John Bercow says Brexit is the UK’s ‘biggest blunder’ in 70 years

I do think that Brexit is the biggest foreign
policy blunder of the post-war period. I think that we’re in a world
of power blocs and of trade blocs and it makes more sense
for the UK to be part of that power bloc called
the European Union and part of that trade bloc
called the European Union. If you add to that the civilising effect
of some of the social legislation that has been ushered in by
the European Union, that seems to me to amount to a
virtuous combination of benefits for the UK. That’s not to say the EU is perfect,
it isn’t, it’s a human-made institution. To err is human and it’s flawed
and it has weaknesses and it has drawbacks
and it’s a source of frustration but the advantages of EU membership
very greatly outweigh the disadvantages. And, in my view, to walk away
from that power bloc and that trade bloc
is a mistake. I think that we will suffer in trade terms
and suffer in terms of global standing and influence and that seems to me
to be so obvious that only an extraordinarily clever and sophisticated
person could fail to grasp the point. Should the UK not be bound
by the 2016 referendum, my simple answer is no, it’s not
bound by the 2016 referendum. That is not to disrespect it,
it’s not to sniff at it, it’s not to say that it’s of no account
but it isn’t the final word on the subject. As others have observed, I make the point
that in 2016 people voted by a narrow margin for departure
but they didn’t vote for a destination. And if you look at the words
of campaigners for Brexit, very often they said different things
at different times and between them there was
absolutely no agreement about what Brexit meant.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Perhaps you should indicate somewhere that this interview wasn’t The Guardian’s (instead it was from Catalan TV).

  2. I don't like the way he acted in his last few years. Iv always been a Europe sceptic but wouldn't call my self a Brexiter. However, it must happen simply for social cohesion and for the belief in democracy. However, the thing I will never move is that ties will eventually get close again maybe even rejoin.

  3. Legislation from Europe has a civilising effect on the UK? The past six months of his speakership now make sense. As fun as he was to listen to, the entertainment was not worth the damage done by him to the cause of liberty. If he is as some suggest to be compared to a hobbit, let's name him Gollum.

  4. I agree. Tripling tuition fees, bedroom taxes and years of lib dem enabled austerity don't matter. I just want cheap holidays

  5. Departure but no destination… interesting. Spoke very wisely, but this is the biggest mess up ever… not just 70 years , it's shocking. He's held is tongue for ages bless him

  6. As he has always been, Mr Bercow is absolutely correct. I hope he able to enjoy some soothing medicament in his retirement.

  7. In the U.S. I regularly buy Mirage Tea from France and am charged what is a larger that domestic shipping fee but, It has always arrived within three day. So it seems to F.U.D. (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) about a hard Brexit is pure poppycock.


    If the UK only exercises its right to withdraw from the EU under article 50(1) without negotiating any agreement, there is no need for any “agreement”.

    Thus, as provided in Article 50(1), a Member State may withdraw without any other conditions “in accordance with its own constitutional arrangements”.

    Since the United Kingdom is singularly fortunate in this situation that there is no written constitution, the UK is clearly free to act in any way it sees fit and proper.

  9. So Bercow is going to inform all those who voted Brexit, that they were all wrong and therefore the referendum results will be ignored by the morally and intellectually superior remainer class. LMAO!!

  10. Now he can get much needed rest and be with his family. They need him more. Glad he's smart and going before the final blowup…and it's gonna be terrifying..

  11. In 2016 most of the country voted against the establishment, most of us were sick to death of austerity, Cameron and Osborne should never of held the referendum

  12. Only by a small margin? probably comparing the referendum result difference with his tax payers funded pension pot of 1. something million, bet he ends up in Brussels with some pretend position.

  13. what Brexit meant? and he calls us all thick if we don't grasp his view. Brexit meant leave the EU you horrid little man.

  14. If the vote of the British people doesn't matter then there is no democracy! There was a vote to leave the EU and many in government, including Bercow, worked to prevent that from happening. That is immoral!

  15. Not sure that your problem is the referendum vote to leave. Seems to me that is more that many were elected post referendum saying they would implement the referendum result.

  16. This man managed to remain neutral despite his stance on brexit. I'd say that takes huge amounts of patience and self control

  17. Besides being geographical and historical related, it's plain commonsense and the ones all caught up in the football team hyped referendum, are the ones that will lose the most. Don't worry about the rich, they just get wealthier but the have nots will only have less

  18. 2.5 million people more voted for Brexit. That's not a marginal difference is it now Grimer Wormtongue. Your fancy words are horse 💩.

  19. Mr Cameron made it very clear that the referendum was binding – someone now trying to say that it isn't because they lost is unacceptable. Had the vote been 52% remain I can guarantee that Mr Bercow would be claiming the referendum was binding!

  20. 🇬🇧 Don't care.He thinks he is about the British people,he can be sure of his silver platter now,not any more,when it takes a guy like Nigel.Still watching,but we're in for the long run, whatever the facist Left do.

  21. Why doesn’t he keep his opinion to himself now that he is in retirement ? He wasn’t impartial while he was there. The mess is in part his doing by prolonging and postponing. Even Theresa May and David Cameron have decided to keep quiet. They were at least elected, he is just a busybody. I was fore a free and united Europe 3 years ago. You can’t go back.

  22. Bravo Mr.John Bercow . He speaks like a true humanitarian it's a shame that our mainstream politicians have let down our Parliament,our democracy and most the decline of our economy and our civil rights. Without the above we have 0 factors to survive and thrive in this society.

  23. No, you sir are the mistake & the politicians like you who've denied the British people their democratic vote. Another part of the "boy's club" with vested interest in keeping us in the EUSSR. So glad this vile person no longer sits in Parliament.

  24. He says that we will do badly in terms of trade and world standing after Brexit and that this is “So obvious that only an extremely clever and sophisticated person could fail to grasp the point“. How sad I am that he is right.


  26. How is wanted sovereignty a blunder. The process started by a remain PM was the blunder, yes. A remain parliament stopping the countries decision at rvery turned a blunder, definitely.

    He is calling Democracy a blunder!

  27. Globalist elitist to the core. We reject a world comprised of blocs in favour of the self-determining nation state, thank you very much.

  28. I'm trying to think how Bercow's view on EU membership and Britain's place in the world could be any more dogmatic, blinkered and backwards than what he's just said there. It's not coming…

  29. Totally agree with him. Even Margaret Thatcher fought for Britain inside the EU or was it the EEC then?
    Now Britain's trade deals will be dictated on Trump's terms or whatever other crackpot she decides to trade with.
    Even the EU will demand it's 'pound of flesh' because, once your outside the club, you can't expect the same treatment as if you were inside 😞

  30. Democracy is dead and never was alive Brexit is the proof that your vote means nothing. The funniest thing is people are going to go out and vote in the upcoming general election like there vote matters 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  31. I agree with what he says and unlike the political leaders are more interested in tayloring their views for gaining people votes he speaks for what is best for the people regardless of whether they want to hear it or not . A true leader should do what is in the very best interests of the people not what the majority or minority want.

  32. Bercow is the most sensible , intelligent, and witty member of the House and as Speaker of our times . I wish he was still there…sigh

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