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today I stand before the United Nations General Assembly to share the extraordinary progress we've made in less than two years my administration has accomplished more than almost any Administration in the history of our country America's so true didn't expect that reaction but that's okay didn't expect to be laughed at of course that wasn't from today it's my understanding at the moment that Donald Trump is bellowing somewhere on the 18 acre complex above the census but it was tough to find another moment that so succinctly illustrates what Donald Trump has done to America's reputation on the world stage laughter at the UN General Assembly last year it's a sentiment that has permeated the Trump presidency from its early days right up through this week as an example after the British ambassador resigned yesterday following a leak of his private cables with London in which he called the administration inept and uniquely dysfunctional among other things New York Times did some asking around they wondered how many foreign representatives feel the same way from that piece quote asked members of the Washington diplomatic corps about the cables and their response is uniform we wrote the same stuff it could have been any of us one ambassador who's still serving and therefore spoke anonymously said on Wednesday so today using that UN clip as a scene setter Joe Biden laid out his foreign policy goals and how they reversed some parts of what he calls the Trump doctrine American foreign policy I think has to be purposeful and inspiring based on clear goals driven by sound strategies not by Twitter tantrums as president United States I would remind the world that we are the United States of America we do not coddle dictators the United States of America gives hate no safe harbor there are no more Charlottesville's no more Helsinki's truly are conversational East Jordan a former aide in the George W Bush White House and State Department Jeremy and Ron are back Ron we should mention is an advisor to the Biden campaign Ron I'll let you start what was what was former Vice President Biden's objective today and did he achieve it I think so to go look the objective was to put foreign policy front and center in the campaign I mean you and I both have been in politics in the White House we know foreign policy is never a big political issue but it often is the most important thing a president handles and I think having a reckoning on the Trump foreign policy on the fundamental issue that when the world is divided between free nations and unfree nations it seems like Donald Trump is batting for the other team way too often and I think President Biden today laid out his vision I think laid out his values about what the country should stand for what we should believe both here at home and overseas and I think you know he did that very effectively let me put up what he laid out from a policy perspective return of the press briefing which I know some reporters were celebrating strict conflict of interest rules for his administration against of self dealing kind of amazing we need to put that on a list and family separation and the Muslim ban reaffirmed the ban on torture global democracy summon I'm fighting corruption and authoritarianism and forever wars in the Middle East including Saudi versus Yemen return to the Iran deal if Iran agrees to compliance jump start talks with North Korea run a lot of this is a double-edged it would seem for former Vice President Biden it's returning to a lot of what people liked most about the Obama years and it's also undoing what a lot of people Democrats and Republicans frankly feel as the damage being done by Donald Trump how does he how does he grab all that run on that but also project what Democrats say they want which is the vision for the future well look I think that fundamentally the future involves America standing up for what it's always stood up for and I don't think those values are changing I don't think even Democrats even progressive Democrats want those values to change they want to see new policies and new initiatives I think most of that's on the domestic front that's why the vice president's talking about health care and climate change and the other issues where we need to make progress but if we don't stand up for democracy for the core values this country has always believed in and frankly for values they've been transcendent and either democratic or republican administrations then we don't have the kind of countries that can make the progress we need to make on health care on climate change on education on all these other issues at least it was a smart tack the way that Biden approached the speech looking at current domestic issues and tying them in a broader foreign policy agenda it also helped him evade talk about his previous foreign policy record namely Iraq and his royal rule as the point person during the Obama years and then they had been told drawdown in Iraq that which some say led to the rise of Isis interact so you have him shine away from the particulars about his record and then going and looking at all the problems introduced by the Trump era and voters hopefully looking to him as a beacon of stability Jeremy I thought that what the Vice President was smart to do was to include something that you and I kind of talked around a lot of days when will a foreign leader say hey I'm not going on a trip to Washington DC until they stop caging babies I'm not going to the United States until they abandon all their legal Appeals of the Muslim ban I mean he really did take on I thought this idea that America stops being America of Donald Trump gets his way out of some of his most extreme domestic policy proposals that's right and the way Vice President Biden articulated it it really is a foreign policy that his values based I mean it Donald Trump has taken realism realpolitik almost to an extreme to a mercantilist extreme everything's for sale if you flatter Trump or if you do a deal with him or put his brand name on a hotel in your capital as it was a plan to be done in Moscow and you can have leverage over American foreign policy and I think Joe Biden epitomizes experience competence sanity as commander-in-chief and I actually think nobody who's run for president is more qualified to be commander in chief than Vice President Biden I think today Rick Stengel is is is an example of Biden playing to his strengths I don't know that there's anyone out there note no Democrat is not comfortable that by the idea that whether it's Joe Biden or another Democrat they will return us to these things it sounds so normal but in the time of Donald Trump aren't getting yes well one of the things he was trying to do and this will be familiar to almost all of us here is to is to use this idea that secretary Kerry used to say there's nothing foreign about foreign policy barn policy is one of Biden's strength but the idea is to persuade Americans that why why should I be interested in this well why should you be interested in this whole immigration crisis that's a foreign policy issue that has to do with our relationship with Mexico and Central America why are you paying more at the pump or wherever that's foreign policy why are you paying more for all these goods that you're buying from China that's foreign policy tariffs of foreign policy Biden wants to explain to the boaters to say you know what it's not just some strange foreign international thing this is a affects my life every day and I want a guy in that office who want who understands that that is the subtext of his message and by the way it's one that I agree with what do you think well I think it's interesting foreign policy within the Democratic primary right Elizabeth Warren did a big foreign policy speech where she tied it to corruption when she talked about in a similar way actually this idea of sort of free and unfree right there's they're there regimes that are corrupt in their regimes that are on corrupt and we want to make sure we're not in the corrupt camp senator Sanders did a big foreign policy speech so I think it's no longer the case and then of course we have a number of American veterans who are running in the Democratic primary I think it's no longer the case that Democrats feel like they need to cede any ground whatsoever to the Republican Party on foreign policy I will say I want to see more from Joe Biden in terms of what his vision is that's different than not just for pew da ting Donald Trump which you know that was a Hillary Clinton strategy the list of things that Donald Trump does that are embarrassing is very long but it doesn't necessarily win you know every state in that in he needs to win so you want to say more yeah I want to see more of his own vision that might be different from Barack Obama and different from Donald Trump hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if 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  1. Foreign policy is one of Joe Biden’s strengths? Half a million Syrians died because of his foreign policy

  2. Wonder why they didn't play all the parts where he mumbled and coughed. Or when he said he has no respect for borders.

  3. eternal hostility to all enemys of America. and that includes the democrats. even if thay are idiots.

  4. MAGA. KAG…….. with the Democrats picking candidates like this it should be easy….. your illegals are not going to be able to vote .. so your party is screwed.along with your pedo network coming from Mexico. so your moneys drying up too.. yeaaaaaaaa MAGA.. good luck Democrats.. u need it bad.

  5. Bernie Sanders 2020. Biden is in the Obama + Hillary 6-figure-fee corporate speaker career path. Biden will say whatever his handlers write for him, and then do exactly as told by his corporate sponsors. For Biden, Moderation means same-old-same-old. No Health Care For All, no Free Education, only "affordable" measures that only the top 1% can afford. We need a Progressive government. We need to move from being a 19th Century country with modern weapons and become a modern country.

  6. Joe the pedophile racist VICE president vs The Don pedophile pornstarfucker peepee tape president , what a cuntry !

  7. biden wrote the patriot(sic) act.. there is nothing else you need to know.. biden is a police state.. a secrecy state.. biden is regime change wars.. biden is a globalist not a patriot. globalists don't want borders and they don't want our country.. they want a one world govt.. where we're supposed to trust the 1% after they have total and complete power.. absolute power corrupts absolutly.. if biden gets his way this country will be shoveling people into ovens in 20 years… biden is establishment.. biden is no change.. just another obama style screwing. if biden runs against trump.. i'll vote against biden like i voted against clinton.

  8. The DNC would rather see trump win re-election than see Bernie Sanders win the 2020 presidency. That’s how bad the DNC, Wall Street, and the establishment fears and hates Bernie Sanders

  9. Even if Joe is a quart low, there's more red American blood in his little finger than the entire GOP body.

  10. Biden is Clinton 2.0 and Wall Street and the DNC 'Superdelegates' will do ANYTHING to make sure Sanders does not get an opportunity to address the problems he has correctly and consistently identified for decades. Trump is POTUS because Debbie Wasserman-Schultz cheated hard to stop the grass-roots favorite so Wall Street could install their Hillary-puppet. DNC pretended to care (fired Debbie), then spent millions to get her re-elected over yet another grass-roots favorite, Tim Canova. Republicans are Putin's lap-dogs right now but the DNC thinking they can be hypocrites and nobody will notice because, Trump, is another huge mistake.

  11. MSDNC: Cheering for Biden, like they did for Hillary. Biden can't fill a Gym with supporters, like Hillary. Biden, same foreign policy like Hillary. Biden's neo-liberal economy like Hillary. MSDNC will predict Biden to win the Presidency and in the end…..President Trump wins again….like Hillary.

  12. DNC already decided … They are rigging the primary to force Biden to be the candidate just like they did for Hillary .. Trump's gonna win again

  13. LIES /PROPAGANDA/ GLOBALIST BS NARRATIVES/ TYPICAL MSM SPIN/ if you believe this crap congratulations you have been thoroughly brainwashed. TRUMP 2020 WWG1WGA

  14. Joe Biden is senile can't even remember his own name .What kind of President would he make ? Just watched an interview with him on TV and just flat out lied .I was alive I remember what happened it's not what he said.

  15. by year old see now piece of s*** I'm going to tell you something your Uncle Joe you get rid of your security guards you can have my gun other than that go fuc yourself he's senile piece of s***

  16. Why doesn’t anti gun Joe Biden tell his Secret Service guards to disarm them selves because guns don’t save Lives? Or is this another of the dozens of hypocritical stands Joe takes on every issue.

  17. There is no centre ground . You are either pro Trump or a prgressive.Biden is neither. Warren is the key.

  18. Omg does msnbc READ comment section???
    Holy creepin bankruptcy !!!
    If they were idealists I’d get it
    But they are greedy capitalist media and if they turn this shipwreck around with half normal news reporting they may
    Survive !!!
    I mean I remember the good old nbc days !!

  19. Now that sotero's COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for Treason begin? The U.S Constitution has a cure for Treason. Love of country Trumps hate for Donald. MAGA

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