Joe Biden Outlines Foreign Policy Goals To Counter President Donald Trump | Katy Tur | MSNBC

like everything about this election the threat that I believe President Trump poses to our national security and and where we are as a country his extreme his erratic policies and failures to upholding principles have loved our reputation and our place in the world and I quite frankly believe our ability to lead the world former Vice President Joe Biden unveiling his vision for America's foreign policy in a speech that happened just last hour including some sharp contrasts with President Trump it's another opportunity for Biden to reboot his campaign and pivot to his strengths following what some have called a rocky performance in last month's debates but the pivot to foreign policy is not without risks as it opens up Biden to criticism on an arguably hawkish record including of course his support for the Iraq war joining me now to discuss this NBC News correspondent Mike nemily Republican strategist Susan Dell / CEO and back with me senior director of progressive programming for Sirius XM's or Lina Maxwell Susan and Zerlina are both MSNBC political analyst thanks to all of you for being here so Mike I have to start with you you are there listening to Biden's speech break it down What did he say and did he do an effective job of really trying to redirect the conversation after that rocky debate performance well Kristin I think we all expected to hear a lot from former Vice President Joe Biden about President Trump and certainly we did he described his administration as dangerously incompetent sometimes corrupt he said that it would be catastrophic to reelect President Trump for another four years he described that Helsinki summit with President Vladimir Putin as one of the most shameful performances by an American president on foreign stage now in terms of what was new we did get a little bit of a glimpse into what a Biden presidency would look like but Kristin has somebody who I cover the Obama administration with we often talk about Trump's foreign policy as being simply undoing a lot of what President Obama did take a listen to how a Joe Biden talked about what his goals would be and how much of that is simply undoing what Donald Trump is we believe in freedom of religion that's why we lend the Muslim Band we believe in the power of free press that's why I'll return immediately to daily press briefings in the White House I'll reverse Trump's detrimental asylum policies the Biden administration was immediately in the horrific practice of separating families at our borders of course foreign policy is seen as one of Joe Biden's biggest strengths and more than some specifics this was an effort by the former vice president to remind Democratic voters of that not necessarily cataloguing his experience but he said at one point that you know given the stakes of what happened over the last four years with President Trump there's really only one opportunity to reset this democracy to get it right he's obviously arguing he's the Democratic best capable of doing that most quickly and most effectively hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

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  1. Trump is still setting the narrative and making the rules. Unfortunately, Biden isn’t mentally nimble enough to outmaneuver this.

  2. Juke Box Joe is such a clown, He should dress the part. He sounds like a total Moron. Sad! He is an extension of Obama Who did nothing for America except divide it.

  3. Crooked Joe Biden and his druggie son Hunter have had some multi-million dollar connections with China and the Ukraine.

  4. sleepy joe's goals are to destroy the sovereignty of the USA and turn over the assets of its citizens to the globalist monster of world communism

  5. They say he is leading in the polls, but i would be hard pressed to find a positive comment about him in all the infinate world of you tube.

  6. Never Joe!!!!- He's republican light. He'll give the store away to republicans, he's like Nancy he has no backbone. He met with his donors and told them don't worry nothing will change. No kidding. The only thing that has changed with both parties is the rich got richer and the middleclass and poor got poorer. Hey Joe, don't you have a big bank to go get a donation for you campaign, so you can take regular folks houses away if the housing market collapses again. Like you did before.

  7. if you think foreign policy is your strength then you have none, the obama admin. was terrible at foreign policy and that was your job

  8. what will happen to us if this guy wins. God help us….he's not capable of taking on China and Iran and Russia. We will fall dangerously behind

  9. Biden is nuts he can't remember his own name. Just watch a interview with him on TV flat out lied . Does he think we weren't alive during the Obama years and seen what happened. Vote just not for him. Russia invaded our voting system. Under his watch watch Christians got their heads cut off. North Korea firing Rockets over Japan . Russia invaded Crimea . List goes on and on . Don't make it sound like you and Obama did such a great job.

  10. Biden….c’mon Man! You and Obama had 8 long years to solve Issues that you now blame Trump for! Take off your ridiculous rose colored Aviator Glases and go away and face reality! You are a proven Liar and have always been a corrupt Politician! Shame on you!

  11. A lot of people leaving negative comments on a Joe Biden video….but you’re here…watching a Joe Biden video…why are you here?? Go watch your “pure” candidates videos and leave us, the “watered down” Democrats who support Biden be.

  12. Coming from the architect of the Obama Doctrine; keep redrawing that line in the sand, turn your back on your allies, let your Diplomats die horrible deaths in Benghazi, demand Israel go back to pre-'68 borders, pave the way for Iran becoming a nuclear power — and when all else fails, fly in billions of dollars to our sworn enemies. Once again, Democrats projecting their own massive failures on others.

  13. At least he doesn't hide that he cares more about the world order agenda and has absolutely no place in US government. Now how do we deal with traitors in the US?

  14. Biden's foreign policy is 'no different' than Obama's foreign policy, which means, dropping ***34 bombs per day*** across the world. Trump is averaging ***122 bombs per day***.

  15. After Trump it will be difficult if not impossible to build the trust with our neighbours, Allies & everybody because of Mango Mussolini!

  16. Don't think so creepy Joe Biden we know how much money u stole from CHINA AND UKRAINE from threatening china and Ukraine u and your brother and son,so no your not winning anything especially the PRESIDENCY and u FAILED MISERABLY WITH TRAITOR OBAMA U TWO SOLD OUT AMERICA AND YOUR NOT DOING IT EVER AGAIN AND YOUR IN HUGE TROUBLE ANYWAY THAT'S WHY YOUR BEING INVESTIGATED FOR WHAT U FID IN CHINA AND UKRAINE.

  17. MSM covers their picked plantation candidate but wont cover the Clinton Lolita express story.. Fake news is less reputable than TMZ

  18. Did Biden say one thing different or even more clearly articulated than what every other Dem candidate has already said?

  19. Voter: ‘What are your policies?’
    Biden: ‘Trump!’
    Voter: ‘No, I mean what do you stand for?’
    Biden: ‘Trump!’

  20. This is the guy who, along with Hillary, shut down opposition to the Iraq war in the Senate. C'mon maaaaaan….

  21. Joe voted for the Patriot Act and supported the Iraq War. His foreign policy is definitely not one of his strengths, it is a total weakness. Only, MSNBC says it is a strength. Lol.

    Joe approved of the bombing of Yemen and Syria. He is for spending trillions on proliferating nuclear weapons around the world. He approved the 2012 NDAA section that allows the detention of Americans without due process. Joe approved of the Obama-Biden Administration's Terror Tuesday Drone Strike List, which targeted and killed Americans without due process.

    Joe was in favor of bombing our ally Pakistan when we found out they were harboring Bin Laden in the military garrison city of Rawalpindi.

    So……reality…..Joe Biden…..most Democrats do not like his foreign policy. This entire MSNBC segment was total fake news on behalf of the Joe Biden Campaign. You all can resign, now.

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