Jo Johnson announces resignation over May’s Brexit plan

We are barreling towards
an incoherent Brexit that is going to leave us
trapped in a subordinate relationship to the EU
with no say over the rules that will govern huge
swathes of our economy. This is completely
unacceptable and unsustainable for a
proud democracy such as our own. In fact, so great is the
gulf now between what was promised in
the referendum campaign and what is now on offer
in the prime minister’s proposed deal, that I have
had no choice but to submit my resignation
to the prime minister this afternoon. I think it is imperative
that we now go back to the people and check
that they are content to proceed on this
extraordinary basis. We will be instead of
in Europe but not run by Europe, we will out
of Europe and yet wholly subject to
European rules.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I wouldn't worry Jo about being in subordinate relationship with the EU, Corbyn will insist on Parliament having a vote on the final deal then he'll whip the Labour Party to vote against it and voilà, hard Brexit it will be…


  3. 1 eu-Quisling less in the government – good. The rats are jumping from the sinking ship that is Treason May – even better.

  4. I don't know if I could tell him apart from Boris if he gained some weight. I know they are brothers but they look so alike.

  5. A lot of people said they didn't want Theresa heading talks on brexit. This disaster will only be a disaster because of her. I voted out .. I still want out, but I would her out more

  6. EU is about to collapse on its own. Without UK money it will explode! Do not surrender, keep fighting! It is WW3 and WE WILL WIN!

  7. Another pathetic rsole remainer good riddance , with any luck the rest of the undemocratic government will resign, we have had a vote and Leave was the result . Bye Bye EU Parliament.

  8. The Dems here in the US are trying to change the outcome of our recent midterm elections as well. Everywhere in the world, leftist ideology and weak leadership wreck havoc. You guys need to elect Nigel Farrage! He won’t lose a single debate and he’s brilliant to boot. Best of luck from your friends over in the US.

  9. In other words, the people who voted are dumb and the politicians will take over from here. Got it, democracy is dead

  10. Okay human Q-tip when was the last time you heard of any country having an are you sure vote? Maybe it's better that you did leave and please seek mental help.

  11. Mrs May must Go!
    We Need A Leave campaigner at number 10.
    Jacob Rees Mogg Should Be The Next Tory Leader,
    Jacob Rees-Mogg has the finest mind in the House of Commons. The best trained and the most exciting. Jacob Rees-Mogg is loved by the people and he would be a excellent PM.

  12. This is a trick! He really wants Chequers deal. This is because the sneaky Remainers conspiring against the democratic will of the British people know they cannot reverse 2016. So, they have to keep the UK from being an independent nation. They know if the UK becomes the independent nation its people voted for, it will prosper and its people will never vote to join the EU. So, they are going for damage limitation. This will be in the form of a referendum (civil service is already making plans) Brino (Chequers called 'Brexit') No-Deal (attacked by project fear and associated to extreme right) and Remain. This way they get 'their' best possible result – remain or keeping the UK tethered to the UK for possible future membership (the argument for which will be 'we have no say').
    "This would not be about re-running the 2016 referendum, but about asking people whether they want to go ahead with Brexit now that we know the deal that is actually available to us, whether we should leave without any deal at all or whether people on balance would rather stick with the deal we already have inside the European Union." (Jo Johnson MP)

  13. These Remoaners dont want a second vote. They want to stop Brexit. It is his Tory mates that have dawdled since 2016 to bring about this mess.Leave means LEAVE.

  14. Why don't you guys just stay in the EU and in few years once you have everything figured out leave again? If it were as easy as Farge claims it to be, it wouldn't take this long to sort it out.

  15. dear sir, i thank you for your demonstration of loyalty to our country, I only wish I had some grain of confidence in a positive outcome. Unfortunately , the driver of the UK bus , is drunk on self destruction. With great anxiety we, the passenger's ,are heading over a cliff, with her.

  16. Teresa May has been laying wreath's for soldiers who fought for our freedoms! getting trench foot and shell shock and also dying! and now she is trying to keep the EU and Germany as our political masters! come the next general election, I will vote for anyone! never her, or her party! unless she gets removed by her party.

  17. The English are subordinate to the rest of the EU already. Grow some balls and do something. But doesn’t matter anyway. All the uk producers is a shitty suv (Range Rover) and bad teeth. Bunch of washed up losers. Parents tell there kids to Great Britain before dinner.

  18. GDP of England: $2.9 trillion; Population: 56 million.
    GDP of the European Union: $21 trillion; Population: 513 million.

    Yup, it's either subordination to a larger body or the Abyss. Pick one. There's no other option for a small nation. This isn't 1760 nor 1890. You can toss out all the alt-right fantasies about the glorious past because the past cannot be repeated. The world has changed.

  19. What so you didnt mind when they cut money on benefits making life so hard for people on them that some would take their owns lifes, that was fine, when they turned blind eye and sat back when there were grooming gangs that raped thousands of under age girls across the country, that was fine, when they took money from oaps , the sick ,social services and made sure that those victims of that, who ended up out on the street , stayed on the
    street, a party that always takes from those who have the least while giving to those with the most, all that was fine , not a problem but no you have to speak out over brexit ,well for starters who the hell are you , first time i heard of you and what do you do or did do before you decided that as the country was in trouble your best option was to quit the party thats running the country, making it less stable than the brexit deal which may even bring the goverment down and sink the country!!!!

  20. WE are barreling? Who the fcuk is WE? You and your politicians caused this mess in1973 and 2016 by your egotistical greed.WE want YOU to justify your wages.

  21. I was feeling all relaxed and resigned to let events unfold until I saw Blair talking about Brexit suddenly I felt empathy with people driven to commit murder.

  22. Jo Johnson we don't want to be subject to European rules we voted out and out me as out of the European union you did the right thing to resign Teresa is a traighter to her people not giving them what they voted for democraticly

  23. Ask the people what exactly? Do you want: Mrs May to Remain your ruler?
    Do you want Mrs May to Leave government.
    Polls predict massive leave May Leave

  24. The Brexiteers had a great time lying to all and sundry. A re-run of the Brexit referendum would reveal that Foraging Forage was telling porkies all along. A second vote being lost by the Remainers would surely brand the majority of UK voters to be dummkopfs.

  25. What a mind set he has..If your not happy about something, throw your dummy out of your play pen and run away like a coward.
    How about you don't run away, how about you get the gang together and hold a vote to get Treason May out of parliament. Now that!! Would be doing something for the greater good of the people of England.

  26. Ridiculous. U.K. votes to leave the EU. A deal is struck to remain in full alignment and then the people are supposed to vote on it?

    A) accept the deal to remain in full alignment with the EU
    B) reject the deal and remain in the EU

    Hmmm, that seems like democracy in name only!

    What happened to the 'leave EU' part of the vote? It was pretty clear on the ballot paper.

  27. Let's face it! Brexit has become a complete disaster. Actually it was already a disaster in the first place. British voted to leave the European Union without a clear idea of what to do next. No plan was put in place before the vote even though, statistically speaking, leave was the 50% of possibility. The UK will never ever have a good Brexit deal from the EU; it's an indisputable fact not an opinion. Walking away from the talks and let the disaster happen (for both sides) it appears to be the only possibility to catalyze this historical process.

  28. I love this. They point at America(British media and government), crack jokes, and mock how we run our political system..yet when they hold a vote, the people speak, they try to convince everyone it was a mistake..and stall, delay, stammer, anything to try and skew the direction towards a future vote…which has already happened.

    good luck changing those minds.

  29. Oh please. What were you thinking? That you could pull OUT of the EU whilst keeping all the advantages of being IN the EU? Get real.

  30. Britain was a dying has-been before it joined the EU, then the EU saved Britain's butt. Britain: go back to being a dying has-been, and quit bothering rational people.

  31. Why start this "Leave EU"-mess? I'm a Scandinavian who was present in London the days after Yes-vote and just felt dread and sadness. People was like "…what have we done…".

  32. If we have a second referendum democracy is dead. It will mean voting for anything is pointless. Both sides had their say before 2016 and Leave won. Get over it and move on .

  33. You Brits are as stupid with Brexit, as we Americans are with Trump, the latter being the American Boris Johnson (or Johnson being the British Donald Trump).

  34. "The great gap between what was promised and what is offered"
    Why isn't those who made the promises around when it is time to deliver an offer?

  35. say even Jo Johnson is indirectly accusing the government of treason. is very words what they promised in the referendum is nothing what are going to give us.

    I had a reply from the petition office about the vote. No second referendum.

    I've cut and paste a part of it below.

    This is what a part of it said) A clear majority of the electorate voted to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum. Almost three quarters of the electorate took part in the referendum, resulting in 17.4 million votes to leave the European Union. This is the highest number of votes cast for anything in UK electoral history. This was the biggest democratic mandate for a course of action ever directed at any UK Government.

    I repeat the last bit. (This was the biggest democratic mandate for a course of action ever directed at any UK government. ) that was to completely leave the EU No deals No payment No free movement No nothing To be completely independent that was the cause of action directed by 17.4 million people at the government to do.

    But they haven't done that because they are making deals and payment and still wanting free movement of people. so they are going against the voice and wishes of the people, which proves they don't believe in democracy or even what they write because they are not obeying the voice of the people that is the 17.4 million of us.

    I repeat another bit. (This is the highest number of votes cast for anything in the UK electoral history ) and they are still ignoring it. so the people must take matters into their own hands because the government is not obeying the voice of the people that I believe can be classed as treason.

    (TREASON// 1" Betrayal of one's sovereign or country by attempting to overthrow the government. Which is wrong.. For the government is not the country, they only represents the country, they are the voice of the people of the country. for it is people that make a country not governments. so what we have here is a government trying to overthrow the country which is the people. because the people are the country, not the government. it is why a political party can only govern with the permission of the people. it's called democracy, what we have in the UK is dictatorship.

    2" Any treachery or betrayal . Which the government is doing against the people.) so we the 17.4 million people who voted to leave have the right to charge the politicians who voted to stay in the EU with treason. and forcibly remove them under the treason act.
    For if the name fits then I say use it.

    For we have given them instructions and they are deliberately disobeying them so they can meet their own criteria which is staying in the EU.
    which goes against the voice of the people to go against the voice of the people is to overthrow the country because the people are the country, it is also to go against democracy which this country is based on.

    I would like to remind everybody, when you vote a political party in, they get in by the majority, they are their for the day-to-day running of the country , they are our voice to the rest of the world, that's their job and only their job. it is not to make important decisions that could affect our safety and quality of our lives. any decision that could affect our safety and quality-of-life must go to the people. they have not been doing this they have been making important decisions that affect our quality and safety of life without our permission and the proof of this, just look at our country and our communities we live in because we haven't had a say in what happens to this country. that's why it's important we leave the EU and start making it clear to these who wish to govern us it is with our permission you will be allowed to govern us, you do not make decisions that could affect our safety and quality-of-life without our permission.

    I voted not to join the Common market and that was it, there was no vote about joining the EU coming under their rule the politicians took it upon themselves to make that important decision that affected our safety and quality of life on our behalf they have no right to do that, and I don't care about the laws that gives them that right to do that for remember these laws that gives them that right was written by them to benefit them not us.

    it's about time laws were written to govern the people who wish to govern us and what they can and cannot do without our permission.

    If ever there was a good cause to have an uprising this is it.

  36. all remainers want is to reverse the referendum result….we want out of the EU and its controls to be an independant state as we voted for…so anything else is manipulating the timeline to another election …….we the 17.4 million will not accept the behaviour of both main parties to ruin the democratic peoples vote of 2016 with new twists on policy just for their own self seeking power grab

  37. In the supermarket the other day, I noticed on the bleach bottle the label stating DO NOT DRINK. I asked the manager about this and he said "well, its to stop really, really stupid people drinking it" I remarked that it would be a good idea to remove this warning for a year or two and then we could have another Referendum.

  38. The whole cabinet and govt should be resigning

    Oliver's army needs a total overhaul we voted out of sm and cu its clear as a bell and the govt said they would leave both as we have instructed them to do

    But the govt is trying to fool us with “temporary” bs

  39. You see the power structures in full operation when the people want something better than servitude. If Brexit does not remove the 4 chains around this countries neck, this ends badly, v badly…..

  40. Bye Jo! (Normally used for "Josephine", by the way.) Good riddance. You are too stupid to be in politics. You don't even know what the word "referendum" means. I looked it up when I was oooh, 12 or 13. We don't need uneducated poltroons like you making national decisions. I hope you get another job somewhere, because you'll only be offered a slot on "Have I Got News For You" whilst you're in the news. Not long.

  41. Oh dear Jo, don't you know that the UK people want to show those Europeans their stiff upper lip and happily pay 600% mark up for third rate UK slop to let their lords and masters slip off 3 or 4 times a year and enjoy cheap, top quality, European goods!

  42. We had purchase tax of 33% on luxury goods that affected the rich which we had to give up as a condition of joining the EU and accept VAT which hit the poor now at 20%. now they are planning war with Russia with a German led army.History repeating itself and we will have to stop them again

  43. If the remainers love the eu so much why dont they form a website , which allows people living in the eu ( none uk) to do house swaps , job swaps citizenship swps etc and then they can all live in the eu and people in europe who want to leave the eu can come here and then everyone is happy , sounds crazy right ? Not as crazy as let's have a " are you sure vote" stop this nonsense and respect the democratic will of the british people and hard brexit , that's what the majority voted for , do it and do it now !

  44. all the people i know voted brexit simply because they wre sick to death of being overun by immigrants and petty rules from the EU , no one was against the EU as a trading block which it was originally meant to be in the early 70s , or sowe were led to believe .

  45. I thought the Vote the people had, all those years ago was to leave the European Union? we are still debating this leave WHY? The government should lower thier heads in shame, we leave the EU look else where for trade and if the EU want to trade then we negotiate, where did it all go wrong?

  46. Although he is a remainer i do agree that the Teresa May version of leaving the EU is no good for anyone, half in, half out. No one voted for this. Another referendum should be out of the question as mainly pro EU media coverage and scaremongering have been a daily occurence, giving the remainers the advantage in effect of a two and a half year campaign.

  47. It's nice to see that a nation that has been all over the world in such fantastic ways is going to swallow its self on immigration. Even British sarcasm can't escape non-british citizens.

  48. The young turks, the Johnson brothers, are at it again.  The trouble is their ideologies, such as they are, are set in privilege and the belief that what they say is oh-so important.  How much do either of them represent the average UK citizen?  How many ordinary citizens have had two members of their immediate family as Government Ministers with ambitions to be Prime Minister?  Perhaps they should be reminded that UK politics is not an extension of some parlour game they played as kids.

  49. make sure you watch "the real face of the european union" everyone should watch it. People are trying to post it and its being ghosted

  50. He is absolutely right. If we don't get a Brexit with freedom from EU control and trade deals, it is better to remain in EU than to be an EU puppet from the outside.
    p.s. the Guardian is a dreadful newspaper

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