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– [Narrator] This week, KFC
Canada trials vegan chicken, New York City opens an
office and animal welfare, and chicken farmers go vegan. All this and more on
LIVEKINDLY’s weekly vegan news. If you’re new to our channel, you can subscribe by hitting the leaf icon in the bottom right corner of the video. Click the bell icon to
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like and comment below. KFC Canada trialed vegan fried chicken for one day only at an Ontario location. The fast food giant worked with vegetarian meat brand Lightlife and introduced the plant-based
fried chicken sandwich and vegan popcorn chicken bucket. The sandwich was available
as regular or spicy. The one day trial was launched
to measure consumer response, according to KFC. The chain may launch
vegan chicken next year depending on feedback. Speaking of vegan chicken, A&W Canada is also trialing vegan
nuggets at select locations. The vegan chicken
nuggets will be available for a limited time in
British Columbia and Ontario. A&W Canada may launch the
nuggets nationwide in 2020 if the trial goes well. According to the website, A&W Canada’s vegan chicken
is supplied by Lightlife. Two entrepreneurs from
Mexico created vegan leather made from cactus leaves. Adrián López Velarde and
Marte Cázarez are said to be the first to create organic leather out of only prickly pear cactus. They call the cruelty-free
leather Desserto, and it’s made without toxic
chemicals, phthalates, or PVC. Desserto is partially biodegradable. It’s flexible, breathable, and
lasts for at least 10 years. The material feels like
animal based leather. Companies can use it in furniture, cars, leather accessories, and clothing. The co-founders were inspired to create a more sustainable alternative
to traditional leather and turned to cactus because
it requires little water and grows plentifully
throughout the Mexican republic. Co-founder López Velarde
said that symbolically, it represents all of us
Mexicans, and everybody knows it. Wu-Tang Clan frontman RZA launched a down-free puffer
jacket in a collaboration between his brand 36 Chambers and Embassy of Bricks and Logs. The 90s inspired puffer
jacket has a pattern of a flying guillotine, a weapon thought to have been invented
during the Qing dynasty. On the back of the neck, the jacket reads, “Our heads no longer belong to us.” The quote is from the
1976 kung fu cult classic “Master of The Flying Guillotine”. Instead of feathers, the jacket is filled with recycled ocean plastic. According to RZA, cruelty for warmth
isn’t necessary anymore. He said in a statement,
“As we evolve as a people “through technology and ingenuity, “we have the ability through humane ways “to fashion garments that
not only serve our purpose, “but also, more importantly, “abandon the unnecessary
cruelty to animals.” Coming up, a school introduces
synthetic frog dissection. New York City will become
the first city in the nation to have a dedicated
office of animal welfare. The new office, said to be based within Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office, will oversee administration and regulation of animal welfare throughout the city. It will also oversee
animal welfare programs as well as zoos, kennels, and pet stores. New York City has made significant steps toward improved animal
welfare in recent months. Mayor de Blasio signed a
force-fed foie gras ban into law, along with seven
other animal rights bills, including new restrictions
for carriage horses in extreme temperatures. Foie gras is served at around 1,000 restaurants across the city. It is one of the world’s biggest markets for the luxury food. According to Hudson Valley
Foie Gras and La Belle Farm, the city accounts for 30% of the business. The former slaughters
up to 800 ducks a day. From 2022, those who
violate the city’s ban will face a fine of up to $2,000. Allie Feldman Taylor, head
of Voters for Animal Rights, told the New York Times that the bill is one of the most significant
animal rights legislation in our city’s history. J. W. Mitchell High School
in New Port Richey, Florida is using the world’s first synthetic frogs to replace frogs used for dissection. – We’re so excited to
partner with SynDaver to introduce the synthetic dissection of the frogs to our students. It’s amazing to see this
idea come to fruition. – [Narrator] Tampa based
company SynDaver specializes in making life-like models. It’s SynFrogs are reusable and mimic the properties
of a live, female frog. It can be used for education,
surgical simulation, and to test medical devices. According to Dr. Christopher
Sakezles, CEO of SynDaver, the synthetic frogs are safer to dissect, because unlike preserved
frogs, they don’t contain potentially harmful
chemicals like formaldehyde. It’s also a more effective learning tool because it mimics a live frog. Earlier this year, California moved to ban all school dissection in the state. Assemblymember Ash Kalra introduced the Replacing Animals in
Science Education Act. The bill would replace animal dissections with modern, humane alternatives, such as SynFrog or Froggipedia, an award winning frog dissection app. Coming up, the Joker’s
influence on animal rights. Former chicken farmer Mike Weaver is now growing hemp instead. Weaver is part of the
Transfarmation Project, which helps farm owners
transition from animal husbandry to growing sustainable crops
for plant-based products. It was launched by American
animal rights charity, Mercy For Animals. Weaver is now using his West
Virginia based chicken barns to grow industrial hemp, which removes more CO2 per
acre than many other crops. This will also earn him a greater income and employ four times as many people. – I hope it creates a
whole lot of new jobs and new revenue for the farm. You know, farmers in
America are in bad shape. – [Narrator] In 2016, the
former contract chicken farmer for Pilgrim’s Pride went
public with welfare concerns. An expose led by
Compassion in World Farming revealed inhumane conditions
and unethical labor practices. Pilgrim’s Pride is one of
the largest chicken producers in the US and supplies
KFC, Walmart, and Costco. – Who is big animal ag benefiting? Why is it perpetuating? – Wall Street, mostly. Pilgrim’s Pride, who I raised
chickens for, in 2015 and 16, they paid their stockholders
$1.2 billion in dividends. It’d been almost 20
years since their growers had had an increase in pay. That’s wrong. I don’t care what anybody says. So I’m trying to do my
part to get that changed. – [Narrator] Target Australia and Kmart are dropping mulesed wool due
to animal welfare concerns. The retailers will phase out the material over the next few years. Mulesing is a process of removing strips of wool-bearing skin from
the buttox of a sheep. This is to prevent fly
strike, a maggot infection. Mulesing is painful and often carried out without any anesthetic. Creating an open wound may also increase the chance of infection. Target Australia said it will use ethically sourced wool in the future. The replacement wool
will either be sourced from farms certified under
the Responsible Wool Standard or equivalent standard or farms that are fully traceable
and verified as non-mulesed or from recycled wool materials. However, even the certified
responsible wool industry can be cruel. According to British
animal rights group Viva, millions of sheep die every year from exposure as a direct
result of shearing. Shearers are paid per unit
and encouraged to work fast. This can hurt the sheep, who are often caught
by the metal clippers. Wool is also often
stripped from dead animals at slaughterhouses for use in clothing. The “Joker” movie starring
vegan actor Joaquin Phoenix is winning big at the box office. It brought in the largest numbers for an October release in film history. Phoenix and director Todd Phillips are reportedly now in
discussions for a sequel, after “Joker” earned more
than one billion dollars. Phoenix’s performance is
earning him Oscar nods. Should Phoenix win the
best actor Academy Award, which many say is likely, he could use that national
stage to address animal rights. As Phoenix continues to
dominate the spotlight, the long-time vegan already appears to be using his platform for
animals every chance he gets. In a recent PETA campaign that hit both New York City and Los Angeles, Phoenix calls for an end to speciesism in an image that has him
eye to eye with a chicken. Just hours before receiving
the Tribute Actor Award at the Toronto
International Film Festival, he lead a protest at the Saint George
subway transit station. He spoke to reporters outside the station calling for an end to animal suffering while praising the work of activists. Along with his fiancee and
fellow vegan actor Rooney Mara, Phoenix has been spotted at a number of animal rights events. The two led a mock funeral procession at LA’s Animal Right Day last spring and both were spotted
at a recent pig vigil in downtown Los Angeles. While awaiting their fate
outside the slaughter house, pigs are offered water and comfort by the throngs of activists, including Phoenix and Mara
hovering around the trucks. Phoenix also made his
way around Los Angeles for a number of “Joker” premieres. He appeared clad in an Animal
Liberation Front sweatshirt. Made up of activists rescuing
and exposing animal cruelty, the faceless organization
often breaks the law to do so. Phoenix also executive
produced “The Animal People”, a documentary that just premiered at the Austin Film Festival. He’s not new to animal
rights documentaries. He narrated two, 2005’s “Earthlings” and 2019’s “Dominion”. In a recent video for Brut, Pheonix explained how he came to veganism. – At that age, me and my
siblings witnessed fish being killed in a really
violet and aggressive way. And it was just absolutely obvious that that was something we didn’t
want to participate in and we didn’t want to support. To me, it just seems obvious. I don’t want to cause pain to another living, empathetic creature. – [Narrator] He called
the livestock industry, “absurd and barbaric
for fattening animals up “just to be slaughtered.” For Phoenix, animal suffering has always been front and center. Could his unwavering ethics have a similar effect on his fans? Can he pique a global
vegan curious movement? One thing’s for sure, when
it comes to animal rights, for Phoenix, there’s no joking around. That’s it for today. What do you think about synthetic
frogs in science classes? Let us know in the comments below. Remember to subscribe and
hit the notification bell. We’ll see you again next week for LIVEKINDLY’s weekly vegan news. (relaxed music)

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  1. if you buy vegan chicken from KFC you are still supporting the torture and slaughter of millions of chickens by this company!

  2. Just four years ago, grocery stores and restaurants and not supply much plant-based foods. But today it is to complete opposite. We are heading the right direction where we will experience a vegan world one day. Happy Friday everyone. Much love to all of my fellow vegan YouTubers and influencers. Happy 2020 πŸ™‚

  3. My wife and I made KFC bowls using Morningstar popcorn chicken and our homemade vegan gravy. It came out better than the original.

  4. That coat is filled with RECYCLED OCEAN PLASTIC… I'm amazed at the human capabilities… this is so incredible. From now on, when people give me shit for being vegan, I'm gonna mention the Wu-Tang Clan & shut em DOWN πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. We're still awaiting for the vegan chicken sandwich from KFC in Atlanta to return. It was a hit. They were out of sandwiches in a couple of hours. PLEASE bring it back!!

  6. Now, if the person who is sueing Burger King for not cooking their Beyond patty on a "plant only grill", imaging what complaints will be led with KFC selling plantbased chicken. There is no way, LIKE ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to prevent cross contamination, and "accidental" addition of chicken flesh in with the plant based one. Sure, these are wonderful gateway products to move aways from consuming corpses, but-lets keep it real. It's a fast food joint like A&W and Tim Hortons, and there have been a few times I have questioned the authenticity of the food I purchased. As a matter of fact, I had a chunk of chicken muscle attached to my Gardein chicken strips from Panago once. It's nice to have the options…but, I'm not sure how much I'm still consuming corpses, when I go to an Omni fast food joint. Oh, and the frying oil, kitchen hands, and prep surfaces will all cross contaminate. Something to be aware of, so you can make informed decisions.

  7. In Brazil, when I was in college I had a phisiology class, where the theacher would stun a live frog with ether than sever it's spinal cord so it couldn't move anymore. Than he would cut open his chest so that the students could visualise its heart. Than the teacher would drip adrenaline on to the frog's heart so we could see the heart pumping hard once more. The heart was connected to a needle that would register the changes in the heart frequency every time he would drip adrenaline. Did I learn anything from that? The answer is : YES, humans ARE mentally ill…

  8. Synthetic frog dissection is brilliant. Not sure what took us this long, but Syndaver finally did it. I'm really pleased with NYC's animal welfare office. I can't wait for the day people realize "food" animals should be included. To the point where they are never kept or slaughtered.

  9. I am totally thinking about moving to Canada lol but I do wish we had more vegan options here in the US so more people have the option to choose maybe that over animal flesh

  10. the cactus leather is amazing… also how nice of people t give t the pigs a little bit of water.. but how sad the whole image.. them waiting to be slaughtered not knowing what's going to happen… or deep down knowing sth is wrong and humans with good hearts to give them at least some water if they can't stop what was going to happen…

  11. I'm glad for vegan leather replacing the skin of dead animals but didn't they already do that? I think it was called vinyl. And I'm glad for faux meat and faux milk. But to me it's still strange living in this time of humanity's transition to veganism. To me it's weird to replicate the torture and death that we want to eliminate. Pretend sausage and pretend skin is gross.

  12. Thank you for all the good news; what a great way to start the weekend. Your channel gives me hope for our future. Peace.

  13. I think it's an absolute waste of time to do any dissection in high school. Unless you're going to pursue a career as a doctor why waste the time what's the benefit? I'm sure Millions upon Millions upon millions of frogs have been dissected for what? How many people have really taken that information into their lives







  15. Wow, all good positive things happening…! Love the synthetic frog!

    Vegan foods on Instagram == mikewakethefoodup

  16. Some of this such as the synthetic frog dissection and the cactus leather alternative is some truly exciting news. I cannot wait to try the plant based pop corn chicken.

  17. I like your videos and I am subscribed, but a true vegetarian must not support KFC whatsoever! Instead of supporting giant mass-murderers, we should and must support little, authentic vegan realities who work their a** off to stay alive!

  18. Really loved this! My boyfriend and I just started a Vegan YouTube channel where we're documenting our experience of being vegan through cooking, challenges and more! Check it out πŸ’›πŸŒžβœ¨

  19. New York city opening an animal welfare center is not good news. It is an attempt to fool the consumer that animal welfare standards are being met by the dairy and meat industry and that the government is taking care of it

  20. Love your channel!!
    Always cheers me up to see the amazing change that is going on around the world
    And the incredible humans doing good things for the world <3

  21. Vegan news is always my favorite. Go cactus leather, synthetic frog dissection, & KFC vegan popcorn chicken! 🌱πŸ’ͺ✌❀

  22. A question….What oil is KFC using to fry their Vegan Chicken? The same one they fry their regular chicken in? In that case, they legally cannot call it β€œVegan Chicken”.

  23. i think the next frontier should be plant rights and plant welfare, after veganism we must find ways to reduce suffering and the use of land to minimal, for me, the best solution is synthetic powder that contains all minerals and vitamins and nutrients your body needs, combined with natural flavors to make it taste good, like they ate in the Matrix movie, this is just natural if you think about it, if we really wanna be natural we must progress to a state where we do not touch nature and damage it, live in closed cities in which the food is grown underground in large facilities and then processed into a "syrup" or "powder" then distributed to everyone, then there will be no death and suffering from crops, which cause billions of death a year (if you include insects as a living, sentient being, that is afraid to die and runs away from danger*).

    thinking that the life of a cow worth more then the life of a grasshopper is spicism, we must do our part to stop global warming and farming, the best solution is what i have written above, if you do not agree and still think we need "FOOD" which is a social construct, then you are part of the problem, you rather have few seconds of pleasure in your mouth, but take the life of millions of sentient being?

    1 – mandatory vasectomy to at-least 90% of male babies.
    2 – out law babies, there should be a baby lottery and only selected number of persons should have the ability to reproduce.
    3 – we must fight to create a more sustainable world, growing all food in large underground hydroponic facilities, then with modern science crafting a powder that will provide everything you need, this is to avoid the intentional murder of billions of sentient being EVEN BY VEGANS!
    4 – all women and children and men should be forcefully vaccinated to advance freedom of choice for those who don't want to be around unvaccinated people.
    5 – there should be no money and no borders and no countries, the government should provide food, education, and job to every citizen to advance equality and liberty.
    6 – animals should have the same rights as humans, if you kill a man you are sentenced to death in some places, if you kill a cat, you should be too.
    7 – all the medicine should be chemical based, herbs and "natural" herbal medicine should be illegal to protect nature, the only allowed medicine should be big pharma that help us progress into more free and healthy society.
    8 – children should be removed from there fathers to protect them from toxic masculinity which is one of the causes of meat eating, the idea that "men need more energy than women" and meat gives energy and strength, or send ALL MEN in education camps to be approved to be around children.
    9 – language should express the values of the party, if you speak against the party or in a way that advances ideas that go against the party, you should be removed from society, this will allow safety and inclusion in the society, we will include all those who support freedom and equality, and those who spread hate and terrorism must be removed for the safety of others.

    the future looks promising, we must fight to make it happen! we must assure the dawn of a new day!

  24. KFC= Killer Fried Chit . Don't eat their garbage whether it's the real thing or fake meat . They are killing you. The fat in any of their products is through the roof. Vegetable oil is the vegan killer .

  25. SO Morbid!! What we do to animals is torture!! Torturing animals for their wool?! I thought they were sheered, just a hair cut?.. What is wrong with us?! How can anyone think that's ok?! It's monstrous!! πŸ’” Poor babies 😒

  26. Good to see Vegan Gains – You guys should interview Richard – he is a fierce advocate for the animals and a good man!

  27. Observation: did anyone notice the sheep worker wearing a PETA sweater about 7:10 in? What is that about? That footage was disturbing. πŸ˜”

  28. I would try the vegan chicken if they release it here. I am definitely a fan of fake dissection. Traditional dissection is disrespectful and a waste of life.

  29. I’m surprised to see YouTube hasn’t removed this video. I’ve heard that YouTube strictly polices any information like corporate and government sanctioned animal cruelty that may be damaging to our corporate masters bottom line and their government subsidised welfare program (Federal Tax Code) for the wealthy. Every minute this video isn’t taken down is a minute of free speech and power to us slaves.

  30. There’s a vegan movement out there that will only get bigger and bigger! It’s our time to show why the meat and dairy industry are only equivalent to the cigarette industry! Both destructive and unhealthy! 😍

  31. Soooooo Vegans are now supporting KFC? I remember they were protesting them because of "mistreating chickens". Funny how the morals disappeared when they appeased their taste buds. What a joke

  32. While it's great KFC is offering a vegan alternative, someone should be asking how healthy is it, compared to their meat based products. KFC products are already known for being one of the most unhealthy foods you can eat and I won't be surprised to learn their vegan alternatives are even more toxic. Pandering to the vegan movement should not be celebrated if it fixes one problem while making another one worse. Let the animals live, as long as you don't kill us in the process.

  33. You won’t catch me spending my money at evil scum KFC and McDonalds no matter how many vegan options they have available.

  34. I am Canandian and I was getting all excited about vegan KFC, but it will only be in BC and Ontario; I am in Alberta 😭

  35. I guarantee the ingredients in those nuggets are no better than what's in the meat ones! Probably loaded with gmo soy and hydrolised vegetable protien. Extremely unhealthy

  36. I like how other countries really try to expand their menus by adding vegan options, can we get some of these items here in Los AngelesπŸ™

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