Kellyanne Conway slams Pamela Karlan: ‘Who the hell are you lady’

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  1. Spin Spin Spin dizzy lip service . Corruption is in the White House ,a cold reality ,we all don/t want to see , Honestly ..Trump and truth in the same breath …

  2. Republicans avoid the urban areas because we can’t stand being around libs, thugs, drugs, violence, or sexual deviants

  3. As a Canadian, I am totally embarrassed by Trudeau's juvenile actions. I did not vote for the Jackass God bless America and President Trump.

  4. These lying pigs all whine about the democrats having already decided upon impeachment while at the same time clearly stating that fake president shitforbrains will be acquitted! Phuquing Hypocrites!!!

  5. Why then you cunning stunt did the DOD conclude that Ukraine was making significant strides against corruption and that is why THEY OKAYED THE CONGRESSIONAL MILITARY AID!!!

  6. What the hell you are Maxine water what the hell you are Nancy Pelosi fix you f**** political problems in California stupid ladies

  7. Hello humanity: I would like to register officially that 'I love and admire Kellyanne Conway'. Now, how do I go about it?
    Any clues?

  8. Trudeau behaves like a teenager and he’s a gossip. He’s no leader. He’s only PM because Canadians figured he be the leader his father was. NOT!

  9. Lisa Conway we the Americans know that she's a pig Pamela you're a pig a disgusting Pig you're a f**** w** you f**** which but God is going to give you was coming to you don't worry something's coming to you b**

  10. If Kellyanne weren’t already married, I’d ask her ha ha. She is truly an American patriot and understands,what’s going on in this Nation. The elites really detest the working class. They can’t stand people willing to play by the rules and willing to sacrifice to move themselves up the income ladder. That! is the American Dream. The ability to accomplish anything you seek with equal opportunity to “compete”.

  11. Well mr senile biden, the President did release tax returns Rachel maddow read them on tv remember? Do you know what day it is or what town you are in mr. Biden?

  12. You go Kellyanne. I’m one of her lowly uneducated tradesperson. I wouldn’t tell many educated degree attaining academics that I have encountered in my life what my income has been my total working life. It’s kinda of sad really! But my hard work from high school onward has afforded me a very rewarded life. And a lot of fun along the way!

  13. Newsom and the California legislature are not much better, they are taxing and spending, releasing felons into the streets, perpetuating a homeless crisis and taking away gun owners rights. Democrats have put our great nation into a downward spiral. They don't care, they are wealthy beyond belief, they have personal police protection and only want more power. Complete power corrupts completely.

  14. Kellyanne was spot with regards to that Prof. Karlan. That lady looked down her nose at us, with a holyier than now attitude…I commented the same.😊👍

  15. Wow. The criminal Biden. Can't wait to see him hanging from that loose. Long time over due. Treasonous democrat party. The whole party. People want democrats held accountable for treason. This isn't about Trump. This is about our freedom. They will do this to the president? They'll do it to any of us. they are setting themselves up for ultimate power

  16. This whole shenanigan is based on one thing…casting doubt in the voters mind…that's it!! The dems know they have no chance in 2020, so do whatever it takes to cast doubt in the lemmings minds.
    hey libs – G>F>Y>!!

  17. Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler are petrified and desperate. They know if they even dared to get a vote for impeachment in the House and it goes to an actual hearing in the Senate, they will be exposed AND prosecuted for sedition and treason.

  18. This Pamela is a misfit to teach, or lecture in a university. She is not fair in demonstrate what the law say, she is a part of a witch hunt she is a scum bag.

  19. The good news is that people like Karlen like to cluster with others just like them and not spread out by infecting the healthy and sane part of the country.

  20. You go Lady Let the President have his say! November 2020 may the Republicans be once again victorious. All this is so much bs. Tx

  21. Pamela Karlan . . . I don’t care what type of intelligent, knowledgeable, subject expert you are, when your bias brings a defenseless child’s name into a congressional hearing, you have just exposed your IQ as Zero!

  22. Donald Trump doesn't do anything for people, only for himself. As to the Democrats that want to impeach the president for a long long time, Trump has been a deplorable leader for a long long time.

  23. First paragraph of the transcript : "could you do us a favor?" Last paragraph of the transcript "………..if possible".
    Hardly a bribe, demand or extortion. "if possible". Pretty soft language. No one has talked about this.

  24. KellyAnn is a beautiful and intelligent woman…there is nothing more to say. Big Oso Hugs from the Cali Mountains…

  25. Kelly Annie,
    Thank you for a fresh clear perspective on all that’s going on!
    Thanks! Folks are starting to pull things out of the air. Almost a hysteria
    fueled by Liberals and fanned by panic.

  26. Kellyanne conway is a sheep. Not even her own husband can stand her

    This FOREVER TRUMPER should be ashamed supporting a womanizer and cheat like Trump

    Shame on her and shame on you lemmings that support her stupidity

  27. pamela karlan a ''jackass' in the ''jackass party''..biden and his kid is ''guilty'''
    i am sure u will hear from the ''jackass party''..that they r gonna promise jobs
    and low taxes…what a bunch of junk…i will do it to for the oil job in ukraine…
    and dam, biden has been caught on tape lying about it all….
    he ddnt know what his son was making $…..cmon….

  28. Kellyanne Conway is one of the most important political figures in our country. We are blessed to have such brave, outspoken citizens among us!

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