Nixon so what their strategy behind that it takes to retract the bomb right give the money that he was saying that and then all of a sudden reversal on position but I think they already knew it is well I've been asked that question before yeah okay there's two ways I reconcile it okay number one I believe that that stuff in the debates with stagecraft okay I don't believe he was kind of play-acting okay okay – so is nothing yeah he wasn't being honest mr. Specter right I guess sometimes you got to do that stuff okay and then once he came into office and this is in a really good book that again nobody's probably read Mike Swanson's book the worst day once he gets into office you know he actually sees his stuff and he goes holy shit wait ahead of those guys and he actually wanting actually ordered one of his guys to make a speech about the Russians saying look there's no point trying to compete with us because we're way too far ahead of you all right okay so he was kind of deceived and he was a little bit you know plan get elected that's how I explained them because once he gets into office it's completely definitely realized right and if you look at the building of atomic weapons the knife are the biggest buildup is under Eisenhower because Dulles convinced him that it's cheaper to build nukes and is to fashion divisions all right this one point about the argue that was made by smoke stone the guys to push the LBJ primary Rogers down Firestone he makes an argument they dispute the fact that we actually gave it more on the keeping with scratch so they can you get a lot more Kennedy won you know if I give you the versus the turkey that we owe the Russians got the better deals obviously no no I don't agree with that and the rubbing do you know what Khrushchev had planned to move into Cuba close do you know it's a hundred and one missiles you know sixty medium for over forty long-range right every major city in the United States could have been hit on top of that that's not it on top of that it was twelve nuclear submarines all right and on top of that it was twenty five beef backfire bombers that could deliver and there was no warning because he's doing 90 miles away from Florida so Khrushchev would have had a first strike against the United States so I don't think that Kennedy gave up that stuff was useless because he moved to Polaris missiles in and in fact when he when he said wait a minute we still have those missiles in Turkey because I thought we're gonna move the Polaris in there already alright so I don't think that I'm the Kennedy gave up more the cruise I think who should have gave up a lot more the one thing he did get though okay was a pledge not to invade Cuba just to point something out that you didn't mention it's kind of footnote we've heard a lot about American Empire and all the bases that we have all over the world I never heard of any president except Kennedy that started closing bases and I remember that very specifically because I was on probably wouldn't be here right I could have done discharged over there in Spain and I would have headed straight for the Amsterdam since even before marijuana that was the party 20 years old 22 maybe and I would have stayed there because I got a charge out of the Europeans that I met so I was really kind of heartbroken that our bases closed and I know a lot of other ones were too but nobody's done that says oh we meet before we break I guess we're getting kicked out here one last thing that this gentleman always brings up did you know that in September of 1963 Kennedy went to the UN and asked for a joint mission to the moon between Russia any knives it's true yeah I always thought that with mythology but it's true it's like this stuff that you can't believe that ends up being the truth and that they buried under this other image of candy you know so but anyway so what was it that thing [Applause]

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