Kenneth overcame homelessness with VA help.

>>TEXT: Kenneth, Navy
Veteran, Explore VA Health Care. >>SPEAKING: My name is Kenneth.
At this point, I am homeless. While I was in the service,
misfortunately, I took a detour of — when we went out on
liberty, we started drinking, and drinking, and it led to
other things. I went in to try to get some help, and I made a
conscious decision that I was going to go ahead and take this
help that I was getting from the VA, because they were really
trying to work with me. So I went out to Perry Point for 100
days on the drug and alcohol program. And I completed that
program in 2012. At this point now I'm seeing two therapists at
the VA Annex in Baltimore. My primary care — I'm keeping in
contact with her constantly. They put in a consultation for
me to get teeth. I'll have my teeth about Labor Day — I'll be
smiling, but I'm good. I am truly grateful. I'm truly
grateful. I'm 16 months clean today. I just received my HUD
voucher. At this point now, I am employed. I am doing 19 hours a
week, at minimum wages. It's not even about the money. I just
need to stay focused and stay grounded. I'm being proactive
about a lot of things that I'm doing now. And I see the growth
in me, and I'm going to continue on and grow on that level. And
I'm going to do whatever is told for me to do through the VA,
because they — I've seen that it's a success for me, and
there's no use for me to deviate now in my life. I tried to do it
my way, and it didn't help. So I'm saying to all you guys: Just
do it their way. Just give it a try. And you will definitely be
grateful that you have followed up, because that is what the VA
is all about: helping the soldiers coming to reintegrate
back into society. >>TEXT: Don't miss out on
benefits you may have earned.

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