-Karen, you’ve been part
of so many iconic movies. I don’t even know where
to begin. I mean, you’re always
kicking butt. You got “Guardians
of the Galaxy.” You’ve got “Avengers.”
Does this — [ Applause ]
Yes, you can clap for that. Like “Jumanji.” Does your character work
translate into your real life? Like, can you kick butt
in real life? -I think I might be able to now.
-Really? -Truly. I think I started off
as spaghetti when I first started —
[ Laughter ] It was just, like,
limbs everywhere. But then, somewhere
along the way, I became able to fight people, and I think
I could maybe do it. -Now, have you ever had to use
them in real life? Your fight tactics?
-I haven’t. No, when — -Do you secretly want to
one day? -I kind of want to test myself.
-Yeah. -But I’m — this is not
an invitation to attack me in the street.
[ Laughter ] I would be intrigued to see
how I react after that kind of pressure, like,
whether I would just turn into a limp, little weirdo, like I do
on rides at Disneyland. [ Laughter ]
Or would I actually just, you know, fight back?
-I think you’d fight back. I think it’d be awesome.
-Well, I — -I truly believe
that in my heart. [ Cheers and applause ] So, Karen, you played
fantasy football this season with a bunch of other
superheroes and — -I did.
-I am obsessed with this because, before your match-up
with Ryan Reynolds, you posted something that some people might consider
quite harsh. Let’s check it out. -This week I’m playing
Ryan Reynolds. And we’re meant to trash talk
each other, and he had some really
nasty words for me. But you know what? I think actions speak louder
than words, Ryan. ♪♪ [ Laughter ]
-Oh! -Take that, Reynolds. -You know he’s Deadpool, right? -He’s which one?
♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -So fun! -First of all, I love it.
I love it so much. But you do realize in hindsight
that that was Spider-Man. -I do — no, I know.
-And Ryan plays Deadpool. -Yes, yes.
[ Laughter ] -When did you realize that?
-I think I realized — Okay, so I got to the store to
buy the Deadpool figure, and they didn’t have any.
Another burn. [ Laughter ] And I was, like, “Okay,
what am I going to do? Like, it’s midnight, they need
the video now.” So I was like, “I’ll just get
one that kind of looks like him and burn that, and then turn it into
a double burn.” [ Laughter ] -So, since burning Spider-Man, have you apologized
to Tom Holland? -No, I haven’t. -Well, why don’t we do that
right now? Camera two is right there.
-Here? -Tom Holland, the person
you burned. The person you burned.
Why don’t you make this your officially apology to
Tom Holland, the Spider-Man you
actually burned? -Okay.
-Yeah. -Tom, I am incredibly sorry
for burning you, your action figure. It was all for the sake of
getting Ryan, and I’m sorry that
you got caught in the damage. I’ll never do it again.
[ Laughter and applause ] -Unless she can’t find
Deadpool again. [ Cheers and applause ]
Then perhaps. -Perhaps. -So speaking of which,
I know from Instagram you have your own collection
of figurines and action figures that are of
you, which is very impressive. [ Cheers ]
Let’s check it out. Were these all gifted to you?
-Oh, my goodness. No, I bought every single
one of those. -Really?
-With my own money. Probably made quite a lot in
royalties, actually, from that. [ Laughter ] Yeah, I bought them on Amazon. -Which is your favorite
and least favorite? -Okay, I think one at the bottom
is the one that scares me. -Let’s zoom in on that one. -Like can you imagine, like,
just waking up and like, it’s a doll of yourself
like that? -Wait, also, where is this
doll from? -I don’t know.
But honestly, it’s crazy. The shoes don’t stay on.
The face looks really strange. I’m sorry. I feel bad for the
manufacturers of the doll. It’s a weird doll though,
you know. -Why — what’s with the other
doll on the doll’s lap? -Yeah, I don’t know
why I did that. I’m a little more disturbed by
that than anything. Why would I do that?
What does it mean? I don’t know.
-Well, I love it. I hope one day I can have my own
action figures and figurines. [ Cheers and applause ]
-You will. It will be awesome. -There’s just so much content
with you, which I love. There’s like a bank of comedy,
but this is one video I want to show y’all from
the “Avengers” set. Okay, and why I love this — I’m
not even going to give it away. Just pay attention because
they’re all having lunch, and you are there as well. You’re on the right in blue.
Just check it out. [ Laughter ] [ “La Bamba” playing ] [ Clapping ] [ Song continues in Spanish ] [ Laughter ] -What — you’re
the only — What’s going on here? -Okay, so that’s
Robert Downey Jr’s regular lunch break
that he throws for us where we have nice food
and bands, and everyone else
can de-rig, and I have to stay in full
makeup the entire time. -Oh, of course because
you can’t take it off. How long does that take? -It takes three hours
in the morning, and it’s completely stuck
to my skin. -So everybody else can
take their costumes off but — -Yeah, and they’re like partying
and I’m, like — I just — I can’t escape. But I put my sunglasses on to be
like a little bit fun, you know? -Do you think they get
used to it, or do you think in their mind
they’re just looking at you thinking, “What a nerd”?
[ Laughter ] -I think they probably are
thinking that all the time. -You think so?
-Yeah, with or without me. -Do you forget you’re wearing it
or are you very self-conscious? -It’s hard to forget that
you’re wearing it, because it is quite a claustrophobic feeling. But they don’t know what I
look like outside of that. So, it’s like weird to meet them
in real life and they’re, like, “Hi,” pretending to know
who I am. I’m like, “I’m the blue thing.”
“Oh.” [ Laughter ] -Karen, congratulations
on the release of your new movie
“Call of the Wild.” You got to work with legends
such as Harrison Ford. What was the most memorable part
of shooting? -Harrison Ford is pretty cool. I think it was probably —
it’s about a dog, and the person — and so there was a human guy
playing the dog, and he had to be like
on all fours the whole time. He’s this amazing actor
called Terry who does all of the animals
in all the big films. But, like, our D.P. didn’t know
his name, and so he just kept shouting,
like, “Dog, move over there. Dog! Dog!”
And we were like, at what point is this
just inhumane? And he’s on all fours, like,
pretending to be a dog, and it was, like, ugh, poor guy.
[ Laughter ] But he’s the star in the movie,
he’ll be fine. [ Laughter ]

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