KDKA 1st broadcast

This is KDKA, of the Westinghouse electric
and manufacturing company in east Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. We shall now broadcast the election returns. We are reviving these returns through the
cooperation and by special arrangement with the Pittsburgh Post and Sun. We’d appreciate it if anyone hearing this
broadcast would communicate with us, as we are very anxious to know how far the broadcast
is reaching and how it is being received. While we’re waiting for the returns to come
in over the telephone direct form the Post and Sun, I’ll give you a list of offices in
today’s presidential election. Here they are: Some 30 million Americans are
electing a president of the United States, a vice president, 34 united states senators,
435 members of the house of representatives, governors of 34 states, and 1,000’s of minor
offices, county judges and officials.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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