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  1. John Bolton, Melania the First Lady is my daughter. Trump has refused to allow her to help me in any way. I want him impeached. I will testify against him. He has refuse to reply to my emails an lawsuits through the US Supreme Court. For one thing Trump s harboring the murderer of the six million Jews, John Gunnell (birth name John Carey Merrick) — VA

  2. Trump is an ego-maniac….cry’s, pouts, screams and lies…whatever it takes to turn men into mice ! The others need to be the grown ups and say”we’re not going to take this anymore….do you realize WE HAVE THE GOODS ON YOU! WE RE HONOURABLE SERVANTS TO THE PROPLE,,,,NOT YOU BOZZO! SO BACK OFF! Of course they will have to your TESTOSTERONE if male and either feminine charm(yuck,”) or their Announcement that women don’t have to take his s—t….they are much smarter than him any day…SO LOOK OUT!

  3. Where are these people getting the ideas to run…
    On Democracy now, someone posted that these guys are not running to go against Trump. They are running against Bernie.

  4. "there is something about Trump that makes grown men quake in their boots"….yes…….He's connected to Putin who supplies him with blackmail material. It's not hard to add one plus one .

  5. The only thing sincere about trump is his embarrassment of Eric and djtj and his attraction to his daughter and cheating people out of money and lining his pockets.

  6. Nancy ain't quaking is her boots! Schiff ain't quaking in his boots!
    Republicans are afraid of him cuz they know he's corrupt and they've hitched their wagon to him. He's probably threatening to take them all down with him!!

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  8. Bolton is going to Troll the Democrats. Hes leading you and the media to beleive hes turning on Trump. It will be the opposite. Wait and see fools. Did you see Jeff Sessions support for Trump as he enters the Senate Race. Hmmmmm.

  9. Right now the Repubs look like a huge pile of tinder dry brush with the outraged American people with a box of matches. They better have water, lots of water.

  10. barr didn't refuse to do this because he thinks it's crossing the line. He crossed the line months ago! Oh and "hey Jim" "Shhhhhh!" 😂🤣 I hope nobody gets in trouble!

  11. Total BS. You can't BS those of us who read the transcript. How can you call yourselves a news agency? You are promoting and perpetuating purposeful disinformation. Horrible people ya'll are. How does the FCC allow you to operate? No dignity, no ethics, no morals. Only thing ya'll see is making money on the backs of the conflict ya'll continually fuel and inspire. Ya''ll are without a doubt the ones behind the turmoil and divisiveness in America. And ya'll really believe that we don't see what you're doing because you continue your game against the POTUS, now that is funny. We feel so sorry for ya'll, you used to be good.

  12. Bloomberg is "running" with the sole purpose of taking votes against the Donald from the dems…question is..will NY and Country go for another Rudy/Donald option?

  13. We know the seceretary of state Mike Pompeo set up the call for Trump and Pence to Ukraine president and the state department set up Giuliani trip to Ukraine and that two man who worker for Trump who are russian was the go between man for laundry money into Trump 2020 from foreign country.

  14. What's with Bolton? I thought he was some American believer, a hawk that liked American in charge of the world. Why would such a "patriot" hide behind a court ruling, month(s) away? That he knows is going to rule with the oversight side.
    He's been insulted, denigrated on camera, not even a government employee anymore. WTF Bolton, MAN UP.

  15. People all of this is the work of TMH God. He put 45 in the wh just as he did obama only the father could do all of this. He wanted to show the world the true face of america and he has. He wanted the world to turn from and disrespect this country. The whole world has turned there faces away from the US. All European countries and there ways are crumbling APTTMH.

  16. He's your president for a reason. The party is protecting him for a reason. Why?
    The Republican party has a long history of shady deals and gerrymandering to ensure reelection for their own gain only.

  17. Well, Well, Well,Bolton did not show up, if you were serious about protecting the constitution it should a prisonable offence to not show up and actually answer the questions, normal citizens get into trouble for not showing up to court

  18. People need to know the deadly consequences of his actions. 8 Ukrainie soldiers died in August, 50 Ukraine soldiers were wounded or killed in Sept. as direct result of Trump's withheld aid. They stopped counting dead immigrant children at the border at 9, and dead adults at 32, and that was months ago .

  19. I would hope that the next President would on DAY ONE, RESTORE the good standing of all the Career Officials that have been/were smeared during the DJT Administration as well as an unshakable statement of support to include protection of whistleblower (and/or the likes).  Just as DJT thought it was/is right to investigate Public Official of the previous Administration (Obama), he/his administration shall be held to the same standard

  20. I would hope that the next President would on DAY ONE, RESTORE the good standing of all the Career Officials that have been/were smeared during the DJT Administration as well as an unshakable statement of support to include protection of whistleblower (and/or the likes).  Just as DJT thought it was/is right to investigate Public Official of the previous Administration (Obama), he/his administration shall be held to the same standard

  21. Trump has dirt on all the Republicans. And now digging up dirt on Democrats. He is a dirty man. He is the dirtiest of them all ..

  22. Barr is the fattest prostitute I ever saw.
    One, that‘s obviously willing to do a lot of nasty stuff – but that’s unwilling to do it without a condom, as it now turns out.

  23. It is NOT true that no one wants Bloomberg. He is a centrist. If Warren runs against Trump, Trump wins. No one knows Styer, way more people know Bloomberg

  24. what makes Bloomberg think anybody wants or needs another billionaire for president. We want someone to help our finances not their own. we've had enough of the billionaire agenda that's sinking the economy into quicksand. that guy can go take a flying leap off the nearest cliff. Entitled white men have got us in this mess.Why hasn't Barr been disbarred

  25. The 1% and corporations are trying to get Bloomberg to run. They're terrified of Sanders and Warren. The don't realize the adult voters are wide awake now and ready to rock their world.

  26. Just imagine if Obama had done even a quarter of what these RACIST BRAINLESS fools had done…THE REPUBLICANS WOULD HAVE HAD HIM CRUCIFIED!!!

  27. The Republican Party will have to come to a reckoning as to whether or not being in lock step with Trump is worth the damage that supporting him is worth the damage that Trump has and is doing to the Republican Party? In the past, the Republican Party has done so much to keep America moderate. There is nothing that is moderate about the Republican Party today. Has Trump morphed into the Democrat's best apologist to get rid of him? If the GOP sticks with him they run the certainty of becoming a White's only regional party. Already there is nothing whiter than a Trump rally unless it's wash day for the KKK and they wash their sheets with bleach, laundry bluing, and hot water. The Republican Party is necessary for balance. But it strongly appears that the Republican Party has been cheapened by Trump and is Trump's greatest victim. It is up to the Republican Party to right itself and regain organizational homeostasis.

  28. Thanks, Counselor Melber & Co., for stressing the legal aspects of Bill to-be-(dis-)Barr(-ed) in this Schlamassel!. We remember he became AG on the power of his illegal, pre-exculpatory memo of June, ‘18, and his “spying” remark during the Confirmation Hearing. We remember he’s jumped fully on the conspiracy-theory bandwagon set in motion by (indicted!) Konstantin Kilimnik in 2016!, when Vlad Putin knew they’d gotten caught! Keep it up !!!

  29. Come on John your a patriot time to really show it. You know how corrupt that con man is in the whitehouse

  30. "I know it sounds bad when I say it out loud like that," is absolutely right, and begs the question: If a political candidate openly declares that he intends to break election laws to try to win, why on earth would (s)he be allowed to run at all? Would we all be okay with the Olympics devolving into athletes injecting so many steroids, that it becomes a competition of who wins without dying first? Or should we just let athletes use sports cars for the 400m dash? This is fundamentally ridiculous. Trump ought to be disqualified from 2020 by his own admission.

  31. Senators are juries in impeachment but not just that. Senators really must understand they will be acting as the voice of the people in the question "Does this employee, whether legitimately or illegitimately elected, need to be fired?" Not just fired "for cause", but fired BEcause he has irrevocably lost our trust.

    Impeachment boils down to that simple question. Impeachment does not impose a fine or assign a jail sentence. It does not order a President to accept less pay or to move down several pay grades. It fires the President, removes him from office, takes away the job and gives it to someone else.

    Given the Trump record of the past, there is every reason to accept it's prologue to our future. Trump has innovated a new set of qualities and authorities for future Presidents to assume – not just for a few years until he is turfed out or God calls him home, but for decades of other Presidents.

    Senators will judge. Because they aren't judging only for themselves but for the entire people of the Nation, now and to come, they cannot wall themselves off from the consequences of retaining Trump. His future actions as President are the actions Senators will also be choosing. The consequences of all future Trump decisions will be their consequences too.

    All the new suspicious, unsettling, chaos-inducing precedents being set by the behaviors of this Administration, this President in this term in office – will be strengthened by a non-conviction and will be weakened by a conviction.

    We do not have to question how weakened our personal liberties will become if we accept these obviously dangerous precedents. That is self-evident. We are the permanent holders of power. Any attempt to convince us otherwise is the Mother of all lesser treasons. Unchecked, these selfishly created precedents will live on into our future. We will be sending our children straight into a world of governance by families with an inborn sense of entitlement, giving them an open escape route paved by a perplexing DOJ concept of indictment-proof self-interest, allowing a President to freely exercise great power using
    an unexamined disregard for multiple points of view and an over-arching willingness to take powers that are not
    offered, not given, not granted, not conferred, not allowed.

    In the real world a boss who brings shame or disgrace or derision into a business he does not own can be fired. In the real world a boss caught breaking the company's charter rules can be fired. In the real world a boss who has lost the confidence of the shareholders, who has added perilous debt on the shareholders, who has created
    division among the shareholders for self-centered mercenary aims can, will, and should be fired.

    Are we not allowed, as the governed, to exercise that same power? Are we not allowed to believe Donald Trump is really convinced Article II in the Constitution authorizes him to do anything he wants? Are we not allowed, as the governed, as the entity which has the only authority that can permit government to exist and then to exist only for our collective wellbeing – are we not allowed to fire a President who has lost
    our trust?

    Senators will speak for us and we will know from their words and actions what they are made of, who they serve, how they protect us and where they believe we stand in the government hierarchy. Are we at the top, over them, over the President, over government itself? Are we given the primacy implied in "of, for and by the people"?

  32. Bolton don't get a pass…if he was a patriot he would show and testify…he just want to sell his book…I hope nobody buys it

  33. Mr. Bolton is no longer employed by Mr. Trump so, IF he wanted to testify he could WITHOUT a court decision. He is just RIDING THE FENCE!!!

  34. My take is that Bloomberg is running for Wall Street conservative democrats. Biden is looking like a senile wildcard, Kamala's campaign is running out of steam, and Warren and Bernie are too progressive for the Goldman Sachs goons. I'm not happy Bloomberg is running, but I'm happy bc I think it means Wall Street is scared…

    A shared Warren-Sanders (or Sanders-Warren!) ticket is what we need!

  35. How many believe that when this reaches the Senate for a vote that some republicans will do a "360" and vote against #45…..the element of SURPRISE for his end?

  36. Barr’s eye fluttering at18:27 is a little unsettling. It’s either a half truth or an outright lie. Very interesting.

  37. If these people really want to impeach Trump give up with the smiling and jokes about cakes AS IF YOU'RE ENJOYING THIS. Think how this plays with Trump's base. Nancy Palosi sets the correct tone.

  38. Why so scared of trump? Russia maybe? Also, Barr needs to recuse himself from any investigation involving Ukraine.

  39. "The president name checks the attorney general in a potentially international criminal plot to help steal the next election." That sounds like Trump exactly. I think Barr is telling the truth and had no idea that Trump was going to name drop him in the phone call. He wants nothing to do with this guy anymore

  40. trump is nothing more than a mob boss, and no doubt is threatening everyone with waking up to their horses head on the foot of their beds.

  41. You may not agree with John Bolton's world-view, but at least he appears to put his country before political shenanigans.

  42. I love how anyone sings the praises of Bernie Sanders and explains how strong of a presidential contender he is, the puppet masters pull the strings and tell the anchors to pivot to nonsense, like Mike Bloomberg. 🙁

  43. MSNBC needs to get off it's high horse of "lecturing" viewers on who is good and who is not good enough in the world of politics and realize that people like John Bolton can have vastly different views that most left of center MSNBC personalities but be folks true to the American principles we all live by. Snarky comments about Mr. Bolton are a way of life by MSNBC personalities and no one gives this man a second look to see if he is a man of substance. Now MSNBC personalities are finding out that there are conservative thinkers like Mr. Bolton who believe in America and will stand up for what is right.

  44. First bill Barr has access to all of the information in the Parnas, Fruman, Giuliani case. second he's been all over the world looking into the origins of the Mueller investigation and as come to realize that there's nothing there. And third he now sees the mounting evidence against Trump. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that bill Barr has finally seen the light and realizes now that he backed the wrong horse. I seriously doubt he'll come out directly against Trump, but his refusal to hold a press conference and effectively clear Trump I think clearly demonstrates that he's no longer willing to actively defend Trump.

  45. Barr had a good reputation before the president. I wonder if the president is testing him to see if he is Anonymous. Process of elimination.

  46. HEY BOLTON…no ones stopping you from holding a press conference and making a statement to America.
    So STFU or bring it. the people are going to public WITH OR WITHOUT YOU!

  47. So far our hawk seems to be a butterfly. Mr Bolton has said he will not testify against Trump in the Ukraine investigation. Is he chicken? He owes a lot more than that to America!

  48. Oh…OHHH! The rats are fleeing the sinking ship, and now so are the rest of the crew!!! Captain Bully is losing his choke hold on his minions … How Delicious!!!

  49. The ultimate Republican defense of Trump will be: We all know Trump is a compulsive liar, so his own recorded account of the Ukraine call is just another lie! Either that or an insanity defense. In fact, he may actually be suffering from diminished mental capacity, although pinning when it diminished would be a challenge (secondary school?).

  50. Imagine…a day without this souless, narcasist toddler running around the WH??
    I can only hope and pray that "We The People" make a bipartisan move and take back the Constitution. "We the people" need to change this collision course and work for moral clarity.


  52. Distracting Trump from being president? Laughable. Without that, I'm sure he would have been reading all of his full-length briefings and engaging deeply with other governmental staff over complex, worldly issues.

  53. If the GOP Senate had ANY credibility AT ALL… they would vote to Impeach this POTUS. Anything less is just like a sad child… who runs to the corner when the Bully approaches or attacks. It is more than sad… it is truly pathetic. They do not have the self-esteem to stand up for themselves… which is only slightly less pathetic… than their failure to stand up for their constituents… who elected them.

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