Key Moments From the Trump Impeachment Hearing, Day 1 | NYT News

”If we find that the president
of the United States abused his power and
invited foreign interference in our elections, or if he
sought to condition, coerce extort or bribe
an ally, if this is not impeachable
conduct, what is?” “Ambassador Taylor
and Mr. Kent, I’d like to welcome you here. I’d like to congratulate you
for passing the Democrats’ star chamber auditions
held for the last weeks in the basement
of the Capitol. It seems you agreed,
witting or unwittingly, to participate in a drama. But the main
performance, the Russia hoax, has
ended and you’ve been cast in the low-rent
Ukrainian sequel.” “I encountered an irregular
informal channel of U.S. policymaking with respect to Ukraine,
unaccountable to Congress. The odd push to make
President Zelensky publicly commit to investigations
of Burisma, and alleged interference
in the 2016 election, showed how the official
foreign policy of the United States was
undercut by the irregular efforts led by Mr. Giuliani.” “Did you ever try
to wrest control of the irregular channel?” “I didn’t try to wrest control
of the irregular channel — do that. At the time when I —” “Well why not though,
if you had your concerns?” “Because Mr. Counselor,
at the time, both channels
were interested in having a meeting
between President Zelensky and President Trump.” “New leaders, particularly
countries that are trying to have good footing in
the international arena, see a meeting with the U.S.
president in the Oval Office at the White House as the
ultimate sign of endorsement and support from
the United States.” “It’s one thing to
try to leverage a meeting in the White House. It’s another thing, I
thought, to leverage security assistance, security
assistance to a country at war.” “You also said that more
Ukrainians would undoubtedly die without U.S. assistance. Why is that?” “This assistance allows
the Ukrainian military to deter further
incursions by the Russians against their own —
against Ukrainian territory.” “In your deposition you said
this and you said it again the first hour
of the majority, ‘My clear understanding was
security assistance money would not come until
President Zelensky committed to pursue the investigation.’ Now with all due
respect, Ambassador, your clear understanding
was obviously wrong — because it didn’t happen. President Zelensky
didn’t announce he was going to
investigate Burisma or the Bidens. Ambassador, you weren’t
on the call, were you? You didn’t listen on
President Trump’s call, and President
Zelensky’s call?” “I did not.” “You’ve never talked with
Chief of Staff Mulvaney?” “I never did.” “You never met the president?” “That’s correct.” “This is what I can’t believe. And you’re their star witness. You’re their first witness.” “Mr. Jordan —” “You’re the guy, you’re the guy
based on this. Based on — I mean, I’ve seen, I’ve seen
church prayer chains that are easier to
understand than this.” “Mr. Kent, are you a
never Trumper?” “I am a career non-professional, who serves whatever
president is duly elected and carries out the foreign
policies of that president and the United States. And I’ve done that
for 27 years for three Republican presidents and
two Democrat presidents.” “Ambassador Taylor are
you a Never Trumper?” “No, sir.” “In this impeachment
hearing today where we impeach presidents
for treason or bribery, or other high crimes, Where is the impeachable
offense in that call? Are either of you
here today to assert there was an impeachable
offense in that call? Shout it out — anyone?” “Mr. Ratcliffe, If I could just
respond let me just reiterate that
I’m not —” “I’ve got one minute left.” “I know and let me —” “Let me just
make this —” “I’ve just
got 30 —” “Please allow the witness — You asked the witness
a question, the witness —“ “I withdraw the question.” “I’m not here to take
one side or the other — Mr. Ratcliffe, I would just
like to say that I’m not here to do anything having
to do with the — to decide about impeachment. That is not what either
of us are here to do. This is your job.”

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  1. How come this allegedly very serious Ukrainegate was not mentionned by mainstream media when a better hoax (Russia) was available ?

    In other words what is the next "serious" scandal which is unknown to the public now, that will be made available when this pseudo Ukrainian scandal dissolves again ? Yeah. What is this other scandal that is supposedly very grave and patiently waiting in the boxes of the anti-Trump clique ?

    I am not a Trumper but the anti-Trump army is ridiculous, dangerous and absolutely despicable.

    Trump ended two wars (Syria and North Korea) and whether you don't like the guy or not he is trying to change the US for the better (less war).

    Lets face the fact tha "peace" Nobel Prize is only given to warmongers or their puppets.

  2. A large cache of confidential foreign documents have just been leaked implicating Joe Biden, George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Joseph Misfud's collusion and possible criminal activity in Ukraine. These documents have been leaked by a "former high ranking officer" who works for the anti-Russian Ukrainian group known as "Poroshenko's personal security detail."

    Here's a list of who was implicated in the leak of these documents:

    Joseph Misfud

    Joseph Misfud was the president of a non-profit organization called "International Renaissance Foundation" which was originally based out of Ukraine, but is now based in Canada. This organization had an agreement with the U.S. Department of State, through the "U.S. Agency for International Development" or USAID, that Misfud would "be appointed to an advisory committee to support the development and implementation of Ukraine's political and economic reforms, and to facilitate dialogue between the Ukrainian government and civil society."

  3. The " key " moment came when Taylor and company were asked to name the crime for which the impeachment process could be initiated. Nothing but crickets.

  4. Anybody that thinks Trump committed quid pro quo, must think Joe Biden did as well. If not then you don't actually care ab out upholding the law, just getting rid of Trump.

  5. Ambassador Taylor spoke of leveraging a foreign government with security aid that was at war, but this all started under the previous president and VICE PRESIDENT

  6. 😆 this video is a joke. They left out all the times that the witnesses clearly undermined all of the democrats claims…

  7. You are all nothing with out Jesus Christ ! But he came to give you an aboundant life!
    Knowing you yourself are a mortal and die the first death , because of Adam and Eves first sin . Believing and making your amends with God should be your first priority ! Money will not save you , but lord Jesus Christ can ! God loves you ! Believe and repent of your sins ! Lord Jesus Christ is the only way ! Be ready for his return !

  8. Trump demanded investigations of Biden in exchange for military aid. This is an outrageous crime. Impeach the SOB now. Trump is a criminal.

  9. Best to view the full uncensored hearing video on fox and make your own judgement. I dont believe in selective parts of video and dishonest interpretation. Watching it live gives the full accurate picture. Else will be blind and in the dark of the truth.

  10. These two guys are upset they were not used by Trump, the irregular channel was one that they were not involved with. Scorned men over policy nothing else.


  12. You do know Democrats have been trying to impeach every Republican prez.since most of you were born? Spoiled,$wasting cry babies.Go Trump

  13. I like how the GOP is trying to say nothing impeachable occurred in a phone call that should've never taken place to begin with.

  14. Donald-Trump-Shortcut to a second term::: disclose EVERYTHING about 9/11-inside-job-operations !!!!
    Google::: ("Solving-9/11-Enigma")

  15. Oh oh. Pelosi just stuck her foot in it up to her neck. She just accused the President of bribery. Now she has left herself wide open to be called to testify under oath. Now she will have to prove her allegations or lie under oath. Poetic justice. Or as young'uns say these days – KARMA

  16. So when are you Democrats going to mention Obama bowing down to Syrian terrorist leaders… or bill Clinton going to Epstein’s island….you won’t. Lying Crooks


  18. 0:30 Guy on the left. That look when you realize you've been daydreaming in class and have no idea what the teacher is talking about.

  19. In the end, Democrats vs. Republicans is the same thing as the Crips vs. the Bloods. It's always going to be about affiliation.

  20. 'Are you a never trumper?'

    I can't believe that was actually a question. They should have asked for a definition of the term.

  21. I am so repulsed by our representatives that try to spin and make it a hostile examination of fact gathering. There is a lack of dignity and respect the way they speak to those that serve our country. Shame on them.

  22. Schiff is a trader to the American people. Bill Taylor,s statement is nuthing but hear say and in America, hear say statement is un admissible in court.

  23. I have lost all respect with cnn news. I can't believe what I'm hearing as evidence of inpeachment. This is all hear say and opinions. Americans should be furious at the Democrat for wasting so much time and money on this witch hunt. Schiff and Pelosi should be fired

  24. Do these diplomats understand the president is their boss? These delusional individuals are scary. The democrats ridiculous behavior is even more disgusting.

  25. this is so fake i watched all ny times just cut and copy the parts that are interested for dem political campaign they should be a shame of theirself

  26. I swear all these Dem "whistleblowers" look like they came from central casting. And, in a way, they do. When investigated, it turns out they all have ties to the Washington bureaucracy, all are lefties, and all are beholden to their handlers.

  27. We need to attach a toilet plunger to the top of Adam Schiffs head and flush the handle to drain the swamp. Just a few good pushes should unclog the pipe.

  28. "Abuse power" ??? There is abuse of power going on here but it isn't Trump abusing it and It only takes a half a brain to see it. Sheesh

  29. OK, so these Washington swamp creature are upset because Trump wants to get on with Russia. They still live in the Cold War and have Trump derangement syndrome as a result. No wonder the Democrats are pathetic

  30. Shame! Shane! One day God is going to punish with almighty hand to all those who are persecuting our President without having real facts, just what happened thousands of years ago, go ahead continue with this witch hunt and see what will happen to all and each of those who are committing the worse by assuming there was a crime, it may not be the perfect call but ITS NOT ENOUGH FOR IMPEACHMENT! Those who are of perfect and without a fault… cast the first stone.

  31. It is hard for most to understand why any member of our government would defend this president. What happened to the republican party? Is it fear alone?

  32. Are these fake investigations going to end? After this one is it going to be another topic that they have to scrape for? Obviously they are trying hard to grasp something thats not there…