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John King breaks down Bernie Sanders’ effect on polls after Nevada

John King breaks down Bernie Sanders’ effect on polls after Nevada

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. ole Bernie is a Hypocrite and Danger to our Party and our Country >>> they Reminded Socialist Sanders that no One ever prevented him from Donating 52% of his Earnings to the Needy = he just Chose to NEVER do it 😫 (( and Remember, the Senators and Politicians will Not have the Wild Scrambled Socialized Medicine that Us Working class Fools are Being Suckered into )) 💡

  2. Ok, "Very Uncomfortable/Have reservation about" is not the same thing as disliking. Yes, many people would prefer the nominee to not have had a heart attack in the past year. Many people would prefer one that is not older than 75, And many are not confortable with the label socialist.
    Now, notice the framing: "uncomfortable" "have reservations", using the term socialist instead of democratic socialist. It is obvious those are framed questions to back their arguments.

  3. 'we're going to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, so businesses can lay off employees, or cut their hours back to about 20 hours a week.
    hey, more leisure time courtesy of me, Bernie Sanders!'

  4. CNN keeps trying to warn the people the their choice is irrelevant. If the popular choice were the POTUS, we wouldn't have that current joker in the WH.

  5. It's funny to watch the media panic about the idea of Bernie actually winning this. They make excuse after excuse. He's popular because he is one of the few politicians actually on the side of the working class.

  6. So Bernie is going to "Burn the party down"? By having policies that are popular among the actual people, rather than maintaining the status quo for the elites? He is just cruising through on a good solid ship built of reforms while all the greedy pirates fight each other for the right to board the ship and challenge him. People are ready for a positive change. If anyone else wins the nomination, your choice will be between more stupid changes and virtually nothing to see here. Stop trying to bring Bernie down, CNN, you DNC toadie shits.

  7. 18 different countries offer universal health care. Yet America cant seem to get it together. Dump will use the scare tactics on his sheep like he always does to keep them in line. Anyone is better than dump at this point anyone!! but we need someone that has the numbers to get him out. I have faith that love can beat hate

  8. Right on — DNC pulls a fast one that will be the last of the democratic party! They the DNC said what happened in 68 the back stabbing they did and gave a dark horse candidate Robert Kennedy's delegates to push McCarthy out of the running — Humphrey ended up with the nominee and lost to Nixon —

  9. What an effin mistake! Dems are dumber than I thought. But they are American. We shouldn't expect too much from them anymore.

  10. The Dems don’t want Bernie on the ticket because he’s all for the ppl ,but they want Trump out the White House because he’s all for himself., 🤔

  11. your anti-FDR democracy is pathetic your 1% spin is pathetic. but the moderates think they need to shift right and be more republican than republicans the right winges are amused and continue to vote for real republicans and the Dems lost all those statehouses and governorships playing the more right wing "centerist" than the real racists fasicst pigs who put kids in cages and the waters still polluted in Flint

  12. if those democrats use their delegates to broker the convention to kick out the popular Bernie Sanders, they will kick the Democratic party to death. the majority of voters will be turned off and not go vote on Nov 3, 2020

  13. He said it, fight the fossil fuel industry because they're making these people millionaires, meanwhile they're making people sick by using fossil fuel to make these geoengineered clouds. When are the people going to wake up and take a couple of weekends to study what they're putting in these clouds. Search the effects of Aluminum, barium and manganese that and many other toxic chemicals are in these cloud's. Look up carrageenan, xanthan gum, Xylitol. Xylitol kills the good bacteria in your gut and it is put in toothpaste and gum. Carrageenan and xanthan gum is put in more than 80% of our salad dressing. Carrageenan causes cancerous tumors in the intestines and xanthan gum causes tumors in the intestines. Why are they putting these stuff in our food and the other stuff in the air? Money!! Look up on YouTube the Georgia Guidestones. They're pompous enough to advertise their plan. Also on YouTube look up agenda 2030 by year 2030 the a late will have all the laws changed to benefit them.
    Look at the small picture of corruption in AMERICA, Americans are buying more hybrid cars and that's why the gas keeps on going up because the rich have a system in America and us little people (The hard working class of America) are allowing the rich to get over on us.
    It's time to fight the Crooked system and make sure we vote in Bernie Sanders. Its not a Red or Blue thing, Donkey or Elephant but the fight to go back to a better life that Americans had in the 50s.
    If Bernie does not win the primaries then we need to vote for the person that does win in the Democratic nomination, otherwise we'll get stuck with Trump again. Bloomberg is a more polished version of Trump. Bloomberg got in the race late because he thought that they were going to impeach Trump and all Bloomberg is doing is taking care of his money.
    Enough is enough American people we need to vote for whoever wins the primary election so long as it's not Trump.

    CNN anchor Anderson Cooper introduced the topic by playing a clip of an 1985 interview with government-access Vermont TV in which Sanders said the Castro regime “educated their kids, gave them healthcare” and “totally transformed the society.”

  15. Not going to lie I started watching CNN alot more because of the 2020 Race, now I see they're just as crooked as FOX, welp, time to go back to reading and finding out facts on my own… Bernie Sanders is clearly what the majority of voters are choosing from what I can see, and CNN you're just worried that Trump will win against Bernie, you can care less about what the voters clearly want, only your end game of beating Trump, even if Trump wins again, You should let the Peoples choice prevail.. stop with the misinformation and fear mongering campaign against Bernie, but anyways, Bernie will be on top, of course thats only if the DNC and Media(CNN) do not rig the primaries.. like you tried to in Iowa… Bernie 2020

  16. You let MSM turn your Anti Trump/anti-American hate into septic rot. Now enjoy the descent into your Orwellian Gulag. You asked for it. You foolish useful idiots !

  17. Vermont has the worst opioid crisis on the east coast, Bernie's solution is Medicare for all and lowering prescription prices.

  18. CNN and MSNBC are experiencing the full affects of SDS (Sanders Derangement Syndrome). None of these hacks are journalists. Boycott the channels!

  19. Wanna see America first? Universal healthcare for all Americans. Education debt forgiveness for American students. Higher minimum wage for Americans. Better infrastructure for all Americans. Affordable education for Americans. Now that is America first for all Americans.

  20. We Americans are so brainwashed! Bernie is for Americans. Asking for equality to all of us, doesn’t make Bernie a communist. It is the man who is in the White House who is Pro-Russia and Autocrats!

  21. Hahaha! AhhHahaha! You guys at Clinton News Network are mindless robots taking orders from a mindless swamp dweller. You actually accused Trump again and now Bernie of being Russian assets?!?!?! Are you fu*king crazy? Still living up to that high standard journalism I see. At this point you may as well trot Avenatti out and throw all your support behind him. Hahaha. Do a report on how Trump is, in the words of your spiritual leader Schiff, going to "give Alaska to the Russians". Well, you stupid, pathetic morons, you earned EVERY bit of this shit show. You promulgated lies about impeachment, covered up evidence, tried desperately and unsuccessfully to tear down Trump over and over, oversaw the schisms in the Democrat party, and reveled in the aftermath, and all at your own expense. I honestly do not know what you guys were thinking. You are not journalists. You do not represent journalism. You are mindless robots taking orders from a hate spewing swamp dweller. I, for one, will miss your comedy and relish your demise.

  22. They are trying to make Bernie Sanders lose. Cnn included. You'll only talk about him losing and other BS. Making sure the party is split hoping that when he does earn, not win the nomination that voters will not support him in November. Leading to another trump victory. The Democrats are despicable.

  23. Generally, I wonder when Congress becomes more of a ruling class rather than a representative body. If the Congress were to be given a budget of 50% to 80% of the economy to take care of education, health care, national defense, social security, etc. then perhaps all it would take is to begin lenthening the term between elections and we have our own ruling class with both the money and the legislature. Can Congress become so powerful that they no longer need to listen to the people? Could that ever happen in America, 100 years from today? Is the money the final check on the balance of power? When the American people control a majority of the economy doesn't the Congress have to listen?

  24. Old communistic farth, Bolshevic Bernie, the russian puppet, will never be president. Maybe in north Korea or China. Ha ha ha Trump2020🇺🇸❤️

  25. If they put someone else than Bernie in then yes, Trump is going to win. I don't say it will be easy to beat him but Bernie has the best shot by FAR.

  26. No Bernie quotes on Medicare for All? Bernie's 'strong finish'? You mean, after his record-setting win of the popular vote in all of the 1st 3 States? There doesn't seem to be even any pretence of democracy in unabashedly-oligarchal America any more, with the selection process being arranged over the votes of the people, right before the eyes of those raised to expect at least some lip service paid to the principles of democracy – which is one of the reasons that Bernie's so desperately needed. He's what Diogenes, the American people and the people of the world have been looking for. The first honest politician, one working life-long toward justice and the public good, to win the US Presidency – if not nobbled again.

  27. 2:45 somehow the union workers ignored the call to NOT vote for bernie, and the reason is because they didn't tell them who to work for? I don't think she's lying, I think she is too dumb to realize that doesn't make sense.

    5:16 Warren's collapse ALLOWED Bernie to solify the ranks. Where do they find these hacks?

  28. 5.50 shows just what a bunch of hypocrites.
    The same people screaming Hillary should’ve won due to her popular vote are now against it.
    Slow clap candidates and CNN.

  29. Most people know next to nothing about socialism except what captialists tell them socialism means and how they’ve been conditioned their entire life. Would you like a private police force? A private fire department? All roads private? Imagine paying for tiers of police service. Some things are better run in the public sector pretending the government is just bad at everything is just stupid ideology. When people tell you to hate socialism think critically. Come to my channel and learn and also recognize sanders actual policies are no different than what FDR pushed in the 40s

  30. They cut out there first part where he mention that there is 500 super delegates on the second ballot, Dem establishment people largely. Collective larger than California.

  31. The establishment needs a change of underwear, if the DNC tries to screw Sanders again, you can kiss your country goodbye. Let the people finally have their say

  32. Why would anyone vote for warren? she is a lier,,, its just ridiculous ! Bernie is a bit radical but he is REAL ! not like CNN and the DNC establishment!

  33. US folks still live in the Stone Age if they believe that the social democrat Bernie Sanders is a communist. If they ignore the difference, they are really helplessly stupid!

  34. So, that fact that the democrat party primary (unlike the republicans) is undemocratic by the use of superdelegates just 'makes it more interesting' according to these morons. They didn't even mention the fact that both Buttigeg and Warren both said the system was unfair and wrong a few weeks back, until Bernie started winning, then they flip flopped.

  35. Okay. Bernie folks hear this: A lot of you are quickly becoming like Trump cultists. Of course there are a number of people who feel threatened by what Bernie is selling, but it was just not there in this clip from John King. Not everyone who is not a surrogate of Bernie’s is a conspirator to “steal” the nomination from Bernie. A lot of you need to grow up. It’s almost like some of you are gunning for a Trump of the Left. Who are these so-called Establishment folks? Are they all billionaires or 1 percenters? Are many of them not working class people who just want a fair shot at the American Dream? The same way some people label Bernie voters as socialists looking to mooch off of the system, is the same way many of you Bernie folks label non-supporters of Bernie as being in some sort of conspiracy to steal the nomination from Bernie. Get some sense, People. The DNC changed the rules most probably to get Bloomberg on the debate stage and it was wrong. It would also be wrong to change the convention rules to benefit Bernie.
    I believe that Bernie will win the Democrat nomination, even though he isn’t a Democrat. But he will need to build a bigger coalition in the states that matter to beat Trump. Some of you folks out there just seem to be filled with so much vitriol that you are unwittingly making that coalition-building more difficult for Bernie. Also, how can anyone not see that Bernie’s proposals are clear but the means to achieve them are not so clear? It is okay for your fellow citizens to question Bernie’s bold ideas. It is also okay for Bernie folk to admit that some of his proposals will need to be further developed. I hope that Bernie stays true to fighting for the downtrodden. I actually believe he will keep doing that. So long as he keeps doing that, he will have my support. If he becomes divisive like some of you his supporters seem to wish him to become, then he loses my tiny tiny support. Also, one last note to Bernie supporters: this keyboard activism and bullying is not what made Bernie the man he is. He actually walked the walk. Grow up, People.

  36. My cousins are mostly "Liberal Democrats", they said, they will not vote on 2020, or they will leave it "Blank" in their ballot if Socialist Demo Bernie Sanders is the Flag Bearer of Democrats for Presidency……they said that as much as they do not like Trump, they are much better with Capitalism than Socialism……They can wait another 4 years and Trump is Gone…make sense.

  37. I am feeling the Bernie Burn and it is so strong that my brain is now a white hot cinder! Oh my god (nonexistent) I can't wait to get all that free stuff when you BERNIE are elected President! I will get a new free house, car, college, and healthcare! I'm so happy since my seven year old son will get his free gender reassignment surgery that he has been asking for since kindergarten. He/She/It learned about it in his progressive gender free, unisex bathroom grade school! My wife will get free breast augmentation and me a free penis implant (12 inch beer can girth), Thank you ,thank you Bernie! And it will all be free for me. I love Democratic Socialism so very, very much and I can now sleep at night not worrying about my bills because it is all FREE for me and every American! America will be the envy of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and every Democratic Socialist nation in Europe! I love you Bernie you got my vote, please forgive me for voting for Killary back in 2016.

  38. I'm in agreement with everything Bernie wants to achieve. The problem is I'm skeptical it can be done. Right now, people are energized by what Bernie says because like Drumpf, he's forceful and spirited in communicating a vision that his base wants.
    My only issue is I worry he may be over-promising.

  39. Senator Warren hired Hillary Clinton staffers who lost to the orange buffoon. Not a winning strategy to hangout with loosers.

  40. A contested convention would lead to the end of the Democrat party. And four more years of Trump. Even the Republicans weren't that stupid they fell in line

  41. Have you ever seen the whole democratic establishment and the media ganging up on the front-runner and calling that person divisive and a sure loser to the republican candidate??
    Of course not! It's only when Bernie is a head that nobody believes in majority or unity anymore!
    They just spew words as facts without anything to back it up! Bernie is the most liked senator and has the most support the young and new voters which is what we need to win this election!
    It is as if queen Hillary with all the advantages establishment credentials, centrist ideology and MSM support beat Trump!? Oh right, she lost! So your political analysis is flat wrong and you're just representing the views of a bubble full of liberal elites!

  42. In 2016 the media, in an attempt to keep things interesting, devoted reams of time and print to Donald Trump. In 2020, they keep pushing the meme that he is unelectable. But… They can't quite hide the fact that he has lots of support from the people, however much he frightens the corporate oligarchs.

  43. Bernie Sanders is going to win the majority of the delegates before the convention. And mainstream media will have to eat crow because they didn't believe in the will of the people. What you all think is unelectable is exactly what the American people need. Someone who will fight for the American people and not corporations. God bless

  44. Raise the minimum wage, rebuild USA's infrastructure, free nation wide child care, free university or college education, cancel all student debt and expand funding for abortions. I'd like to see a raise of hands who believes, 1st that these things will come to pass if Bernie gets in, and 2nd, if the country will be able to absorb those costs without the rich moving to some place where they don't have to give all their money away to freeloaders. You know what, I hope Bernie wins, only because I'm not from the USA and I would love to see my currency close the gap to the dollar.

  45. So darn annoying that these talking head shows spend so much time talking about the horse race, who's ahead?, what do the polls say?, and so little time talking about and analyzing the policies of the different candidates. I know that's too much to ask from these millionaire ersatz political analysts because that actually takes some diligent work.

  46. BERNIE is Bonifide and has been Vetted for years!!!!! He is the only option that brings the World together, will save America and 🔥 up 😊the World 💙💯💙💯💙💯💙💯💙💯💙💯💙💯

  47. People Forget: Trump lost even the popular vote to a REALLY unpopular candidate. Sanders will definitely be different. (Dont forget the Hilary hate)

  48. I remember in 2016 how shocked I was that anyone could vote for Trump. But now that I see how hard the establishment decides who everyone will vote for whether they like it or not, I can understand. I mean, I would still never vote for Trump, but they were trying to give mainstream media and the status quo a middle finger when they voted for Trump. And the establishment hasn't learned their lesson and are making the same mistake they did in 2016. If we end up with 4 more years of Trump, they only have themselves to blame. Let the people choose… we're not children, we don't need someone else to choose for us.

  49. Democratic Party and the MSM don't like Bernie. They'd rather you continue to pay outrageous prices for medicine, insurance, and medical care. Forget having a living wage. Yes, the DNC hates that Bernie is pushing for a $15 minimum wage, yet we see states around the US all ready implementing it. Make no mistake if the DNC can figure out a way to stop Bernie Sanders and keep people poor and stupid, and keep you bowing down to your corporate overlords – nothing would make them happier. They can't rule over people that are healthy, have good jobs and are happy. They – the DNC and RNC don't want people to make it – its how they stay in power.

  50. IM cancelling my Premium membership if YOU TOOBEY keeps SHOVING CNN SHIT in my face ….(and I am NOT LEFT or RIGHT) just an individual …we are doomed

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